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  1. Quallo_Musto

    Izumo or FdG?

    I havent played the FdG. The Izumo is strong once fully upgraded and when supported by cruisers with AA. The guns are quite accurate, and they hit hard. Angled and without risk of torps from the side, you can take on almost anything, but more mobile games mean you cant reliably angle against everything. HE spam is also a huge issue in the Izumo, as your armour gets overmatched all over by IFHE 152’s and 203’s. You will truly learn to hate Kutuzov’s
  2. Quallo_Musto

    Roon Trouble

    Try it at long range too. You can citadel all cruisers at any range if they give you some side. BB’s who do the same will eat regular 5-10k volleys with AP, just gotta aim top of belt and superstructure, not waterline. The HE is great at angled targets, but other cruisers do the HE thing much better, KM from tier 8 and up is all about AP. Also keep in mind, that the HE damage and following fires are much more healable than AP. I ran almost purely AP, looking for broadsides to hammer, and I averaged 110k with the Roon, having a big impact on the total relative damage done in the teams I had. My final suggestion is, if your aim is good, focus on AP, if not, focus more on HE
  3. Quallo_Musto

    Roon Trouble

    Always use AP on broadsides and focus on shooting enemy cruisers. In general, AP should be your default ammo, apart from the very start where you might be engaging DD’s. For a cruiser, you are somewhat tanky, but save that for mid to end game. The positioning of the turrets also means you are excellent when the enemy chases you, so embrace those situations and try to create them. You have 27 mm of bow armour, so if facing Bismarck/Tirpitz or other 380 mm BB’s, you can push them aggresively since they cant overmatch your bow.
  4. Quallo_Musto

    Lo Yang - Torp selection

    Good points. If you get a flank where the enemy is pushing, the 6,7 km torps are much more reliable. The only downside I see with the 6,7 km torps is the fact that you are extremely sensitive to any minor adjustments By the enemy because of the range.
  5. Quallo_Musto

    Lo Yang - Torp selection

    Goodmorning Sailors, I recently bought the Lo-Yang and I am having a blast. Havent had this much fun in ages! I would like to hear what torps Lo-Yang owners in general run on it, so I created a poll. Personally I run the 6,7 km torps as I prefer the damage output over the range. You can still stealth torp as long as you pay close attention to where enemy Radar ships are and it feels more exciting with a high risk high reward gameplay. Would love to hear your reasoning aswell
  6. Quallo_Musto

    So, CW impressions?

    Played two games last night and had the same experience. I enjoyed it!
  7. Quallo_Musto

    Musashi specifications

    Would be nice with a free xp ship thats not a bloody BB.
  8. Quallo_Musto


    I gotta say, the Ranger is a ton of fun so far! The fact that you have a huge reserve gives you the option to push costly attacks, and your Fighters are much much better then the Hiryu/Kaga. Yeah sure, you dont have vision everywhere, but focus on the minimap will still give you the opportunity to intercept enemy Strikes and you can strafe the crap out of anything, even head on. Only a well played Saipan will really stop you from pushing. If the IJN CV`s are as much better then the US ones as suggested on the forum, I will really like them PS. I am by no means a CV expert, but they have really caught my attention and I am having a ton of fun in them.
  9. Quallo_Musto

    Des Moines VS Minotaur

    They are all great. So ask yourself which of the characteristics you like the most and select based on that
  10. Quallo_Musto


    Thanks, I hope so too.
  11. Quallo_Musto


    Very useful info here - cheers! Getting close to the Ranger, and having a blast in the Independence(unless enemy is AS Inde...). Despite the Rangers rumour, I am really looking forward to having a solid hangar Maybe I should start the IJN CV's, although I am already struggling with the 4 squadron Saipan, sp NOT quite there yet. Cheers guys.
  12. Quallo_Musto

    Citadelling a Mutsu with a superstructure shot in the Duca D'Aosta

    I citadelled a GK with Ibuki AP at very close range, was quite surprised tbh :-)
  13. Great stuff! I was hoping for something like last year, but this is even better in my opinion - GG WG!
  14. Quallo_Musto

    About time Hippers 8"/60 SK C/34 were buffed

    I would prefer if WG moved Hydro to seperate slot so you didnt have to give up Defensive AA.
  15. Quallo_Musto

    Nurnberg (Tier VI) - the Fighting Machine

    I agree, the Nürnberg is awesome! But if you dont keep going, you will never try the Roon or Hindenburg which are both absolutely fantastic! The guns are similar in terms of ballistics, but the AP alpha is 5.900 so you simply destroy anything that gives you broadside. Enjoy the grind!