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  1. just played my first run of games, last login was before XMass what utter crap this game has become, the dd line is now just a cannon fodder role, get close throw the torps on the deck, only way to play now, all of the stealth, tactics, and intuitive play has gone, its just a "arcade shooter" nothing more, built for the braindead masses, well done WG, you can hang WOWS in the waste bin next to WOWP, as for the WG Bank account, this mess must have cost a pretty penny to implement, lets hope it costs them the company, WG has a disgusting business ethic, pay today, gone tomorrow, zero value for your money, your money is better spent on a donkey race on a Saturday afternoon, the odds of a win are much better
  2. Dixie_Normass

    Worst ship in the game?

    Mistake in the Title Header? should it not read, worst game in a ship!
  3. Dixie_Normass

    German Destroyers Nerfed Before Launch

    lol, its world of war planes, or world of war ships, or not in any world, or not on this planet, seen it done it, got the tee-shirt, man 2012!, wowp, 1st year, nerf, nerf , nerf, blah blah balh, its WG!, as much idea as "Noddy in a Brothel" its always going to be lesser, than the prototypes, the more you increase something, the less control you have, WG is in control??? its the players that stuff it up, if you want a game to suit you, couch up the contents of your wallet, and a lot more, please if you can/will, its all about what they (WG) need, nothing to do with, game play, enjoyment, a pleasant pastime, value for money, more to do with a systemic failing on the part of the, well the peeps in charge, speed the game up, "Clockspeed" make it a faster game, more about skill, quick reactions, guile, cunning, with a big helping of killer instinct, forget the mechanics, paper, rock, scissors, load of bollocks, or at least tone it down a bit, why does the game have to be about, "oh crap, I brought a knife to a gun fight" not your or my choice, but the MM + mechanics, repeated more than once in a gaming period, added to it a pissy day, also well out of your control, not a good foundation for a long standing legendary game of worth, is it? the german DDS are a poor mans jap dd, and not a good yank dd, not sure yet, if I like or hate them, good results after battle, 100k + T3, but something is lacking, (my opinion), not sure what it is, well not yet!
  4. Dixie_Normass

    Does the game have a future? [edited]

    Does WOWS have a future?, it has two futures, firstly a resounding success, the other, more likely outcome is the same fate/future as WOWP I played WOWP from its release as did my three kids, at first it was a good game, then the nerfs started, split the altitude into 3 plane types, H/M/L, more nerfs, then as with WOWS the destruction/up-yours update of the JAP line, again nerfed to death, then divisions became a problem, WG did nothing, client base evaporated, predominantly only Alpha/Beta & Supertesters left playing the game, and a few addicted loyal fans with more money than sense, some are not wealthy at all, so will WOWS be a long term success, highly doubtful, for several reasons, WG making the same mistakes, listening to the same group of testers, without question, implementing their advice, without any understanding of the client base, (as implemented in WOWP) Clients invested time and real money to collect/advance up the Jap Line, all gone in one ill thought out update, but it affects 100% of the clientele equally (Balanced Game) LOL Torpedo Ally, Sub Hunter, Sub Attack are all variant names of the same coin slot arcade game, they can still be found alive and kicking in the amusement arcades around the UK, still making money, played by alot of people young and old, 40+ Years on, it still remains one of the longest serving coin slot arcade games ever! walk into most coastal amusement arcades, in any coastal UK town and you will find them, still being played, still making a profit, Torpedoing ships is very appealing and fun, it has been pretty much removed, the USA and USSR DDS are just about playing, suicide jockey, with this update, the game has changed to a "use the guns" cos that is all there is to play with, or leave far too much emphasis on alterations/updates/new ships, not enough emphasis on variable game play, far to much of the same thing, repetitive and ultimately boring, drive a BB or leave my sons, all three, played WOWS, now on the back of this update, C,YA, all of them on block now play GTA5,COD, so do I, a family thing, i/we allowed them to spend a percentage of their pocket money/allowance on WOWS per month, but not now, they do not think WG is worth the investment, been telling them this from its release, DAD knows best, as proved, if a court of law, holds one persons rights above another, it can never meter out justice, only meter out injustice, WG has listened to the cryBBS and has done 110% to pacify them, hydro,radar, DD nerf, but a chain or business is only as strong as its weakest link, its the part that makes the most noise first, then breaks, do i think WOWS has a future, looking at WG track record, 2 out of 3 ain't bad? is it, WG is working hard be 1 out of 3, got to go lads have just come in, GTA bank robbery in the offing Thank you WG for very little, C,YA
  5. Dixie_Normass

