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  1. Peffers

    Navy Dishes

    How you going to monetise this? 20 euro for recipe book.
  2. Peffers

    Economics rework - some considerations

    I note in the early access for brit BCs that what would have been one perma camo with bonuses is now a camo and then separate economic bonuses.
  3. Peffers

    New Economic System is Better

    is it me or is there scope now to make people pay for 3 bonus tokens rather than one signal?
  4. I would like to post the following for a time when WG try to monetize. Goals of the New Changes In the process of making changes to the in-game economy, we committed to an important principle: Our players won't lose their earnings overall, and in certain cases, they will earn even more. We pursued several goals: Offer an option to select economic bonuses and visual elements (camouflages) separately. Provide an easier way to manage economic bonuses. Enable a user-friendly transition from the old system to the new one. Maintain the current state of the in-game economy, i.e., prices and earnings. We have improved the interface, bonus management, Inventory display, and much more. NOTE THE FINAL BULLET POINT. THERE ARE NO TIMEBANDED PROMISES OR CAVEATS. THE IN-GAME ECONOMY WIL, NOTCHANGE. THIS WILL TURN OUT TO BE A LIE IN THE FUTURE.
  5. Peffers

    Update 0.11.6: British Battleships

    The in-game economy is one of the key components of World of Warships. It's been almost seven years since the game went live, but the economy has remained unchanged in key aspects ever since. Over time, a lot of issues well worth tweaking or improving have emerged. FOR EXAMPLE THE LACK OF OPPORTUNITIES TO MONETIZE IT.
  6. Peffers

    General Submarines related discussions

    They will buff'd to they are so OP but nobody will notice because nobody plays.
  7. Peffers

    Can anyone explain the latest LWM/Huron drama?

    With a certain amount of "diss".
  8. Peffers

    Iwami in shop

    you need to spend money on camos signals and mods,
  9. Peffers

    Can anyone explain the latest LWM/Huron drama?

    In total, you can progress through 34 out of 40 shipbuilding phases by completing Dockyard combat missions; You will receive rewards for completing each phase: The reward for completing phase 25 that is not the half way point. Why do you guys and girls need to lie? Please just tell the truth and let people decide with proper truthful information.
  10. sunk cost, clan leader so I feel some responsibility, BUT running out of Dubs and I refuse to open my wallet........that might be the end.
  11. me, but my wallet is closed.