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  1. Ocsimano18

    Why would anyone ever play high tier CVs?

    I had these something goes wrong moments, when my strategy was suboptimal. You should not stop the spotting game to help your team getting the objectives and to finish off low HP targets, apart from the obvious DD spotting. Personally I enjoy CV play because of the strategy elements. I am a mediocre strafer and use auto drops. My win rate went up when I started doing aggressive spotting. Also usually I don't babysit lonely Kurfursts, if I have something more important to do. CV is not the class to improve your karma. BTW, there were no RTS games in the 80's and the RTS games in the 90's were completly different from this CV play. Strategy games were always a niche, don't worry if it's not your stuff.
  2. Ocsimano18

    Home sweet home

    This is the lairhome where carrier players return after a successful battle.
  3. Ocsimano18

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Seems to be a love affair...
  4. Ocsimano18

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I'm not going to rush into this new relationship. Will take her to coop for a while, we need some time to get to know each other... :)
  5. It depends on whether you are in a tier 10 or tier 8 match. In tier 10 you play cautiously and in an opportunistic way, trying to hit some cruisers broadside in the first half of the match. You can also put nice salvos into broadside BBs, especially japanese ones, but it only happens rarely as they tend to be bow in. Also don't go to the open seas, as high tier BBs will shoot you. Stay close to islands, but not too close to get DD torps. In the late game you can go one on one with BBs and cruisers. On tier 8, you should play more aggressively. You are the king there, delete cruisers early on, harass DDs with the secondaries, go one on one on BBs. If they outnumber you, then turn back, do not go too close at the first phase of the game, when focus fire happens. Also your current build is not ideal. Without the manual control of secondaries, they are not really useful, and you have spent 7 points on them. Other options are superintendant and concealment expert. CE gives you much more room to retreat. Combine it with priority target instead of preventive maintenance, and you can see when you can turn away. I was running a full secondary build for a while. With manual secondaries it is very good for killing DDs, but you can only have it with a 14 point captain. Also, actively hunting DDs is not really possible, they sometimes get in range and you can kill them. Now I changed to CE and I miss the DD kills. Also your torps are there to finish of enemy BBs from very close, like 3 kms. It usually happens in the late game. Go towards the enemy ship, do not show broadside, only if they have fired all of their salvos. Do not fire your torps too early, because they expect and evade it. Get within about 3km, wait for their shot, turn away and release the torps. If they somehow survive, pass the enemy ship by, and release your torps from the other side, when you are behind the enemy ship. Your torp tubes can get incapacitated, especially if you use priority target instead of preventive maintenance. Always keep track which side still works and use that side for torping.
  6. Ocsimano18

    How to use Santa's gift

  7. Ocsimano18

    How to use Santa's gift

    I "discovered" that Santa's gifts can be used as a Christmas gift to people you like to play with. Maybe it's a better way to use them instead of buying 20 mega crates... just to not find the ship you wanted in them...
  8. Ocsimano18

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    After losing a series of battles, this is what happened in my last match of the day. First blood, devadtating strike x 2, close quarters expert, high caliber, confederate, kraken unleashed, +3 karma. Can sleep well tonight...
  9. Ocsimano18

    You get to play only 1 ship in 2019! Which one it is ?

    Hakuryu, RTS version ;)
  10. Ocsimano18

    Izumo + Musashi or Yamato

    I've researched the Izumo, but I still need to grind the credits for it. I also have 680000 free XP. What to do next: 1. Buy the Izumo and collect more free XP to get the Musashi 2. Free XP the Yamato and get a permacamo for it (skip the Izumo, forget the Musashi) Basically I fear that the grind with Izumo would be boring or frustrating and also that the Musashi has low AA which would make it a port queen after the carrier rework. Also, earlier I got bored with the Nagato grind and quit the game for several months because of that. I was quite enjoying the Amagi, on the other hand.
  11. This is what I found in Wargaming center's announcement for the upcoming public test: "Special features of the Update test You can purchase Premium Account time from within the game client: both standard Premium Account time or Warships Premium Account time. Tier X ships will be unavailable to research, but players will be able to get them in exchange for Coal and Steel in the Arsenal. "Snowflakes" on Tier VI–VII ships will provide Coal, while "Snowflakes" on Tier VIII–X ships will provide Steel." So is this "non researchable Tier X ships" will be a new upcoming feature, like the other two items above, or only happens on the test server?
  12. Ocsimano18

    Alaska vs CV

    A sample size of 48 battles is quite good statstically speaking.
  13. Ocsimano18

    Alaska vs CV

    Sure, let's take a look at your stats (first screenshot) and compare it with mine (second screenshot). *edited*
  14. Ocsimano18

    Alaska vs CV

    My impression was that the planes scatter under heavy fire. If I don't figure out the exact mechanics by tier 9, then the mechanics are obscure. BTW, I've just checked the Wiki, and there is no entry about panic effect.