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  1. sotiris_warrior

    What did your Black Friday 2019 premium containers drop?

    i straight up bought black sharnhost ,and iam thinking of getting atago black too so i rather pay for the ships i want to have rather then buy crates and get signals and camo ,dont want to risk it even if someone tell me that he get one crates and get all ships at once :P
  2. sotiris_warrior

    [ALL] ModStation

    everything else is great the only only one missing and i really need is the more visible finder green, until then icant use it, for me its the most important thing
  3. sotiris_warrior

    [ALL] ModStation

    also in detection markers --->markers chain the number of people that targeting u is in the circle not under like in aslains the same in another 2 detection markers
  4. sotiris_warrior


    the sound after guns are fired ,that fells like an echo? its way too longggggggggggggggg and i will add more
  5. sotiris_warrior

    [ALL] ModStation

    when u are going to add the more visible finder green, yellow ?
  6. sotiris_warrior

    Visual and Audio Enhancements

    i will give a try
  7. sotiris_warrior

    Update Audio Hotfix

    4 years u improving the sounds 4 years, and this is normal to you! i mean how howww much more a sound can be improved, and iam pretty sure all that its not for improvment ,its just the department thats responsible for the sounds got nothing to do. and they are saying ok lets play with the sounds we will improve them xd, its just sad!!!
  8. sotiris_warrior

    Visual and Audio Enhancements

    if the todays fix patch what ever it was ,was about the sound ,then oh mannn we are in big trouble!!! thats all i have to say something that i forgot to say in my other post ,is the craking sounds when iam entering the game, that is an improvment also?xd
  9. sotiris_warrior

    General Feedback - 0.8.8

    worst audio ever, secondaries are too low, i cant even hear when the reload of the guns are complete those two just to have an idea! u dont hear us, if u dont have magor complains about the sound why messing with them makes no sense dont u have something better to do?
  10. sotiris_warrior

    Visual and Audio Enhancements

    those are the worst sounds ever ,and i play for quite of some time now ,IAM NOT OVERREACTING!!! i dont even know where to start ! Also whats the deal with the sound when iam burning ,just annoying, also the horn hanking all the time when iam burning like a car horn from the 60s when iam zoom out and secondaries start to fire the first salvo cant hear it the second and so on i can ,of the quality is bad!!! i cant hear when and if enemy plains are coming nothing silence also the sound when iam hiting a ship almost silent ! also the new port yes its the first one that i really like but!! and i hope u understand how i will say it, when u have a camo were u have 2 options in color i cant see that clearly in the ship cause the area there on the ship its dark or how to say it low light
  11. thats a good thing ,time to get back texas and duke of york