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  1. JSJooste

    Very harsh in match TK penalty

    I know it really sucked, but I do support the harsh TK penalty. Just take more time to consider where your allies are and where they might be going next time.
  2. Punish map edge camping with negative XP and credits? Encourage BB tanking with XP and credit rewards for taking damage without dying. I honestly think this will be a step towards changing player attitude. I think that's a bigger problem than the ships themselves
  3. JSJooste

    "Clear Sky" is too hard to get.

    Most with bouge yes, one in Ryujo, 1 or 2 in the independence. (Is there a way to check which ships got me the different achievements?) I'm still busy with indep and expect to get a few more with it before moving on to the next tier, plane kills are much easier for me with american CVs. (I am not saying america vs japan is better by the way! honestly think they're kinda balanced and enjoy both. To me they just have different roles.) I haven't gotten very far up the CV lines, but considering that I'm a mediocre player that's still learning more about CV tricks, someone skilled in CV play should be able to get clear sky more regularly. And there are many players better than I, had games where my opponent was REALLY good at strafing and I felt like I had no chance at all. I will admit I've never gotten clear sky in a normal ship, but as someone mentioned I do think it's a CV achievement. For me kraken is really difficult, I have only managed it at low tiers and with quite a bit of luck. I've also never managed a solo warrior before. The luck went for clear sky too by the way. All it comes down to is that yes, it's a difficult achievement. But I think it should be. Can't comment on top tier play, never been up there.
  4. JSJooste

    "Clear Sky" is too hard to get.

    I'm probably the only one, but I think clear sky is perfect as is. An achievement is exactly that, an achievement. It's not supposed to be easy. In all my time playing I have 7 clear skies and 7 krakens. I think my stats will show that I'm an "average" player. Now I know that kraken is an epic achievement, but i think that perhaps clear sky should be changed to a heroic achievement too! Where kraken shows an absolute domination of other ships, clear sky shows an absolute domination in the air. killing 50% of planes and a minimum of 30 is not impossible at all. And its an impressive feat, something worthy of an achievement. My humble and probably unpopular opinion
  5. JSJooste

    Sparring partner [Aegis]

    We are still looking for sparring partners and perhaps future arrangements
  6. JSJooste

    Sparring partner [Aegis]

    We are looking for a clan that is willing to "Spar" with us this Friday by using the training rooms. Considering that clan battles are fast approaching we feel that some friendly matches between clans can be very beneficial! Please get in contact if your clan is interested
  7. I'd like to see kitakami come back, I never got to play it. I like ships with unique traits
  8. JSJooste

    Clan [AEGIS] Aegis is recruting

    Still 12 spots open in AEGIS
  9. JSJooste

    Clan [AEGIS] Aegis is recruting

    Aegis still has openings for you! With us you'll find good company to make those grids to seem a little shorter, allies to help you achieve victory and of course friends that are willing to help out.
  10. JSJooste

    End Year Marathon Bug

    Thank you!
  11. JSJooste

    End Year Marathon Bug

    Sorry, here it is
  12. JSJooste

    End Year Marathon Bug

    I got the "Hoarder" achievement without having the "To the Bottom" or "Tin Can" achievements. Because I start new battles before old battles finished I cannot say exactly which battle, or what I did in the battle to trigger this. Screenshot attached
  13. JSJooste

    Arkansas Beta

    Hey, I was a beta player too. How does that tag thing work? Doesn't say I was a beta player on the forum either
  14. JSJooste

    Something I'd like

    Not sure where this should go, I'll just post here I guess since I mainly play ships, and have never tried warplanes. I would love to have a launcher/client that allows me to quickly and easily switch between tanks, ships and warplanes. I'm not saying combine the games, it wouldn't work. What I want is to be able to be in port, play one or two matches with ships, and then with a click of a button switch to my tanks garage and play a match there while my ships are still in battle. I don't know if this is panned or can be done, and I know updates would be a mess since this client would probably need to update every time one of the three games updates. It's just something that would make playing all 3 games really easy and accessible.