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  1. How to improve Ranked battles so at least its a little more fun than it is at this time. 1) Remove the ability to save a Star This will promote ALL the Team to play more as a Team and not to have people simply farming damage from distance. 2) Allow Divisions of 2 By allowing Divisions of a maximum of 2 you are allowing players to exhibit battle strategy instead of relying on others to HOPEFULLY commit with you.
  2. xER0h0UR

    Players for Clan Battles!

    SYTHE are looking for a couple more players to assist the main teams in pushing Clan League status. Pm me direct. What are we looking for? Players who are eager, are disciplined and act on instinct. Tier 10 ships with the current meta being Russian, Venezia, Des Moines, CV a plus. Must be available on Weds, Thurs, Sat and Sun if possible. Benefits include a good Steel Port, team playing members and an open tactical nouse to try different approaches.
  3. xER0h0UR

    DD Player LF Eventual Clan Battles

    Hi Paul. EU clan english speaking happy to take you onboard personally and help you there. The guys are laid back but competitive and very helpful. Send me a DM if interested :) Cheers xERO
  4. xER0h0UR

    Public Test - Megathread for rewards & updates

    Nope certainly done all the missions, provided feedback as well but no rewards as of yet.
  5. xER0h0UR

    PT 0.9.4 - Submarines

    Hi all I firstly like to say I was surprised and enjoyed the addition of submarine and counter sub gameplay. I think the sounds could be improved upon, some sounds you may wish to incorporate or add I have listed below.
  6. A brand spanking new clan to WOWS based around Teamplay, Community and Interaction. We are looking for dedicated players who want to contribute to the building of a great fun clan. Of course we would love to be competitive so if you got it , bring it! We want to compete with the best that WoWs has to offer and can only do it by bringing in the best. Help shape us, grow with us and help to cement a great future by coming aboard. Minimum requirements as follows;- A T8 selection of ships and above. (Must have T10 for Clan Battles). Regularly play and come on Comms. A great attitude towards teamplay. Must be available for Discord and Divs Happy to take on players with a view to grinding T8 and above. EU Players English Speaking Clan Port is Available with Upgrades in STEEL, COAL, SHIP ACQUISITION, XP, FREE XP Thats it, we look forward to sailing with you and crushing all those who stand in our way!
  7. xER0h0UR

    looking for a clan

    That would be us then :) Be happy to have you come join us
  8. xER0h0UR

    Looking for an active newbie friendly clan.

    That would be us then :) Be happy to have you come join us
  9. That would be us then :) Be happy to have you come join us
  10. xER0h0UR

    Looking for a clan

    You can join us be happy to have you :)
  11. xER0h0UR


    Recruiting Tier 8 and above for Clan, DM me now, few spaces left.
  12. xER0h0UR

    Clan V Clan Friendly Games

    Looking for a Clan or Clans to have some friendlies with prior to Clan Battle Season Week commencing 19th Jan 2020 Please pm if interested :)
  13. xER0h0UR


    Updated free beer, free pizza, and hot women on successful application * *pizzas gone, beers been drunk and do you think we'd have hot women? We wish but anyhoo invites there for those who like to earn steel and enjoy banter 😁
  14. xER0h0UR


    Looking for a few regular tier10 players who would like to play clan battles, want steel ? pm me :)
  15. xER0h0UR


    Edited main post, still after a few more active English Speaking Members, only those with a mic and dedicated team players may apply :)