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  1. uglycousin

    They did it again - OP Killer Whale

    1. It really is not that hard. Once you play it a few times and learn the spawns and such. A bit of teamwork is all you need. (unless you get lucky and the bots dev strike you or smth). 2. Yea. Had a few tries where we got 5 stars easy. Because we talked in chat and devised a plan. 3. Sometimes. 4. However ... had a few tries this weekend where I almost lost hope in mankind. :)
  2. uglycousin

    PSA: Twitch Drops

    Is this still on? Have not gotten one container in a week and I am watching flambass on twitch daily.
  3. I am going to ask a silly question now: Getting 50+ stars means you get all the containers? As in 5 resources and one halloween? Or just the 2+1?
  4. This is quite nice. :)
  5. New Orleans ...*edited* ... I did not know that happened.
  6. uglycousin

    Bug in Cherry Blossom - 5 Star impossible

    Just played Cherry Blossom 3 times in random divisions, each time we had the liberty ships fail us. Hope you guys can fix this. :)
  7. Hey pagliacci, the "twisted idea" here was to make the ship stand out more rather than hide it better with the custom paint job. A warning, as this camo would increase it's firepower and make it more deadly in combat. Thus the radioactive warning. As for the "dead men tell no tales" feature, well, when the ship is taken out and it turns belly up, it would keep providing vision to your team until it completely goes under. Also, it's funny. :) Not being polish, I have no true insights regarding polish history, so I went for a humorous approach. If it would be practical or not, that I cannot say. :)
  8. Ok, had some fun with this and as I still cannot upload due to that pesky button, I will post the entry here. :) Would not mind a Tirpitz for uglycousin on EU server.
  9. I cannot upload my entry, I keep getting the "an answer is required" error no matter how many times I select my .jpeg (witch is under 1mb size).
  10. uglycousin

    Halloween: Scary Battles! - Discussion Thread

    I did not notice the other two ... Yes, shady indeed ...
  11. uglycousin

    Halloween: Scary Battles! - Discussion Thread

    If you search the coordinates in google maps it will lead you to Boise Idaho. Get it? ... Boise? Probably it will be on sale.
  12. uglycousin

    Hall of Fame Rewards Issue

    Cool, thanks. :) Any chance of a premium container as a bonus? :D ( did not get any british DDs missions from the regular ones and I opened like ... all of them so far ... wishful thinking on my part )