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  1. Thank you.We have already submitted a report.
  2. Yui_Hirasawa

    End of the Year In-game Competition Submission Thread

    Ocean assassin Minekase Queen of war Tirpitz
  3. Yui_Hirasawa

    The worst patch till now

    there is not only shells problem,but also amor problem.You can not puncture frontal armor because they set up the ship`s amor just like Tanks. If not ,why they don`t let us see the armor data in the game.I`m missing alpha test that is ship war. Now it is only tank war.
  4. Yui_Hirasawa

    Some suggestion about Battleships

    I think i understand what you say. Different shiptype must have different principle to be damaged in fire. I am realy agree with that.
  5. Yui_Hirasawa

    Some suggestion about Battleships

    Conte_Vincero, on 06 June 2015 - 03:56 PM, said: You point about bigger ships having better fire suppression can easily be countered by pointing out that those ships also have more flamable material and it can take longer for damage control parties to reach the effected areas. which flamable materials? Varnish?Wood?Or you think the battleship shells is piled on deck? But now HE shells are Napalm shells. Stone will be ignited also right? Takeda92, on 06 June 2015 - 04:31 PM, said: Yes, but with HE. I see,you mean Napalm shells right?
  6. Yui_Hirasawa

    Some suggestion about Battleships

    Have you ever shoot American destroyers? Easily? 1 shot?
  7. Yui_Hirasawa

    Some suggestion about Battleships

    Earlier, i wrote a topic about Battleships.It was deleted by administrator.They want me to make some constructive comments. So i just make some constructive comments about Battleships. 1.Increase the kinetic damage of large-caliber AP shells. I see lot of people said that AP is useless in this edition.Cruisers use HE to ignite.Destroyers use torpedo.Battleships have slow rate of fire. So they can not use HE. If the AP shell of Battleships have low damage.How can Battleships destroy other ships. Main gun principle of Battleships in alpha test is very good. 2.Increased mobility of Battleships. Development Team tell me that they don`t want to increase Battleships secondary gun`s accuracy. So how can Battleships defence destroyers.The Battleships are how the targets which can only walking a straight line. 3.Modify fire damage mechanism. I believe that, mow if the ship was on fire.It will loss HP based on percentage of total HP. Why not set to a fixed value.Give shorter extinguishing time of big ships.If you say, big ships have large fire area. But big ships have more damage control personnel and more damage control equipment. Finally I still can not understand the interpretation about the "T".If side facing the enemy is to increase firepower and reduce defense.I think Richelieu is the best Battleships during World War II. Northern Navy of Chinese Qing Dynasty will victory over Japanese Navy in a hundred years ago.