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  1. Halloween 2018

    game very troll: very immortal?.
  2. game center no run game, enter name and secret ,WG loose cuality,high ping -servers in game to very colapse. DAY to RELAX
  3. to 1800ms of latency very good WG
  4. CV Rework Discussion

    I see in horizon:PERISCOPE battle stations
  5. Bug Reports

    this is in repair,logic
  6. AI changes in coop?

    Hello bots in t-4 bb evade torps funny running some dd.
  7. Bug Reports

    Hello,only 2 bug comanders in arsenal name changed y ship to containers torpedo is in red only
  8. Bug Reports

  9. Ranked Season 10

    I vote for delete the cv on ranked,very onmipotent in game situate aircraft in capture point all enemy very detected in all map.
  10. New bonus code CAN BE CLOSED DOUBLE POST

    thanks very funny ALENA
  11. VERY IMPOSIBLE In time to complete very funny. On day is very crazy to complete.
  12. Is Ultimate Frontier Operation winnable???

    Bots very goods supreme aiming torp very careful,presented for clan wars for unicum in game.
  13. Clan Battle Matchday


    New ships ,no retrain commanders?