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  1. I played both Marco Polo and Vittorio Veneto in ranked bronze. Marco Polo is more enjoyable because Vittorio misses awfully lot, without having a real balancing reason, as her SAP is underpowered. Marco Polo feels like a good tech tree ships, but lags behind the best premiums like Georgia or JB.
  2. Ocsimano18

    Free XP advice

    I have the Agir, the Ohio and the Bourgogne. I had the most fun with Agir, despite that I’m mainly a BB player. You don’t see exceptional Agir players, because it’s much easier to get than an Ohio or a Bourgogne. The average Agir player is much less skilled than the average Ohio or Bourgogne player. You don’t get Agir because she’s OP, you get it because she’s solid and fun, and has a unique playstyle that you can’t find anywhere else. Also a lot of CCs, including Flambass prefers Agir over Siegfried. Alaska has a better WR because of her radar, but I prefer to take Agir, even in ranked bronze and silver, because she is more fun to play. Given that you have more than 2 million freeXP, I’d wait for the next T10 freeXP ship. If we get Smaland quality again, then grab that, otherwise go for the Agir.
  3. Also in the first four or five weeks, you only get two levels per week, so you get even less if you don’t do the heavy grind in the last three weeks.
  4. Ocsimano18

    SO who is getting the Vampire II?

    By the time I'm ready getting 2,000,000 free XP
  5. Ocsimano18

    Brutal Cost of Commander Retraining

    Free to play? I spent the most money on a game for this title in my entire life...
  6. Ocsimano18

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Le Fantasque strikes again: with 2750 base XP...
  7. I moved my 21 point Luigi Sansonetti on the Vittorio Veneto. I was charged 300,000 commander XP as the retraining cost. If I want to use him through my grind to Christophoro Colombo, I need 900,000 captain XP, more that I make during the entire grind. Are you sane WG?
  8. How can you get there? Edit: Oh it only come on the 1st of May... The section has been renamed "Daily Reward" and its interface has been updated. It's now available in the player menu in the Port from the first day of each month and offers 24 rewards. The section will become available on May 1.
  9. I have the doubloons for Lenin and I’m still not sure if I want get her. The armor is like the Vladivostok, but has less HP. Also Vlad is better for kiting, and I usually don’t like bow tanking ships. I had her for one match as a rental ship but wasn’t impressed by her. Statswise she is OP and you can put your best Russian commander on her. Lookwise her proportions are ugly papership like. She is the cheapest T8 BB, but I don’t have the 25% coupon, so she would be the most expensive one for me. I had over 80% WR with the Vlad, but funwise the Vlad was 4/5, while Massachusetts or Tirpitz is 5/5.
  10. I play less than 10 matches per week, not even considering it.
  11. Ocsimano18

    Before you consider buying Flandre ....

    Personally I’m doing an experiment/practice to see how I can conduct a public debate exchanging arguments politely with someone representing a different opinion. Also, if I don’t answer then some readers might think that I accepted the reasoning. Now any reader can decide which reasoning they find more convincing.
  12. Ocsimano18

    Before you consider buying Flandre ....

    How about nerfing AP bombs before the release of Manfred with unnerfed AP bombs? If the developers were aware of AP bombs being OP, why haven’t they applied the same principles to the newly released CV? Also, why Manfred was nerfed when FdR was released? Why FdR is not nerfed, if you care about balance? There are lot more cases of planned obsolence, some of which I mentioned just above your reply. I understand that a different explanation can be told, where WG cares about balance and doing this for the sake of the players, but then why not giving free respecs for the planned commander skill changes? This is again planned obsolence in a few months. Now we have to respec DDs for money or for a lot of resources to stay competitive. I spent more money on this game than on any other game, but won’t do it anymore. WG is alienating its thinking customer base.
  13. Ocsimano18

    Before you consider buying Flandre ....

    Well, Manfred was nerfed at the release of FdR. Also, T10 tech tree ships get nerfed within less than a year after release. Coal ships are underpowered because coal is not generating enough revenue for WG. They release more powerful ships but they plan them for steel and RB. Notice how the dockyard is now a very expensive platform for selling steel. Smolensk was nerfed and become unfasionable, now you can get Austin. (it might be less broken than Smolensk at release, but it does not matter financially) Also, the RB has a very expensive money shortcut. Gone are the days when you could buy a good new ships for about 12000 doubloons. Why do you think Massachusetts and Lenin are withdrawn from the Armory? They create an extra revenue just before the withdrawal and they will generate more revenue as Santa crate ships. Constant commander rework is making your captains obsolote, and there is a money shortcut to improve the situation. There are a couple of guys at WG, whose job is to find new ways to get your money.
  14. The CV rework failed, because it failed to fully understand why RTS CVs were flawed. They made a list of issues, like complexity of gameplay, multitasking, 2D graphics, etc, and tried to address them separately, not taking into account the synergic effects and what was good in the RTS gameplay. They reduced the strategy element to zero, making the gameplay repetitive and boring. This also affected the AA. The RTS AA was strategic, where positioning of invulnerable high AA ships was the key to succeed. They nerfed the AA, because wiping out your single squad is frustrating/unfun for the CV player and they compensated it with reducing the CV alpha strike with death by thousand cuts. This made the CV gameplay repetitive and the surface ship gameplay frustrating. Also limited reserves were removed, because the average CV player would have run out of planes at the middle of the match, and waiting 8 minutes without doing anything is obviously inaccaptable. This again increased the frustration of surface ships. In general they tried to fix something without fully understanding how it worked, and ended up with a similarly flawed product, just the flaws were different. The 3D gameplay is the best improvement of the rework, but the interaction between the CV and the surface ships is not fun enough in most cases. Dodging is an option for some ships, but in many positions it leads to cross fires from other surface ships, and it frustrates even the best of the players, not to speak about the average Joe, who can hardly foresee such crossfire situations. Reinforcing the AA sides gives some control to the surface ship player, but it is not at all comparable to the control the CV player has over their squadrons. Also the black clouds follow a pre programmed pattern and can be easily dodged by experienced players. This is very far from a brawling situation between two surface ships, where boh sides have about an equal control of the engagement.