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  1. cynism

    [BKILL] sucht

  2. cynism

    [BKILL] sucht

    pushed again
  3. cynism

    [BKILL] sucht

    Moin, Ob Anfänger oder Veteran, BKILL sucht aktive Mitglieder, vorzugsweise Ü18. Wir fahren Zufallsgefechte, gerne auch in Division, und CW. TS ist vorhanden.
  4. cynism

    Bug Reports

    Iowa, Hull A does not show up in your inventory, so you cannot sell it Enterprise, Attack Planes are named Corsairs while actually being Hellcats
  5. cynism

    Suggestions thread

    I have 3 suggestions: 1. The ability to sell permanent camouflage out of your inventory. (a 50% or 33% refund in doubloons would be nice) 2. An option to disable the chat in game completely, like in WoT. 3. The matchmaker should try to match +1 for the first 60s or 120s and revert to the normal matchmaking rules afterwards.