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  1. LooneyBin

    Why have the RN cruiser posts been deleted/Moved

    maybe because there were several whine threads covering the same subject??
  2. LooneyBin

    The RN is coming tomorrow!

    ​2.8 sec reload, quite nice. but the fun ends as soon as they run into a angled ship, then they'll wish they had HE shells. but you're probably right regarding the "nerf RN CL's" threads that's bound to pop up soon.
  3. LooneyBin

    How to report in game chat abuse?

    you can try with customer support, but dont expect much to happen about it.
  4. LooneyBin

    The RN is coming tomorrow!

    can we PLEASE not see any "WAAAHHHH, u no bring RN in game, biggest and bestest navy in the world" threads now? ​i wont hold my breath tbh. ​inb4 "WAAAHHHH, only AP on my biggest and bestets RN CL, no burn BBabies now" threads starts showing up.
  5. LooneyBin

    Izumo repair costs

    It's done to cater to the majority of players, so from a business PoV, then it's the best choice WG has (more money for them in the long run).
  6. LooneyBin

    Too many fires!

    Ofcourse the lower tier have less chance for fires, they normaly has 155mm guns max, with the Furutaka being the first cruiser with 203mm guns at T5. Imagine the uproar if the <155mm guns had same fire chance as the 203mm, and taking into considertion the faste rate of fire for the <155mm guns. I might be "new" as a BB captain, but that doesnt mean i'm new to the game. I've played something like 600 game in cruisers, and probably 200 or so in BB's, so i've tried being a HE spammer, and being in the recieving end aswell.... and i still believe that the chance for fires could be buffed for some nations cruisers.
  7. LooneyBin

    Too many fires!

    I'm one of those new BB captains, and tbh, i'm enjoying the ride atm. Fire's arent that big a issue imo, i would actually say that the fire chance need to be buffed a bit for some nations CA/CL's.
  8. LooneyBin

    Cruisers are becoming more and more pointless

    I've stopped playing CA/CL, it drains the fun out of me playing them atm. So i've done the easy thing, and joined the BB's. Average dmg, WR and survival rate have gone up the last 50-60 games, so much skills required to play BB's now-a-adays.
  9. LooneyBin

    What?! No compensation for team damage?

    it doesn't show up as team dmg, so bug maybe?
  10. some days ago i played 12 games in my Fuso, 9 of them were T8, 2 of them were T7, and the last was a T6 game. i know we cant be top-tier all the time, but in my experience lately, then it's rarely happening now.
  11. LooneyBin

    Aiming aids

    There's some ingame crosshairs made by WG in the option menu.
  12. We've all been new to the game and had to learn, so just keep at it. There's plenty of good guides, both on the forum here, and on Youtube that can tell you a lot of usefull info.
  13. LooneyBin

    i have huge issues with Def AA on russian cruisers.

    with a AA spec Aoba and Captain vs T6 CV, then i can take out something like 4-5 of the planes. the Nurnberg is even worse, might be lucky and get 2 of them. only the Cleveland is able to "ignore" planes entirely with a AA spec and captain.
  14. CooP is vs bots. Random is Vs players. there's a HUGE difference in exp and money income between the 2 modes.
  15. LooneyBin

    raped fire guns pot BB on fire to many time

    Sorry dude, but give up. It seems impossible to explain anything to him.