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  1. Sorry, I am new to the forums so I don't really know where I can make such suggestions or if there is a place where I can make such suggestions in the first place :)
  2. May I suggest some cute WWI era battleships for a minor naval power? The Resadiye class battleships that were ordered by the Ottoman Empire from the British docks, that were never delivered might be a good t4 or t5 premium ship addition to the game. https://alchetron.com/Reşadiye-class-battleship https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reşadiye-class_battleship [Edit] Had to correct the spelling of British. A dumb typo on my part :) [/Edit]
  3. LoLeRji

    Azur Lane Collab

    Maybe a bit off topic, but do any of you guys have the Nelson on the Bridge mission? They are supposed to start today, but they are not anywhere, at least for me.
  4. LoLeRji

    Bug Reports

    For 1 year I have played this game, I have a total of 6 or so crashes. 3 of them happened today... The error is same as below. It just happens randomly in the middle of a match. And sometimes you can reconnect sometimes you can't. Started a game with Atago just 10 minutes ago, game crashed 2 minutes into the game, and I spent the next 8 minutes in the loading screen waiting for the game to load, till loading screen showed that my ship was sunk. Crash dumps are here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CGFo8v0Vn4J_E3aqier1s_KueQEgwEG7/view?usp=sharing [EDIT] I am using Windows 10, 16 GB RAM and Intel i7 Kaby Lake CPU with NVIDIA GTX 1050 GPU [/EDIT]
  5. LoLeRji

    FPS drops and stutter - update 7.2

    I have the same problem here. Have GTX 1050, i7 7700HQ 2.8 GHz CPU, 16 GB RAM. Used to be able to play it with High settings at around 70 - 74 FPS, now after a few games, my FPS drops to 40 - 68 and constantly changes. And it's not only that, somehow, even when I am playing the game with 60 FPS or above since 0.7.2, I get stutters and that makes me lose my concentration. I checked CPU and GPU temperatures, the highest GPU temperature was 46 Celcius and CPU 68 Celcius. The fans aren't working on full performance while having the FPS drops either, justified by the not so high temperatures of the hardware. I don't get the kind of FPS drops I get playing World of Warships at any other games I play. Even Nier Automata, which I used to play at High settings with 40 - 45 FPS roughly a year ago, still plays around 40 - 45 FPS, and Nier Automata is known for its performance problems.
  6. Well, these workarounds are nice, and I am not against using workarounds, but getting something you paid for ripped off from you with no information about the future of these content, is just frustrating.
  7. Hello, I purchased HSF Graf Spee last month, and to complete my collection of HSF ships, I bought HSF Harekaze as well. However I realized something a few days after I bought Spee, when the voice command update was introduced, the new voice commands have no HSF voice over. This means when me or someone else issues voice commands, it is in normal voice over, but the background notifications like 'Torpedoes ahead' or such are still in HSF voice. I looked for topics addressing this issue, found one and couldn't view it due to this error: 2F173/O. So I hoped this would be fixed in the next update, but I couldn't see anything mentioning this in update notes. I bought HSF ships, because I love the anime, and I especially enjoyed the voice over for Graf Spee, however, I cannot anymore because of this annoying issue. Is there any way we are going to get any update solving this problem, because that would be really good. Plus I think it is not a good customer experience to sell customers something then in just a few weeks break it with an update, and I am extremely dissatisfied with it, especially after paying quite a lot for that content. Thanks in advance. I hope something can be done about it.