    New Japanese Destroyers

    WOW!! What an unholy sack of crap, the Jap DDs are now, thanks to the up-yours/update, well done WG, listened to the Supertesters again didn't` you, the same Supertesters that helped you make WOWP the outstanding success that it is today, are you still searching and finding the village idiots, as your target market, 1 per village, a 1000 villages represented, same villages every night throughout the EU, WOW!! you must be racking the money in, just like you will for WOWS? I doubt that will be sustained for any length of time, the clientele are slowly waking up to your dubious business ethics, pay for a boat, invest time and money into you chosen line, then have it stolen from you by WG and the critical compulsory update, Richard Turpin at least, was descent enough to wear a "Mask" and carry a "Gun" before he went robbing, I have played eight games with my main account, 16 point Jap DD captain, 3 torp hits, 0 kills, sunk 5 times, 4 shell hits, spread over 8 games, bleeding cash to keep the Minekaze afloat, average earnings, below 30K, it does not pay for paint and repairs, don't know which WG "dummy" is in charge, but he/she needs to be, "Relieved of Duty", but I doubt it will stop the rot, it appears to be systemic throughout the company wont be long before I can press my favourite WOWP button, similar to WOWS, uninstall-YES/NO, what do you think, my choice will be?
  6. Dixie_Normass

    Guide: British Cruisers

    started the RN line, got too T3, two games, game 1, one hit, dead, game 2, one hit dead, game started i was done within 30sec of the start, i was still out of range to use the guns, now i,ve dumped the whole line, got 3 empty port slots, the RN line is the biggest pile of crap, in a very, very, poor game, i,ll be glad when people stop paying for this utter garbage WG company money, for been "ripped off" its a re-run of World of Warplanes
  7. Dixie_Normass

    Having problems when trying to join a battle.

    its most likely the seeding part of the update that is taking your bandwidth, goto: - Settings, in the first small screen, > update> enable seeding, (disable it "un-tick box), its WG piggy backing on your connection, if you have a bad connection, WG does not care, they are taking something for nothing, which is their core business model,
  8. Ranked is as stated RANK, utter crap, a waste of time and effort, WG is at fault, the rank you achieve means next to nothing, a lottery winner, and a piss poor lottery at that, Must be a T6 or above to play, WG just give it a rest, Why??? cus they are the better players, not from what i have witnessed, most that play "could not outwit an anvil" team game, team play, in your dreams WG, the MM is a joke, one side nearly always annihilates the other by a significant margin, its rigged, WG get some new ideas, before this becomes another WOWP farce!!!
  9. Dixie_Normass

    About credits..

    if you mean predictable, as in a gun fight at 11Klm, with the aim bot installed, you just might be right, other than that, its pretty much a waste of time,
  10. Dixie_Normass

    About credits..

    don't know from what or were you got your info from, try again,
  11. Dixie_Normass

    About credits..

    have just earned my T6 Farragut, what a waste of time and money, the thing is utter shite, the time needed to reload torps is another WG bad joke, load the torps, i,ve got time to make and manufacture the them, WG expects peeps to pay for this overpriced non functional garbage, the economy has been adjusted, you cannot make enough credits to battle, never mind upgrade!! two days of premium left, then its un-install time, lets hope WG soon follows the rest of the losers, sinking below the waves, where this rip-off company belongs, in the history books!!
  12. Dixie_Normass

    Ranked battles....what fun!

    Played 8 ranked battles with a 25% win rate, played a DD which is a total waste of time and effort, no support from your team, apart from the usual gun fight at 10 Klm, this is what the game is and people are paying for it, unbelievable how easily people are parted form their money for crap like WOWS, WOWP is just about dead, remove the bots and its a game of solitaire, WOWS is on the same path, limited to no appeal, little to no strategy, the game has bugs and is unfinished, i was asked in game "How i was doing" I answered "me and the game are doing about three not`s, Knot fun, Knot enjoyable, and Knot worth paying for" the ranked battles are aptly named, Rank does every game WG pumps out have to be the same old format as WOT, please get some new ideas, creativity, innovation, but most of all game play, the format is very old and stale