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  1. This is the same read as when RPF was introduced, everyone saying it will break the game before even having any official information about how/if This will even become a thing and without knowing what impact it will have or if certain classes or individual ships will be buffed to adjust the change. Personally I like the idea, as the smoke meta often generates very stale games.
  2. Looks like Okhotnik.
  3. Nicely done!
  4. Aoba could be an option. The 203's make her unique at T6, and she can heavily cripple same tier cruisers with the AP. The RoF is OK at 10 secs, but it does only get 6 guns.
  5. As far as I can see, the sale runs until tuesday morning 7:00 CET. Hoping for a discounted Indianapolis
  6. I think you should watch a few youtube videos om each of the ships you mention and then make up your own mind.
  7. I find the Hipper to be a solid performer. If it needs further buffs, WG could move the Hydro to an individual slot so you can have both Def AA and Hydro instead of having to choose.
  8. I received the Prinz in a Christmas crate and its a solid ship. Where it especially comes in handy is for training german CA captains due to the camo(50% captain xp bonus). You wont do as much damage as a Kutuzov, but since AP is the primary ammo, the damage you do, sticks.
  9. Des Moines is amazing and can pretty much turn any game around if positioned well.
  10. I run AA range module and AFT to get 7,2k protection zone, apart from that, I spend upgrades and captain perks to enhance the guns.
  11. Personally I kind of enjoyed the Yorck. The HE is strong all the time, and the AP starts to really shine around 8 km. It also has a crapload of torps for close engagements, or for surprise BB rushes. It also maneouvres really well, kind of like the Pensacola and has OK armour compared to the Other T7 cruisers.
  12. I am running Range on mine. The RoF boost is nice, and I find it works well on Baltimore, but on the DM the range just boosts your utility in a game. Regarding the SF after killing something, I find the manouverability is good enough to dodge anything over 15.8 km away.
  13. On the Baltimore I run ROF, Steering and Concealment module. On the Des Moines I run Range, Steering and Concealment. I agree with you, the Baltimore feels easier to sail, but the huge ROF jump makes up for it in my opinion
  14. I see your point, But I prefer DE over vigilance and I dont have issues even when pushing. Funny how your avg dmg is smaller in des moines, mine is quite the opposite. Did 74k on avg in Baltimore in 50 or so games, while the Des Moines is currently at 125k after 20 games