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  1. Bospoeper

    Player status in a clan

    Hi, How does your clan manage the "status" of a player. When/how do you evolve from "midshipman" to "line officer" and so on.... ??? In my clan: *Midshipman: starters with 1 Tier X, sometimes tier 8 when they are "+-OK" (Dutch speaking players are hard to find) *Line officer: 2 TierX (Tech Tree, not prem), 50 days in the clan, using discord, playing naval- and clan battles *Commissioned Officer: 3 Tier X, 100 days, same as line officer, "good" stats (like +-70k tier X or 50k average,.... exeptions are possible by voting...an average player can improve) higher levels: when we need someone, preferably a commissioned officer
  2. Bospoeper

    Clan management

    Did they react to your question?? Commander, dept. commander, admiral, vice admiral, recruiter , intelligence officer, battlefield commander, staff member, division commander, logistics commander, sailor, sailor first class, ... a lot of possibilities They can even make it possible to implement these functions for "a little bit" of oil...
  3. Bospoeper

    Clan management

    In the Clan management of world of tanks, the commander can assign dept commander, recruiter, executive officer, ...) Why only dept. commanders and recruiters in world of warships? It's quite annoying...(Clan rights and stuff) Are there any changes planned in the future? greetings,
  4. Bospoeper


    Server is hit in the citadel...??