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  1. Yes this worked! Checked the filters and the Makato Kobayashi Signature Series Camo is present there as a filter and was auto-defaulted as to not display it. Un-checked this and the camo is now an option in the port! Thanks Gents for the support.
  2. Hi all, Purchased the Admiral Edition Package of the Kii this morning. Is it just me, or is the Kobayashi Custom Camouflage bugged? I know that you have to play one battle in the Kii to unlock this camo. Did this and had a notification stating the camo had been unlocked / awarded. However, in port, the camo does not appear in the Exterior > Camouflage section for the Kii ship. Guessing it is a bug? Thanks!
  3. See my post just now in reply to your other thread... seems there are a few of us with weird loading and rendering issues...
  4. I have these EXACT three issues! It started on Wednesday, same yesterday and again today - therefore, likely not linked to the new update? I have an epic build PC and play this game on a daily basis... never had such issues. Tried to Geforce Experience thing (already had that in place, so no difference)... did the check integrity/repair action several times (no difference)... it is proper cheesing me off... to the extend that I even uninstalled and re-installed the game today... and guess what... still the same. I even tried reverting back to DX9... again... no difference. DX11 has been fine for me over the last couple of weeks. It HAS to be an issue at Wargaming's end, and this issue seems to be affecting quite a few of us - although not all. Exceptionally long ship model rendering in the port screen (initial ship and when switching ships), Slow battle/match loading times (joining late - not a matchmaking issue), Black screen (no sea, sky, terrain, ships) when finally in the battle/match, Ship camo and model detailing on ship not loading until a couple of minutes into the battle/match, Not good at all. Has Wargaming realised that this is a live issue? Surely model rendering not linked to WG servers?!?
  5. Actually yeah... hardest premium to play is Mikasa...
  6. Where did this premium ship go? Not seen it surface yet alongside the releases of Enterprise and Gallant. Was it terminated?
  7. Where did this new premium ship go? Seen it surface on the RU server but not on the EU one yet. Was it cancelled on EU or just delayed?
  8. Hi, I am looking for an active clan to join. I read your initial post and am interested in joining up, sounds like a great culture and foundation. Quite an experienced player... circa 2000 games in both ranked and random battles. Don't take things too seriously when it comes to stats, just more about enjoying the actual game, although my stats aren't terrible (average). I am a WOWS ship collector with over 70 ships in the port. In my early thirties... married... two kids... busy career, but always find time to play! Currently part of AIR clan, but they are not active on WOWS anymore really and I am at a point in the game where I want to actively participate in divisions, clans & teams. Send me a message or tell me to walk the plank!
  9. Agreed, been waiting for Perth to be re-listed for a while now and snatched her. She is truly an epic ship, maybe the best ship yet, and I am a bit of a WOWS collector.
  10. Agreed... Emerald is a total nightmare. Wish I did free XP through her, but didn't. Stuck at her, had a couple of good matches, but on the whole she wants to sink. Worst premium? Tough one... maybe Krasny Krym or Marblehead. Own both, but not played a load of matches in either of them.
  11. Hi guys. Quick question, does anyone know when HMS Perth will become available again on the EU servers? I missed the last Australia Day special.....