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  1. Kuscka

    Something not in Randoms nor Operations

    OP experienced the game in a certain manner which is obvious others don't get it. Low ping 200+ and other combination of things may work against this seaman. The always want proof is a hollow back horse coming along way. If a person can't contribute in a constructive manner, then move to the next thread and don't engage with OP. @Fairywitch
  2. Kuscka

    Happy Day or Sad Day

    Arg, eventually scraped energy together to get in front of the pc..... lets see how my games go... Fair Winds to all..
  3. Kuscka

    Happy Day or Sad Day

    MaxxyNL, on 23 April 2015 - 11:26 AM, said: Whine Islands won't disappear when sail towards them...... getting stuck end getting shot at the same time...... Some islands are just to OP! and I thought it was only me... was to embarrassed to post the get stuck part.... cant remember the map but there is a typical "v" in the one island and every time I seem to get my ship stuck there... it a half block away from the island... MaxxyNL, on 05 May 2015 - 07:45 PM, said: Whine It keeps raining here in The Netherlands We go into winter now, late Autumn but it's raining more this year in Autumn than any other year... hind side we need the water..
  4. iChase!!!!!!! help me!!!! I hope you could hear that Im shipwrecked because I don't have a commander, he's lost.... How to I find him....ahoooiiiiii. Seriously, I think I'm going through the wrong vids and pointers - or just miss it. How do I obtain a commander iChase what do I do to earn one? More xp, or do I supply rent one??
  5. Please, can you help me... how did you get the commander, Im trying to find pointers or vids to see how do I get one - sorry I'm still very new and don't want to high jack your thread but have to, you've got a commander and I'm still searching for one..
  6. Kuscka

    XVM... for WoWs?

    And a nofrom me
  7. Kuscka

    Happy Day or Sad Day

    Whine - I'm still trying to find my captain/commander to skill up for ships...he seems to be lost.. and my ships go out without him.. did anybody see him lingering around.. what do I do to get him onboard more xp, because sure as well less "clothing didn't help" Thus dressed up and waiting for all the help I can get to find my lost captain.. MaxxyNL, on 26 April 2015 - 06:57 AM, said: Btw. good luck with the HOG Academy Clan Thanks Maxxy, The clan is an academy on tracks(24 members) and did make space for water(4 members) now as well... and we rule every time we go out in division, besides its nice to have your own team on your own teamspeak to have fun with and try stuff out.. they don't insult or shout if your ship just lost a rudder due to enemy attack go and sit on top of them.. or push them in the fire line.. we're actually trying now to help out a floating ship that lost a rudder to see by support of team mates can the ship be saved(protected) while the repair crew work to fix...
  8. Kuscka

    Some lag'n'rubberbanding

    I'm getting interesting lags(ship not responsive up to 30s) then a sudden-burst of speed - i've been monitoring this. As soon as I go to the open sea it happens - longer non responsiveness in t1-2 and less on my t5.. Ping is constant no problem there but I get back with more info on specific locations in ocean - I follow a very steady path every time... And hey thanks for a great game captains
  9. Kuscka

    WoWs clans shared or not shared with WoT

    Well I think we separate the two clans. WoTs and Wows we have two clan forums for our clan and its working.. After all you totally going to have to keep them separate how else would you manage everyone?
  10. Kuscka

    Getting confused with keys

    Here is a linkhttp://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/7352-captains-academy-gameplay-guides-and-tips-latest-upgrades-modules/#topmost have look at episode 10 controls.. Captain Chase will help you in the easy to follow videos.. I'm blond and I could follow Have fun..
  11. Kuscka


    Good spotting, its called Afrikaans..
  12. Whaaaat more stuffff??? I'm not even halfway through the others... I'll be old and grey by the time I nail all this Hind side, thank you sooooo much again for all the brilliant help
  13. Kuscka

    Happy Day or Sad Day

    Zanoris, on 23 April 2015 - 11:44 AM, said: *Dine* Playing WoWs always makes me happy and I cannot wait for it to be released. Largely, because due to a number of reasons WoT has declined and is currently not worth playing. Unless one doesn't mind not having fun whilst playing ;) Happy you Dinning but lets keep Wot out of our thread... I'm trying to escape to this happy place Now to support your can't wait for the real WoWs to surface... my world ain't this game something... I mean earlier tonight I unfortunately died but I jumped ship and the view... my word, its almost as if you are on the real waters... just fantastic... Ahoi!!!! I'm all set and as I got my T3 going now as well and truly start to have fun with my ships, I can start to Dine and whine actively now.
  14. Kuscka

    Happy Day or Sad Day

    But don't they know, the bots here do actually aim??? I play against/with them in Coop and they are good... So captain you are good in your ship and thus they call you a bot