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  1. Ocsimano18

    Maybe not the Black

    Ranked Silver today, Blacks were 53% & 54% WR finishing on the bottom. I wonder if she still worth it if underperforming even in the ranked meta.
  2. Ok-ish. Having eight guns I expected eight citadels into a noob Musashi and only got five /s/. Here are my stats so far:
  3. Ocsimano18

    Many have gone

    It did go up significantly since March, but nowhere near as high as in early February. See the data for EU as of 19th June below: E.g. Massachusetts had 34225->16689->21810 matches in February/March/June.
  4. Ocsimano18

    Help me decide :).

    I have both Atago and Mainz, and played a test match with Bayard. Bayard is very squshy and hard to play, even for an experienced player. Atago is the perfect Japanese kiting cruiser. One of the best ships I have. Mainz performed under my expectations. She’s too clumsy to kite like Atago, you should camp more behind islands, which is not my style. The guns are excellent though, but the firing angles are terrible if you want to use them all. I don’t have them, but Wichita, Bagration and Belfast43 are subpar ships compared to the 3 above. I have Weimar from a prime loot container. She’s really nice and can wipe out Narai. As you said, she is very fun in T7 ranked, less so in randoms, as she gets uptiered much with a short range. Also you feel guilty in Narai for taking the score from the team. To summarize, I’d recommend Atago wholeheartly.
  5. Ocsimano18

    Ruckus is not transparent and WG broke promises

    So someone killing your best friend is not a crime, because another massacred an entire school?
  6. Ocsimano18

    Shikishima or Incomparable?

    Those are impressive numbers, I played my Yama much less (~150 matches), and she’s my most played T10 BB.
  7. Ocsimano18

    Shikishima or Incomparable?

    I’ll pick the Mecklenburg. You can play in the long range meta, and can also brawl when needed. Also brings back the ultimate Scharnhorst experience at T10. I see Incomparable as a mediocre ship which is backed by her stats filtered for the better players. Why Shiki when you havea legendary Yamato or can get the Satsuma. I mesn Siki for coal or RP, maybe, but for unobtainiumsteel?
  8. Me as a non DD main face the issue that all the good ships are DDs (Forrest, Black, Neustra, Vampire, Ragnar). Now, if a DD main can’t choose one, then the issue is not with the choice.
  9. Ocsimano18

    EU Server Broken.

    I had similar issues in port when selecting the Mogami. Selecting the Atago worked well, also no issues during gameplay. By the way, delay in server response can hang your client.
  10. Ocsimano18

    Aand here comes the lottery....

    This is a classic example of a scam. You sell your shitty stock squeezing out exorbitant prices in a convoluted scheme. WG did it again. This company will never change, just going downwards.
  11. Ocsimano18

    Is the Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya BB any fun in randoms?

    This is her ugly premium camo:
  12. Ocsimano18

    Is the Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya BB any fun in randoms?

    It depends on her dress:
  13. Ocsimano18

    Not Flamu Just Top Notch

    Yes, but watch how he plays her. It’s like an art.