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  1. Peffers

    King of the Sea X Finals!

    Just realised you need to watch 2 KoTs to get the free ship.
  2. Peffers

    German CVs announced!

    Italian BBs now that sounds too sensible.
  3. Peffers

    German CVs announced!

    load of fantasy sh1te. I thought it was a combined NAZI/ fascist line, and would have been happier if they included some Italian designs, say the Aquila at TX. However that would have been more work.
  4. Peffers

    Looking 4 English speaking clan

    good luck. Going back is never the answer, bit like old girlfriends. ;-)
  5. Peffers

    Clan Brawl - April Fools' Day

    CVs have been coming to clan brawls and clan battles for ages. Any clan that has not prepared might as well disband.
  6. Peffers

    Clan Brawl - April Fools' Day

    mad CV spawn was a bit scary as a CV, when u spawn in the opposite corner to your team.
  7. Peffers

    Captain bad advice

    lol moan about a free capt.
  8. Peffers

    Who let the bots out?

    That would be an ironic curtain?
  9. Your native language isn't English is it. You need to read the whole post and understand the nuances. Unless you truly believe that all the other ops are broken and Narai was fine.
  10. Personally, I did not say end ops. But a exp exploit that got through some inept UAT needs fixing as badly as bad bots : They should have fixed both. I'm very wary of WG's current business model, but throwing your toys out the pram because this is the only way you can accrue exp, is not really my or WG's problem. I played the odd operation but once you have the stars, you need enough operations to keep them feeling fresh on a rotational basis, say 12. Personally I liked the Dunkirk and Cherry Blossom ops. Ops should have some character/ uniqueness to them. I don't think it is the FTE cost in programmers, just no original thinking from the top down management-wise.
  11. don't mind the exp, nerf, if they original reason for withdrawing the operation is/was fixed.
  12. Peffers

    Money for Early Acess

    Obviously you are not aware of the fantasy line of Axis Cvs