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  1. NOTE i dont want anything i dont expect anything!!! i bought 25 (5X SANTA'S BIG GIFTS) and (20X SANTA'S GIFTS) and i get one premium ship????? and that was Dunkerque?????? really???? that is your idea of christmas gift???? iam so dissapointed that i really dont want to play even with bots one of this days u can have the 3 premium ships that i have and my account too!!!!
  2. sotiris_warrior

    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    same log in issue ,the sad thing is that i thought it was just me and iam downloading the damm thing again in general they say that what u pay is what u get not in wows case!
  3. sotiris_warrior

    Graphics and zoom out

    well.i would like if!! its possible to get an answear from someone that know ,and not get an answear to tell me something that i already know! thank u
  4. sotiris_warrior

    Graphics and zoom out

    can anyone can tell me why when i change the graphics settings from medium to high then in game it freezes occasionally and the sound of guns are different which is strange, is it cause of poor cpu?( i36100) or poor gpu? ( geforce gtx 2gb gaming) or both?? and i cant tell if this was always like this ,i have check to be completely zoom out but when the game starts its not,how to say it i have to do one click zoom out to be completely zoom out
  5. sotiris_warrior

    Bug Reports

    invertory problem here too dont let me sell anything <<due to technical reasons>>
  6. sotiris_warrior


    I got the delay issue when killing someone too its annoying fixt it!!! And when secondaries are firing and I zoom in and out the sound of them sounds like cutting crooping don't know the word in English its not continuously sound I mean! I reinstall the game and its still awful ,it dosnt make any sense why u messing with the sounds again and again,i hope u can understand that doing this again and again even if I wanted to buy a ship iam not because of the sound issues u cause and I believe iam not talking just for my self on this one,and I don't want to know what someones thinking after buying a ship and after the update he sees that the sounds are worst
  7. sotiris_warrior

    How was the latest Patch for you ?

    for me before 3 or 4 patches it was playable,after patch by patch iam having more more or problems or changes that I don't like ,so now its not!
  8. sotiris_warrior

    Bugs in replay playback?

    and today I contact with their support and they told me no we didn't change anything
  9. send them a ticket I bet my house that they will aswear to reset the keyboard controls or reinstall the game
  10. sotiris_warrior

    Control keys not getting saved

    the patch must for some people mess with the controls I don't have this issue but! I have a different one still annoying
  11. sotiris_warrior

    torpedo spread

    ok last try before the patch I had this setup in keyboard controls 1) main battery he shells= scroll wheel 2) torpedo spread mouse right click RNB 3) lock reiticle - space 4)designating target - F. whis this setup when I was playing dds or cruizers with torpedos the (2) was working fine and when I was with my bb I was pushing the mouse right button to see around me and the guns didn't turn ,Now after the patch in order to do both things every time I start a match with a dd I must clear the defult command for spectator camera also when I start a match with a bb I must assgine the RNB mouse right click to spectator camera
  12. sotiris_warrior

    help me please !

  13. sotiris_warrior


    u change the sounds in every patch one thing iam glad is that I will not spend another euro for u
  14. sotiris_warrior

    torpedo spread

    ok solve that out the option probably it was of camera spectator that was in defult as RNB I clear that and now its working,but I see something else change now before the patch I was clicking the right click of my mouse to see around me and the guns was staying there was I want too now they turning ,can someone from wargaming tell me what is wrong?
  15. sotiris_warrior

    Updated Sounds

    sound of guns and AAs just horrible