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  1. TigerKPT

    Bug with torp aiming while guns are fixed

    I actually cannot believe more of the player base hasn't uncovered this new change / issue / bug. As a DD player I always lock my gun turrets to a position/bearing where I think I will need them during the next engagement whilst using the torpedo launchers completely independently. I have been doing this that long that it is now second nature and part of my auto-pilot play. However as you also describe this is literally a game breaking issue for experienced DD players.
  2. TigerKPT

    Bug with torp aiming while guns are fixed

    Incorrect... With torpedo launchers selected, pressing CTRL + X locks the gun turrets and the launchers in the way that you have described... however switch to guns and back to torpedo launchers and the torpedo launchers are no longer locked and move freely, which makes sense. With gun turrets selected, pressing CTRL + X locks the gun turrets but does not affect or lock the torpedo launchers... switching to torpedo launchers after locking the gun turrets would always allow you to freely move and independently fire the torpedo launchers!
  3. You have always been able to lock the gun turrets using CTRL + X and the torpedo launchers have worked totally independently of the gun turrets without being affected by the gun turrets being locked on a specific bearing. This is no longer (very recently) the case... and I am hoping that this is a bug rather than an intended change. I am a DD main and am currently finding this bug to be game breaking and frustrating! This bug is not linked to a specific ship (I checked), there has definitely been a change to the in game mechanic that is throwing this off. I have attached images showing examples... one less extreme in a normal game and one extreme simulated example to show this better. There are three fault scenarios: - a) guns locked onto a specific bearing, select torpedoes, torpedo launcher model assets move freely and align with the torpedo aiming reticle, fire the torpedoes, you get the animation of the torpedoes firing... yet the torpedoes do not follow the aimed path, they follow the path/bearing of the locked guns. b) guns locked onto a specific bearing (say port side), select torpedoes and rotate the launchers to another bearing (say starboard), unlock guns... go to fire torpedoes and torpedo launchers will not respond or fire. They will only fire once the unlocked gun turrets have caught up to the bearing you want to launch... c) guns have been locked onto a specific bearing that does not fall into the torpedo firing arcs (locked forward or aft for example)... go to fire torpedoes and torpedo launchers will not respond or fire at all... you can only fire them once the guns have been unlocked and the turrets face a bearing in the launch arc... In all scenarios above, the model assets (torpedo launchers) move freely and independently from the gun turrets, but their firing mechanic and aiming path is now completely linked to the guns and is no longer independent... this has never been like this before in years of playing!
  4. TigerKPT

    Bug with torp aiming while guns are fixed

    I would like to back you up here completely... I am a DD main and there has been a change which I am also finding extremely frustrating... I have compiled a bit more data from testing and have posted it all here: - Hopefully the dev team look into this...!!!
  5. TigerKPT

    So...I got the PR....

    My PR arrived yesterday after partly buying and partly grinding for her. I have found her to be a well balanced ship, not OP, not too weak, pretty average. Just right really and think WG did a good job with her. All ships should be this balanced instead of completely broken... the level of power creep in game at the moment is epic... remember when we thought Harugumo was OP? Step in Smolensk! I have done 41x random matches in her in the first 24 hours and the ship does get focused hard at the moment. In one match I had 4M potential damage, the ship survived but we lost the game. That is an obscene level of incoming fire for a cruiser - and even though I haven't had many insults from players in game, just this alone tells me how salty the WG community is about PR and the event.
  6. TigerKPT

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery please!
  7. TigerKPT

    Hearts of Oak recruitment thread [HOO]

    I joined the HAERT clan a while back now and haven't looked back since. Great clan with a good mix of people from around the world and cannot recommend enough. Weekly fleet engagements, active community and having a go at Clan Battles. If interested drop Fat_Maniac a PM. There are a couple of places in the clan which we are looking to fill with like-minded comrades!
  8. TigerKPT

    Looking for Team!

    Hi all, I am looking to join a team for the King of the Sea - Battle of the Atlantic event. Can accommodate most session times, if not all. I thoroughly enjoyed the first season of CW/CB and ready for more! Current clan is non-competitive but wouldn't mind giving this a shot. Based in UK and English speaking. Tier 10 ships available for event: - * Großer Kurfürst * Grozovoi * Minotaur * Des Moines (just about to unlock) My stats: - https://wows-numbers.com/player/522052588,TigerKPT/ https://eu.warships.today/player/522052588/TigerKPT Thanks!
  9. TigerKPT

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    Damn... sorry to see / hear that... Nikolai was the only ship I didn't have... landed it in the very first crate from those 20...
  10. TigerKPT

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    Please read my other posts here... I literally have every other premium, the only one I did not have (which I was chasing here) was Nikolai.
  11. TigerKPT

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    In total, netted 15,000 doubloons, four 10 point commanders, the Nikolai that I wanted and a ton or flags and camos.
  12. TigerKPT

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    Well, I rolled the dice and I fancied my odds - overall, I was pretty chuffed! I went in big from the outset... Huge Santa Gift x20 package, £57.74 price. 1 - Nikolai + 10 point commander (appeared as a super container from the offset - I had all premium ships apart from this one) 2 - 15x type 59 camo 3 - 30x red dragon flags 4 - Loyang + 10 point commander (received doubloons - now have all premium ships) 5 - 30x dragon flags 6 - 30x red dragon flags 7 - Gallant + 10 point commander (received doubloons - now have all premium ships) 8 - 30x hydra flags 9 - 15x type 59 camo 10 - 30x dragon flags 11 - 15x type 59 camo 12 - 30x hydra flags 13 - 15x type 59 camo 14 - Gallant + 10 point commander (received doubloons - now have all premium ships) 15 - 30x frosty fir tree camo 16 - 15x type 59 camo 17 - 2000 doubloons 18 - 30x red dragon flags 19 - 30x frosty fir tree camo 20 - 30x frosty fir tree camo The last two boxes were done in quick succession, others had around a 15 second gap between them.
  13. TigerKPT

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    Thanks. I do know what you mean... but under the new mechanics of not being able to win a duplicate ship (for Doubloons) unless you have all of the ships, surely your Marblehead pulls in my situation would result in a Nikolai (I do literally have every premium ship apart from the Nikolai)? My only concern is whether the "win rate" in my situation would be nerfed or reduced, but don't see why it would?
  14. TigerKPT

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    So... I have literally every premium ship, other than Nikolai. Does this mean that my very first ship pull will be the Nikolai? And... will the odds of pulling a ship not be reduced?
  15. Yes this worked! Checked the filters and the Makato Kobayashi Signature Series Camo is present there as a filter and was auto-defaulted as to not display it. Un-checked this and the camo is now an option in the port! Thanks Gents for the support.