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  1. jarskog


    1. DescriptionCan't start client after one restart 2. Reproduction steps Download and install game. Start game and wait for login-screen. Close game. Start game and press Play - game crash with attach screenshot and Report. Have tested to restart computer with same result. Have uninstalled game and downloaded again with same outcome. 3. Result Game crash with attach screenshot 4. Expected result The game starts 5. Technical details WoWs 5.1.0. Attached screenshot. and have a WGcheck-report but can't upload to forum since it is to large, 300 Mb. Can send link to report if requested.
  2. jarskog

    Bug? No AA-sound from Tashkent when shooting

    Yeah, know issue that long-range AA don't have sound. Reported to WG during ST-testing.
  3. jarskog

    Blyskawica is seen in ranged battles...

    No, we can't. Not allowed to say or comment anything regarding the ship.
  4. jarskog

    Soviet destroyers suck!

    From Tashkent and up I find the RU DD very enjoyable. Especially Udaloy I really like. Very good ship that provides a fun experience.
  5. jarskog

    Russian DDs'-initial reaction

    Compensate the slow-turning turrets with commanders skill and you will be good.
  6. jarskog

    Soviet destroyers suck!

    I have no reason to question your calculations and can only agree that it will be hard, if not impossible, to fire your guns undetected. But still I have find a good tactic for the RU DD and have a lot of fun in them. Since I primarily played the US DD before, I'm used to be very cautious when I shoot and on whom. In RU DD I play much the same way but knowing that the guns are even more dangerous. I hope you find a way to enjoy the RU DD-line too.
  7. jarskog

    Soviet destroyers suck!

    This change in concealment to +4 km when firing was implemented after tests on the live server. It's quite obvious that the WG did not want RU DD to be long-range HE spammer. We must also look to the effect of the RU DD on other DD's. What impact will those amazing guns have on US DD for example. There has been made several other adjustments also before the release to the public servers. But I don't agree with that tier 5-8 is nearly unplayable. That it is not my experience at all. I find them very competitive still after this changes.
  8. jarskog

    Russian DDs'-initial reaction

    I really enjoy the tier 3 Derzik. With it's fastloading torps you can create mayhem within the enemy lines. Kind of slow-turning turrets but with commanders skills you can compensate for that drawback. Tier 4 Izyaslav is not my best friend. Having a hard to too be successful in this ship but her big sister tier 5 Gnevny is completely different. A fast ship with nice guns.
  9. jarskog

    why no xp for spotting damage?

    It's not possible to implement the same way as in WoT due to the absence of a real terrain with a clear LoS. This is somewhere on the list for development to look at but not in the near future.
  10. jarskog

    Ognevoi - How do you play it?

    This ships will require a whole new way to play. They will attract players that are very aggressive in their style of play and do not mind to sink often. They are surely gunboats and they will change the rules for US DD as DD-hunters.
  11. jarskog

    Fletcher? How to make this work.

    It is very rare I experience torpedo range as a problem in Fletcher. It's so hard to score a hit over 10 km away so the 10,5 km will be good enough for me. Although I prefer to aim at the battleships, I do not hesitate to fire at cruiser too. At this tiers they tend to act just like a BB anyway with slow turnrate and going in strait lines. My average damage per battle is around 40k and your goal for 75k feels really difficult to achieve. I believe that I contribute in other ways then doing dmg by denying access to areas and cap flags. Of course it happens that you manage to make 100k + but the average value is much lower.
  12. jarskog

    Fletcher? How to make this work.

    With Benson you had a gunboat first and foremost. With Fletcher you have to change your tactics to more be a torpedo platform and guns vs light targets. Most of the high-tier heavy ship has so much armor that your 5" guns don't make much dmg besides fire. You need to be patient and keep trying to adjust your tactics to find the right one for you with Fletcher. It's a great ship and you will have great fun with it as soon as you find the balance.
  13. jarskog

    Possible Free ship for the EU

    Not yet.
  14. jarskog

    high ping, unplayable

    You all on comhem? Had some issues a few days ago and was using bredbandsbolaget then. After a change of provider there has been no problem at all.
  15. If you get a new commander for every new ship you will have a have a major shortcoming in higher tiers. There you really need those level 4 skills. I keep all my ships but always move the commander up and retrain him ASAP.