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  1. Jimbomaxi

    And there we have it: CVs in Clan Battles

    CVs in Clan Battles s--k real hard. Just played 2 battles. The enemy had Carriers, we did not. Team without Carriers are dead meat. Especially in this format, only 7 ships on each side. I used to love playing CB, the main reason why I still play this game. With Carriers, its no fun anymore. No fun at all.. I will never play CBs in this format again, and consider leaving WoWs for something more fun. Putting Carriers in CBs is a big mistake from WoWs. Nerf it.
  2. Jimbomaxi


    I wouldnt mind some new battlemodes. For example, why not a Random "All BB"-mode, an "All DD-mode" etc. Would be very shallenging and fun I Think. Imagine a battle with only BBs participating…..could be a real sluggerparty... :-)
  3. Jimbomaxi

    Schedule Clan Battles?

    Well that explains it! Thanks a lot for the answers, Cornflakes and Wizard! :-)
  4. Jimbomaxi

    Schedule Clan Battles?

    How to do it? I can see there are different options like RU, EU and so on. I try to schedule Clan Battles for this weekend on the EU-server 18,00-22,00 Saturday and Sunday. Clicking that time / option, and then click on "fix", but It just doesnt work? What am I doing wrong?
  5. Jimbomaxi

    EU server down?

    Still cant log in?
  6. Jimbomaxi

    EU server down?

    I give up for tonight. still cant log in. But i Think it would be fair if WoWs got all customers on premium one extra day. At least!
  7. Jimbomaxi

    EU server down?

    Just got home, started my PC, and started WoWs. Cant get in, a message says "server busy, please try later" Well, as a premium member, if there´s a lot of players inlogged, then I would kindly ask WoWs to kick the players not on premium. Is that too much to ask?
  8. Jimbomaxi

    Looking for a clan

    We, the "Bloody Pirates", is a new clan, we only have a couple of members so far, and are recruiting to be able to start playing CBs. Our philosophy is to have fun, playing in a team. Winning isa of course fun, but we think that is not the most important thing. We only have 3 demands. 1. Englishspeaking 2. Have at least one T 8 ship to be able to get the rental T 10 ships. 3. We communicate in Discord, so if you want to join, you have to have it, or to get it. Interested? Please let me know. Regards Jimbomaxi
  9. Jimbomaxi

    Looking for a casual clan

    Hallo Codekidd! You are most welcome to join our new clan "Bloody Pirates" if you want to.... We have only 3 demands, cause we also want to play casual, and for fun. 1. Englishspeaking, and you obviously are. 2, You have to have at least one T 8 ship, so you can get the rentals T 10-ships needed to play CB. 3. You have to have Discord. Never mind how casual the clanplaying is planned to be, we have to be able to communicate during battle. Writing takes to much time. So, if you can live with these 3 rules/ you are most welcome in our new clan. Regards Jimbomaxi
  10. Howdy Captain! You are most welcome to join our new clan, the Bloody Pirates. Our goal is to have fun, not to be a top ranked team in Clan battles. The social bit we figure are more important than results in CBs. If you think that sounds good, please let me know. SHEERS!
  11. Jimbomaxi

    Looking for casual clan

    You would be most welcome in our new clan, the Bloody Pirates. Just started we are looking for members to be able to play CB. We dont give much attention to stats, we play this game for fun. So if you are interested in being the part of a new clan, let me know. You would be most welcome! :-)
  12. Jimbomaxi

    Swedish Clans?

    Hallå Greppet.! Jag och en USA-kompis har just startat en egen klan efter en del tjafs i den klan vi tidigare tillhörde. Vår nya klan ska framförallt ha inriktningen att ha kul. Vi struntar i om vi avancerar i ranking osv. Grejen ska vara att ha kul. Om ni är intresserade så skickar jag gärna en invitation. Hursom, språket i klanen måste ändå vara engelska, hoppas inte det är något problem? Har ni T 8-skepp, så att ni kan vara med i CBs så är ni hjärtligt välkomna om ni så vill. Mvh Jimbo
  13. Hi Captains! We, the Bloody Pirates, is a new clan and we need members to get started. We seek players that want to play mostly for fun. Getting High rank is not priorited Having a good time is. Therefore we have only Three demands on captains that might want to join. 1. You have to be able to speak English. Not perfect, but good enough so you can make yourself understood. 2. You have to have at least one Tier 8 ship, otherwise you can not participate in clan battles. ( However if you are Close to getting a Tier 8 ship and are interested in playing clan battles, Contact us anyway) 3. You have to have Discord, or be willing to install it on your computer, as we have to be able to talk to each other during battles. There are many advantages belonging to a Clan, so dont hesitate. We dont care if your stats isnt the best, ….we care more about You want to play the game together with others, and have some fun. Young or old isnt important either. Having a good time is! If interested, you may reply here or send me a PM. Much abliged! Jimbomaxi.
  14. Yesterday I uninstalled the game, did a defrag on the computer, and reinstalled the game again. Worked fine during yesterdays Clan Battles, but now the problem with crashing game is back again. Have 52 GB free space on the drive, NVIDIA Quadro 388 FX (Yes there are far better graphic cards, but it should do the job I think) have fps between 40 and 75, and a fast internet. This problem started perhaps 3 week ago, and its getting worse all the time. Today the game crashed 2 times in one battle, never happened before. First time in the middle of the battle, and second time in the same second the battle was over. Please try to solve this problem.
  15. Getting real tired of this. Game crashes more and more frequently. A week ago it used to crash just before battle started. Now it crashes in dthe midst of it, leaving my ship afk, and an easy target for the opposite team. Wont put another penny/ Euro into this game until its fixed.