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  1. How do remove your wish to participate?
  2. with 40 planes. The Joffre would more likely be a French CV. Most of these were Merchantman / liner conversions. I suppose that you could have an axis CV and have the Italian Aquila at T10, but still only a light carrier.
  3. Peffers

    Royal Navy Arc

    New in the shop today
  4. Peffers

    Royal Navy Arc

    Buy a Cossack to win a Cossack, is this a Russian Refund?
  5. Peffers

    Motor Torpedo Boats

  6. needs to be refunded via VISA etc.
  7. Peffers

    CV Rework Discussion

    or infinite planes for all. watch the webcast.
  8. Peffers

    CV Rework Discussion

    I think it less the rework of CVs than the collapse of WoWP, this salvages some coding at least, esp, v2.0
  9. I want real Spanish Dubloons.
  10. Peffers

    CV Rework Discussion

    True proper formations, with AA cover and DD screen.
  11. Peffers

    Motor Torpedo Boats

    looking at the new CV re-work, does anyone else feel this would be better for MTB squadrons? limited torp attacks as all MTBs close, multiple attacks,variables for torp counts per MTB or E-boat type. no need for a infinite boats, just a couple of regens/ homebase spawns.
  12. Peffers

    CV Rework Discussion

  13. Peffers

    CV Rework Discussion

    one t5 one t7
  14. Peffers

    CV Rework Discussion

    Wowp lite. Obviously , loads of variables can be dialled up and down within the mechanics of an airstrike lots of potential for pay to play. Loads of different plane mechanics for nations. The overall gameplay has not been thought through the actual CV gameplay (not planes). Looking at the game play DDs are dead, no matter how much damage id dialled down. sniping may be an issue but personally I would introduce a CAP size dependent on tier. the actual attack profile would work better for squadrons of MTBs.