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  1. Jeasus you may sayers kill me.. dosent help wg nerfed Germany agin with their crap normalisation angles agin.. I give up.. you folks ate like talking to brick walls.. its like arguing with down syndrome
  2. Bahaha ok I'm sry your highness I misses those 2mm of armor lol.. and no I highly dought wg moddeles anyone other then looks on real life.. you have to get a mod in here and go yep we did that. Your secreeeet shush document btw are tests done at their ground rage.. and a side not they were using mk46 propellant ... not the mk 47 used thought out the rest of the war.. god its no wonder why shits all wrong.. especially since the 46 charge bags were not as powerfull.... they couldn't use the 47 do to the ground range couldn't stop the rounds... but wtf do I know... and why are you babbling about 457s... thats wonderful and all but I give 2 shits about t10 Brits.. and lastly you concede o I wasent full of crap was i? It can be done rather frequently.. wana know an even bigger secrit?.. the tail is even worse the the nose and you can pen her anywhere at range from frontal and rear with plunging fire.. and go right through the bulk heads.. now thats all fine and dandy 2000 killing shots for how many cits bla bla bla.. go ahead at try to down poor this all you want... FIRST it wasent possible and I was stupid.. now its well this many shots with this bb ECT ect..thats just getting hit in one senerio witch I digress... you insulted me and claimed no sir laws of physics, your an idot.. Moses hit Abraham with a wiffel ball bat ect.let me here you say your wrong, and then apologise and I'll stop pokin holes in your argument. O and ps... the randomness you spoke of.. thats called rngeasus [edited]you.. try it with a bismark.. or tirps.. or geniuse.. and what how many rounds fired vs hits.. never mind cits... then get back to me and tell me my original and entire argument is these pigs cant hit the broad side of a barn if it was 50 feet away
  3. Further if like to know where you get your magic numbers... or is that secrit Stalin took to his grave?
  4. No it means just like on the bismark.. the Cit extends past the fore and aft turrets... with only a 30mm deck worth of armor fore and aft to stop it from overpening into either the top what is it 100mm or the side 45mm of torp bulkhead... bypassing the dam 50mm armored deck and the rest of its compartments.. aiming just forward of the main turrets I cit a Bismarck class at almost any range if my shells flew where they were told.. witch they dont.. the sigma is just 2 large for a frontal 4 guns or even a full broadside... genius is even worse with 6 guns . Either way this guys right or I'm right it means other bbs just pen more at that range proably...and to boot they can do it reliably at that.. somthing z Germans CAN'T and that is the issue period
  5. She is.. and accordingly she has less armor then her sister.. much much worse aa.. and is slower... just to name a fiew examples.. it fits the preims ships must be worse then silver ships
  6. It is suppsed to be slightly crap ace.... it's a dam premium ship ffs... what part of your kii argument can't you get your head wrapped around?
  7. Not accrding to your last post it cant be done it gets auto bounce rememer lols.. that is unless your saying 130mm of total deck armor is thicker then the 350mm of side armor?lols
  8. Point to all this yet agin... as the title sudjests... the empire owns stock in wargaming and demanded storm troopers in German ships... period.... and I'm calling for a fix just a tad... period
  9. Further... apparently to the dismay of your logic... guess what ace.. cit pea happen alot in game at ranges even further.. personally I use a spotter every once in a while and land cits even further range the 20 lol.. but I guess the games wrong and your right I presume lols... plz go away with you naysay
  10. O and btw... the kii. Performs just fine as one of the 900 jap preims... Lord knows that have years of ships to those from.. hell the American preims equal almost as many as the entire German line period lol... and btw... get off your lazy but and reseach the kii your self, your access is no less then mine ace..differance is I'm not the one need g the burden off proof you are
  11. O and btw... the kii. Performs just fine as one of the 900 jap preims... Lord knows that have years of ships to those from.. hell the American preims equal almost as many as the entire German line period lol
  12. This Vidio is a joke.. I show people this for laughs... every one of the instances are aganst a potato in some version or the other getting mashed... god let me start sniping clips and posting them to some funny narrator and I can be just like this vid.. plz stop with the jokes
  13. And further no crap turning in raises your armor out of the watterline... no different the the opposite away.. but I will givin enough broadsided at range with this non hitting stormtrooper of a battelship.. be more them happy to demonstrate for you... sit still.. full speed forward or reverse I DON'T care.. I can prove it real easy like.... join up... drive out to range.. stay at range And blast away.. I bet you get 2x as many cits as I can easly.. [edited]
  14. Wow here comes the hate mail...i dont even wanna here this non plunging fire crap.. its not auto bounce when it meets the thin deck armor it' overmatch, all you have to have is good shell normalisation raitings.no different then overpening bow armor and In case you live in a box and wanna play dumb as to what 20k means be my guest.. but any one knows what I mean save for your special case aparently..