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  1. worldwaralpha

    [] Unique Camouflage Plus

    it is...thank you.Can i find somewhere how each of camos is called ingame and in xml file.
  2. worldwaralpha

    [] Unique Camouflage Plus

    Best of all to to best skin mod out there....had a question for you.Do you know how Type 59 camo is called in the xml file.I cant find it and would like to replace it with a single color (or something else will see).
  3. worldwaralpha

    [0.10.9] Simply Grey Paint + Historical camouflage v1

    Yes i mean disposable camos since that is the mayority i use,i dont rember when was the last time i used type 1,2,5.I love some aspects of this mod but I also think what you are doing is a little too extreme.Half of ships in this game arent historical.The Russian camos looked ok,scheme and color wise.I can understand Japanese green and light blue to be removed but i would still left some of it.Maybe one combination is grey only and other is somekind of ahistorical camo.Anyways your mod do what you want,but still shame to loose all those camos just beacuse they arent historical.
  4. worldwaralpha

    [0.10.9] Simply Grey Paint + Historical camouflage v1

    im all for historical colors,but every camo a single color? Thats a little boring,maybe consider mixing it up with some...there were many dazzle camos throught the war.
  5. worldwaralpha

    [] Unique Camouflage Plus

    Are download links working? I cant download
  6. worldwaralpha

    [0.10.9] Simply Grey Paint + Historical camouflage v1

    Is this only for permanent camos?
  7. I changed the camoflauge.xml as i always do when new patch arrives but now some of my camos look like "picture" or they show no texture.I checked with older xml. everything is where it should be.And not all camos went crazy,just some.Anyone has something similiar or know whats the problem with new patch?
  8. worldwaralpha


    where is the fix for shells passing through ships and falling way to short
  9. worldwaralpha

    Starting Next Week! World of Warships sails to Croatia!

    sadly i live 500 km from Zagreb...
  10. worldwaralpha

    Game don't EXIT

    same with me
  11. worldwaralpha

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.9

    too soon for new line of ships...should have arrived in December
  12. worldwaralpha

    Future Plans for Aircraft Carriers

    Also make some RNG dmg to planes...so even a low AA number has at least some chance of downing a plane or two...not just cold numbers.
  13. worldwaralpha

    Bug Reports

    i hear the sirens of new york port ambient sounds while in battle
  14. worldwaralpha

    Premium Shop in February: Alaska

    Will Exeter be sold without bundless...cause i dont need all that bundeled stuff..