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  1. Jimbomaxi

    Brawl. Fun or f-ck?

    Decided to try the Brawl. Choosed a DD, and ends up against a carrier? For gods sake, come on WoWs. Getting more and more tired of this game.
  2. Jimbomaxi

    Can't Get into Armoury in Game

    WoWs, you got to get us premium members at least a 24 hour compensation for this screwup.
  3. Jimbomaxi

    Can't Get into Armoury in Game

    Exactly the same for me. This s-cks.
  4. Hi active WoWs sailors. Our clan, "Bloody pirates" needs more players to be able to play more Clan Battles. We are 33 members at the moment, but we have room for 12 more. We are a clan playing for fun, but of course its more fun to win than lose. We use Discord to communicate, and we speak english to understand eachother. Our members come from many parts of the world, mostly Europe but also from North America and Africa. Our home base is allmost full built, wich means you get more coal, steel, captain points etc etc than you otherwise would have got not being part of a clan. No demands, but its is nice if you got at least one T 8 ship, so you can play rental T 10 ships in Clan battles. If you are interested, please contact me. Write here or send me a message, and I will send an invitation. Many Thanks!
  5. Jimbomaxi

    Remove CV's from ranked

    Yes, I think thats were it will end up. Spent the evening playing war Thunder, and its fun. Thanks and planes that is. Havent tested the ships yet, but I will try it out.
  6. Jimbomaxi

    Remove CV's from ranked

    And maybe you should realize its the CVs doing the bullying in this game, over and over again.
  7. Jimbomaxi

    Remove CV's from ranked

    No, but one thing I learned from school was: If the system sucks, fight it.
  8. Jimbomaxi

    Remove CV's from ranked

    Yes shouldnt I?
  9. Jimbomaxi

    Remove CV's from ranked

    Totally agree! I would say, Remove CVs from all modes, and let them have their own. Lets call it CV-mode. There they can bomb eatcother to Kingdom Come. Let us PLEASE get rid of them. I saw a good idea in another thread. In for example random, attack and sink your own teams CV as soon as the game starts. That way, no one would play CVs when they have learned the lesson. We will get a lot of pinkies for some time, but who cares?
  10. Jimbomaxi

    General CV related discussions.

    Take the CVs out of the game for gods sake! They totally ruin this game. Why dont you listen to your gamers, WoWs? So tired of this crap. I am leaving if you dont change this. Maximum one more week, and the me and the monthly sponsoring of this game will be gone. Period.
  11. Jimbomaxi

    How to get out of a clan?

    Thanks a lot mate,problem solved thanks to you. Many thanks!
  12. Jimbomaxi

    How to get out of a clan?

    Lol! No, its a player that wants to join my clan, but at the moment playing in Another.... :-)
  13. Jimbomaxi

    How to get out of a clan?

    Short question, and I am asking it for a friend. :-)
  14. And you dont seems to be able to read? I did not wrote that I forced him to Surface.I dont know why the sub Went up to Surface when enemy ships was all around him. I didnt force him, something did I assumed. Saw it happen twice, but failed to kill the first one. A team mate did. Besserwisser.
  15. I so far played 2 battles in "subs". First one with a cruiser, and the second one in a DD. I am interested in how to fight the subs , cause I am sure that sooner or later they will be in Random. To my surprise I Think it was fun. Killed one sub, with main artillery as the sub was forced to Surface. Kabooom, end of the sub.