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  1. TheOneAndOnlyGoldstein

    WG (EU) regional disparity

    Whatever reasons they try to bring up why we are getting pummeled up the arse with cost disparity, lack of content, completely messed up releases, and mission packs made stupidly hard are, sorry to say, bulls***. EU is the largest server for this game, because on the European continent the most historically recognisable navies, in distant history or in recent history, existed. From the commercial fleets of the Romans all the way to the RN, the navy was a centerpoint for every country that wanted to be relevant. Only in the first half of the 20th century other navies that were not European gained worldwide recognition, being USN and IJN, after millennia of European dominance in this sector of history. From the Portuguese to the Romanians, aside from the other nations where the navy is a staple to their country (UK, Germany, France, Italy etc) everyone has a hard-on for brawling in 5 or 6-digit tonnes of steel ships. Look right now, it's past midnight on Tuesday and we have over 10k people online in our downtime, while at the same time in NA's uptime (18:36/6:38pm when writing this) there are barely 10k people online. We've had countless times over 22k people online. Judging from the perspective of the business model, EU should receive the most pampering from WG in order to bring the money to them and increase the number of paying customers, not the complete other way around as it is right now. Instead of doing something called customer retention, a term which WG overall but EU is the worst sinner of all most likely did not ever contemplate such a thing existed. Funny thing is that for Europeans, retention doesn't even have to be something complex or generous like they have to do for NA, which as a market they are flakier, pickier and more demanding as a customer base. At worst, what they have to do is not have any glaring problems, but when they do it like they do it right now, where NA has it best, RU is, well, RU, Asia is full of grinders, EU, despite being the largest server, is the one that gets disregarded the most, gets screwed the most, gets the other end of "preferential treatment" by missing out purposefully on stuff (eg. Christmas convoy), staggered releases (eg. HMS Hood), outright lacking products (eg. flag packs like papa papa, likely to not eat into dubloon for exp conversion sales), horrendously grindy missions (eg. Christmas convoy, Hunt for Bismarck, Hunt for Graf Spee etc), a lot less events on the server (read again first post of the thread)... really, what the actual hell, have you stagnated in the sales sector since the Iron Curtain fell? You are not alone on this planet, and even if you are right now, that won't remain for long, you never know where competition could come from, catch you stagnating, then proceed to steal your clientele without lifting a finger. For the love of all that is good and holy, please do. Tell him to stop treating WoWS EU like 4th class citizens and bring him up to realise that we as the biggest server need special attention.
  2. TheOneAndOnlyGoldstein

    Is Triple Shiratsuyu Divisions Enough to Made BBabies Cry?

    *muffled POIing in the distance*
  3. TheOneAndOnlyGoldstein

    Operations - Balance

    I got out of my WoWS retirement, and holy crap WG, you haven't changed a bit. Still messing crapup. I got into my trusted Fuso, then, leaving aside a mongoloid CV player who torpedoed me rather than the enemy cruiser, what the actual f*** is with this difficulty. First of all, the AI ships' shots make me look like I'm aiming and firing with the little finger of my left foot: I am on the higher end curve of people regarding aiming skill, to the point that if RNG was not a thing I could hit 85% of the time a ship between 15-17km, but I can always land more than 60% of the salvo against a ship right now regardless of it's position towards me below 14km. These AI snipe me successfully from 20km away. Cruisers trigger dual fires every damn time when they hit my arse. 'Nuff said right there. The fact that you fight not only numerically superior but also tier 7's, which is full with some pretty powerful ships (not to mention everyone else's AA at tier 6 is garbage, unless you are American) is pure bull. On the AI skill level, even if they shouldn't spot any torpedoes you put in the water, they still manage to "see" and then they evade faster than Eurobeat playing Dance Dance Revolution with the WASD hack keys. Loss earnings are pathetic: 400 exp and 30k credits for 200k damage and 4 killed ships? AI is allahu akbar-ing into you, your defensive line and your allies like they don't even care. If you plan on keeping this, at least add a voice effect going allahu akbar when in sub-3km proximity from your ship for the lulz. Random teams are a guaranteed win, no matter how hard you git gud you are and how hard you carry. AI focus fires you at the same level as I could with my clanmates on TS. Bottom line: there is a difference between challenging and stupid. WG apparently doesn't know which is which. I am pretty sure that neither internal testers nor test server people have attempted the scenario after they made it, because this looks too much like a half-arsed job; either that or whoever tested this has dev cheats.
  4. TheOneAndOnlyGoldstein

    Ranked replays not working

    Thread can be locked, for some odd reason doing integrity check again and again works.
  5. TheOneAndOnlyGoldstein

    Ranked replays not working

    I'm not talking about that loading screen, I am talking about the very first screen like the one which you get when you first run the game: that's the one I'm getting stuck at. I am aware of that bug and I always let the replay start by itself when the countdown reaches zero.
  6. TheOneAndOnlyGoldstein

    Ranked replays not working

    I've done that (also moved the res_mods out of the WoWS folder to disable them) and still got the same problem.
  7. TheOneAndOnlyGoldstein

    Bug Reports

    Replays of ranked battles for some reason aren't working: they load, run in the background but you're stuck watching the loading screen: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/74188-ranked-replays-not-working/
  8. TheOneAndOnlyGoldstein

    Ranked replays not working

    I wanted to record the replays of the ranked battles I've played (doing this because I can't record at the same time I'm playing because otherwise I'd run out of space VERY fast, plus my computer's performance takes a huge hit when recording) and I find out that when loading the replay I get stuck in the loading screen while the battle itself loads and runs, but I can't see anything but the loading screen.
  9. TheOneAndOnlyGoldstein

    Adrenaline rush bugged?

    Seen it now, though when I made this post the patch notes afaik weren't present. That is good nonetheless.
  10. TheOneAndOnlyGoldstein

    Adrenaline rush bugged?

    It's important though to push the fix before the ranked season starts, all viable BBs for this season (Nagato, which I own, plus Gneisenau and Scharnhorst) in a map like Epicenter need for AR to work for secondaries because that would make a significant difference in brawling.
  11. TheOneAndOnlyGoldstein

    Adrenaline rush bugged?

    I got Adrenaline Rush on my Nagato, built for secondaries for the upcoming ranked season, but it seems that the secondaries don't get the rate of fire affected by the skill. Other people spotted this as well.
  12. TheOneAndOnlyGoldstein

    oh RNG, you so troll

    "We're really spoiling you" - WG EU Christmas 2016
  13. TheOneAndOnlyGoldstein

    4K resolution UI scaling request.

    Back to Xbox Live, kiddo.
  14. TheOneAndOnlyGoldstein

    super containers

    Speaking from experience?pls no hurt, I wanted to make a joke
  15. TheOneAndOnlyGoldstein

    super containers

    I still have yet to see something other than damn flags or camo I don't use out of SCs. At least give me some damn camo or flags for free exp points, but no, here you go some 250 flags so your magazine doesn't detonate, like I need them.