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  1. The_Great_SCH

    Too many events/activities.

    Here's an idea, do what you can and don't put pressure on yourself to complete everything? I mean, look at it this way, there are many options, do what you really want and feel like you will have a good time with. GG EZ.
  2. Brace yourselves, Ranked Battles are coming.
  3. While we are not actively recruiting anymore, we might have a chat with exceptional players, who are interested in finding a new HOME.
  4. The_Great_SCH

    FPS drops and stutter - update 7.2

    Okay, so it is another problem then. Some people on Reddit noted that they REinstalled the drivers. But i am not sure. Thanks for trying guys, we are still waiting some official feedback from WG then.
  5. The_Great_SCH

    So... I guess Iowa has a 13km radar now?

    I can confirm this that it happens when using spotter plane. I had a game in Tirpitz yesterday, same thing. Cyclone, and i could see an enemy Roma from 12 km. And i was shot in cyclone when wasn't supposed to be spotted.
  6. The_Great_SCH

    FPS drops and stutter - update 7.2

    Saw that there is a new Nvidia driver out, did it fix it for anyone after driver update?
  7. The_Great_SCH

    What's going on with AP?

    Had more dev strikes on cruisers in smoke than broadside sailing ones.
  8. The_Great_SCH

    New players and HIGH TIER PREMIUMS

    Wow, but you can buy the containers :D
  9. The_Great_SCH

    Has anyone else noticed??

    I would like to see the numbers regarding the average duration of games. My experience tell me that games are way shorter now than a year ago. But that is only my guess. For some reason games are really really one-sided.
  10. You could install the Help Me! mod from Aslain's mod pack. You trigger it with the "H" button, and select your ship, it gives general captain skills for each ship + what flags are beneficial for a certain class. Not 100% failproof, but it is a good indicator to move from.
  11. The_Great_SCH

    Atago, Tirpitz, Roma or some other?

    There is no "overpowered" premium ship available to buy, if you don't know how to play the game correctly (knowing game mechanics, positioning, map awareness etc). If you want to get a T8 premium ship, you will face T10's a lot, and that won't be fun for you. Either way, I think the Tirpitz would be the most newbie (not noob) friendly premium ship. But it needs getting used to the dispersion etc, you will need the correct commander skills for her. I recomment playing Co-op mode, or get a T7 ship like the Scharnhorst, and you could play operations as well.
  12. The_Great_SCH

    mixing tiers

    Here is my 2 cents. Let's quickly look at the current MM. +-2 tier. IF you are botton tier, you cannot commit to carry a team, only if you are a Unicum player, who really knows their ship and not grinding through a line and trying to know the ship and get that XP. Being bottom tier is bad most of the times, because every ship/new line is balanced to their specific tier. When being bottom tier, EVERY single ships is your counter, mostly the top tier ones. IF you are top tier, your only real counter are the same tier ships as yours, given you have an idea how to play the specific ship. Since WG is balancing the ships to their specific tiers, it is safe to say that we see a good reason why some known CC's not recommend buying T5-T6 (sometimes even T8) premium ships because most of the time you will get uptiered. Since MM is set to create a game fast as possible, not looking at anything else, only ship composition, games will not be enjoyable for the average player. (And I am saying thins, because WG clearly stated that it cares for the masses, the average player). My question is, how does WG feel, about the average player going into battle, not really knowing every game mechanic present, getting punished, getting frustrated, and with this, their whole team getting frustrated? I do not by any means have any numbers, but seeing prime-time ingame presence, I DO BELIEVE, that +-1 MM would be more beneficial for the overall spirit of the game. Difference of power is not that noticeable, games could be more enjoyable, last a bit longer and maybe wouldn't be complete stomps. Not everyone can deal huge damage to top tier ships for the XP bonus, they just can't, and while some of you guys are really good players, i personally would like to see some more nail-biter games. Everyone of us remember having a Div game with buddies, being top tier, and getting 8+ kills in that game. I believe there is the playerbase to do this, and instead of nerfing/buffing ships back and forth, they could focus on balance on a smaller circle. see you ingame!
  13. The_Great_SCH

    This is the last season of ranked for me, until something changes.

    I can understand the OP and most of you guys' point of view, I just have a few problems with it. If you bump up XP for capping/spotting etc, which is mostly DD specific, everyone will want to play DD, because most of the players play to keep the star not win a star, and that mindset just damages the game (Look at Sims in T7 with the XP modifier). The other thing, Mr.Conway said, they want to help the average play. But why are Ranked Battles considered to be in the competitive side of Wows, when every Average Joe can just spam and spam and spam games, hoping they would be carried by better players, even if they do not agree with a tactic, a plan of the team. This is not a random game where everyone just goes wherever they want and spam shells without being useful to the outcome of the games??? Contrary what the OP wrote here is another example. In a BB, even if you damage DD's, have 2 mil potential dmg (which means taking fire, tanking etc), High Calibers, but often finishes 2nd on a team because a DD who capped and got 20-30k dmg with some lucky random torps. I would personally limit the games for everyone. Not but number of games, but by WR. If you have below 50% WR in ranked in a day, it's time to take a break. 10 games, below 50%, you get a few hours timeout. I was personally shocked to see the same people over and over again in some brackets (especially R5 and up) being in my/enemy team game after game. How does that add to diversity? If you are not a good performer, go and take a break and let others try. Simple and elegant solution in my mind.
  14. The_Great_SCH

    What statistics tell?

    To be fair, every stat can be manipulated to your advantage. WR/XP/DMG/Kills and so on. From my point of view, since this is a game, and the main target in every game is to WIN, WR is the number that gives you most satisfaction on a personal level. If you want to use your stats to see how you are doing in games, you can look at your XP after every game and see how much you'd contributed to a win/loss, and go from there. I myself acknowledge that there are thousand upon thousands of players who are just better at the game than me, no matter what i do. They may have high WR, high DMG, high everything, but as long as I feel good about my performance for the moment and recognize what i can do to improve i am satisfied. Right now, personally, I am working on getting a higher survival rate and still contribute to games as much as I can. I, however, do not agree with the generalization of stats, like call someone good because he/she has good PR/WR etc, but is a completely useless player in sense of teamplay, but someone who has average overall stats, but is a really good teamplayer and you can rely on him/her always. This being a tactical game, I really appreciate people who look to improve their gameplay, but I will advise you not to get too hooked on your stats, because that will just take away the enjoyment of the game and will just get frustrated if you don't progress as fast as you'd like.
  15. Some spots still open for really good players before the new CW season starts!