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  1. veso_vn

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    It`s really stupid that all light cruisers have the skill " Inertia Fuse for HE Shells" (skill that increase the performed of the vessel) while the brits cruisers don`t have any skill to help them to performed better
  2. veso_vn

    does camo affect MM?

    Saturday and Sunday affect the MM :)
  3. veso_vn

    Conqs heal and Republics armour

    I think that WoWs have the same problem like WoT paper ships/tanks are better than ships/tank that really exist
  4. veso_vn

    CV player pro vs medium player

    y but a pro vs new player ......... guess what is the result ? :) I just think that in some situations is too powerful
  5. veso_vn

    CV player pro vs medium player

    I really think that strafe is way too powerful . it`s ok skill but they need to nerf it a little . It`s really stupid to kill 10-20 airplanes with one strafe.....
  6. veso_vn

    Ships that need a buff

    all cruisers :)
  7. Ok seriously how is this possible .... Radar need to have visual on target to see it. How in the game this is possible through dense object like island ?!?! Ok its a game but this is simple physics law same as why ships are on top of the water or why the shells drop down at the end of the range .........
  8. I don`t like and how the game is going BB and CA -> camping behind a island or smoke all game . I think something need to be done if you are behind a island and someone is spotting for you you need to suffer some penalty to dispersion . In real live this ships were not able to fire if they don`t see the targets . Also radar how detect targets behind a island ?
  9. veso_vn

    A dumb question about British BB

    well i`m not asking are they op or not just how to deal with them.... no matter i guess i need to figure out on my own..... THANKS A LOT
  10. veso_vn

    A dumb question about British BB

    I didn`t play the game for several months and i start to wonder why i did come back but anyway .... What is the idea of defeating British BB ? They just spam HE so there is no difference what are you playing they will just set fires on you all day long. You can`t set them on fire or make flooding they will just repair . So any advice ? I really think playing tier 8 9 10 sux a lot and one of the reason is this -> British BB ...
  11. veso_vn

    Radar and visual range

    the more fun is that radar can "see" you from behind an island if you know how i can do that in real life tell me i want to be a rich
  12. veso_vn

    So, why don't you play Carriers?

    Cvs have some problems yes but for me playing it is a chalange .All other ships is easy go in combat faind a target that you can do a lot of damage and open fire. Well its not the same with cv you need to pick your targets , you need to conter other cvs airplance and also to hit your targets .
  13. veso_vn

    last day of playing wows 18/1, enyone else ?

    i will play....... If its so bad i`m sure they will fix it
  14. veso_vn

    Camping BB's

    i know what you are speaking for but some times is not that the case (with camping bb) . I have one game where only me (NC) and Amagi went to defend one part of the map . There agans us were Iowa , Bismark one dd and one cruser. Of corse they push us back to the map border but in the end we manage to kill all of them. For the team we were camping in the end all the time becouse now they see 1 bb at the map borders ... no one care that you are fighting against stronger enemy and defend the flank... So not Always is the case with camping bb
  15. veso_vn

    Hello guys New player.

    i think is good idea to go in youtube look some videos with the ships you want and decide wich one you want