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  1. I citadelled a GK with Ibuki AP at very close range, was quite surprised tbh :-)
  2. Great stuff! I was hoping for something like last year, but this is even better in my opinion - GG WG!
  3. I would prefer if WG moved Hydro to seperate slot so you didnt have to give up Defensive AA.
  4. I agree, the Nürnberg is awesome! But if you dont keep going, you will never try the Roon or Hindenburg which are both absolutely fantastic! The guns are similar in terms of ballistics, but the AP alpha is 5.900 so you simply destroy anything that gives you broadside. Enjoy the grind!
  5. You are right. The impact of the radar isnt as significant as f.x. The Baltimore(i dont have the Neptune). Its still possible however, to have a good impact on any game, by focusing on the enemy cruisers. The Arcs and shells are strong enough to punish any cruiser trying to push your flank, even at long range and by doing so you can shift their focus from DD hunting to missing you. I know it doesnt always work, but its still viable to have some sort of impact.
  6. 1. Range before Hull. Even though the Rudder is slow, you want to keep your distance, at least in the beginning. 2. I did exactly the same as you suggest and it worked well. Most important is however that you keep your distance and keep the bold and crazy moves to the end game. Loved the Donskoi btw, good luck!
  7. The key to success in the IJN DD's is staying far enough away from enemies so they cant see you, whilst having them inside your own torpedo range. Do note however, that it is much easier to torp someone who is coming towards you, then torping someone sailing away. In regards to your point 11. Its been Said plenty of times, but please remember to adjust speed and heading every 20-30 seconds. Wish you the Best on the high seas
  8. I tend to stay a bit back at the beginning of matches, and then push in later. Picking the right target is key in the Hindenburg, always look for flattish sides. Maybe RNGesus isi just trolling you?
  9. I like the idea, but it also has a drawback. If you are retreating and need the guns to switch side, the rear facing turret will be available, whilst the A and B turrets need to do 180 before being usable. In an all front setup, all three would have to do 180. And yes, I know it is hypothetical, but a drawback none the less. I personally would fully prefer all forward setup though, and think its a great idea. I am grinding the Izumo right now, and the first 30 games, before she was upgraded, were terrible due to the Rudder shift and abysmal 32 mm all over armour. When fully upgraded she is solid, but suffers so much from HE spam and CV's. I spend more time worrying about HE spam then anything else
  10. He is just saying that the Kaga is more OP than the Belfast. Stats confirm this. Belfast is only slightly above f.x. The Fiji, but the Kaga is way higher than Hiryu. I would presonally prefer the Belfast being withdrawn, but I think it will be the König Albert. Having OP ships at low tiers is a bigger deal than having them higher up(when players have learnt ti somewhat deal with them).
  11. Damn, was just about to get into a decent discussion with some random player
  12. Dude, Hindenburg is a monster. It can do anything well, it doesn't excel at anything, but the versatility is exactly what makes it extremely strong.
  13. Sorry, I dont see the need to clarify. I think it's quite understandable as is - last post from me on this
  14. I honestly dont think you understood my post.
  15. I think you misunderstood my post.