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  1. Hyenaz

    Kawachi, why is it so hard and can I skip it?

    Kawachi has poor range, so your best bet is to be a support ship. Follow a St.Louis crusier around for instance, you could wreck real hell togeather against tier II and IIIs. Finding yourself going against a Miyogi? Close in as fast as possible and try to goi in a turning-around match. You have turrents on both sides, he has to turn his. And pray to RNGesus while you are at it. Sure, its a poor ship. But at this low tier, the grind relaly isn't that long if you ask me. I think I mkoved from my Kawachi to my Miyogi in one or two days (was also playing other ships alongside it btw).
  2. Hyenaz

    Destroyer Captains CV crying thread

    As a battleship player, I can tell you its just as bad being manual-targeted by planes in a low tier battleship. Twice as bad if you have a slow, badly turning ship.
  3. Hyenaz

    Need help with Kongo

    Yeah do NOt go for great ranges, the dispersion on your guns isn't that good. Frankly, there are times when closing in with secondaries was a better choice than trying to snipe at 15km ranges. :/
  4. Well, let me be the dissenter. I spend far more time playing Battleships than playing crusiers, but my victory stats are much higher for crusiers (over 50%) then for Battleships (around 30%). That's the case with my friends as well. Up to and including tier VI, Cruisers are predominately easy to play, newbie-friendly ships. Unlike Battleships in said tiers. That's my opinion and my stats and the stats of my friends seem to confirm it. Also stats seem to point taht CVs overperform.
  5. Hyenaz

    Bismarck class ingame dispersion (Horrible!)

    Optics sources, online: http://www.navweaps.com/index_tech/tech-052.htm Offline: "Burza nad Pacyfikiem", Flisowski. Seriuously, do I need to provide sources proving I'm not a camel? :/ Japanes eoptics were certainly amongst the best, while German and US ones were decent, but not comparable. Later war US fire control became superior due to a range of factors including modern technology, protocol changes, growing radar use proficiency etc. I never said Germans were not skilled as a nation becuase of teh Dennmark straight. Quite the opposite, I said the BRITISH proved particularly poor in that engagement. And I stand my point on the comparison between USN, Nihon Kaigun, British and German navies. The European theatre saw some prolonged, indecisive gun battles with numerous tactical errors. Dennmark strait was an example of British errors, while the 1940 lofoten battle an example of both sides weak points. Obviously Japanese and Germans never fought a naval surface battle in ww2 so taht we could compare both, but my opinion is that the Japanese performed well even in very difficult conditions and had highly trained seamen who took the most out of their ships abilities and weapons.
  6. Hyenaz

    Bismarck class ingame dispersion (Horrible!)

    Well, that proves that the German gunnery was better than the British, but still the optics were inferior to those used by the Japanese and later by the US navy in the war. They never fought against one another in a BB duel, so we will never know. However, seeing the skill and quality both the US and the Japanese navy shown in the solomons campaign and comparing that to the British-German (and Italian-British) surface combat action... Well, my impression is that the USN and the Nihon Kaigun were more professional, efficient and battle trained than either the British or the Germans. For such a naval nation, the British in particular showed some very poor seamanship during WW2. Their performance against Bismarck was very bad ("Shift target right" etc) and the whole affair was saved only by the skill of the british airmen and polish seamen rather than british sailors. The UK performance in the Arctic convoys was often substandard and their failures against the Gneisenau and Admiral Sheer raids was laughabale. So I wouldn't as much praise the Bismarck and its crew (they did their job well, but I don't see it as outstanding), instead I'd blame the shoddy British performance.
  7. Hyenaz

    mikasa joke

    Yeah but actually a St.Louis is NOT the worst enemy of a Mikasa. In fact, I'm often happy to go against one, as they don't have torpedoes. You stand some minor chance in a Mikasa against a St.Louis. Against a capable DD captain? None. Here's a screenie from what I'd call a fairly sucessfull Mikasa game (our team still lost though). I survived, pressed forward and started taking enemy cap, but the rest of my team at another part of the map all died. I was the last ship standing in my team and was fending off a Wakatake, Kawachi and a St.Louis. I survived the game, but was unable to get a draw becaus ethe wakatake started capping my cap (too far away for me to hit him) and the other tweo ships pestered me with rapid fire, so I was unable to take the cap: Japanese BBs are underpowered sad to say. My victory rating in the Mikasa is now 30%, my victory in the Kongo 29%, while my rating in my St.Lous crusier is 57%, the other US crusier 100%. I don't think I'm taht bad a player, I do think its the dispoarity between the japanese BB line and other ship types. :/
  8. Hyenaz

    mikasa joke

    I disagree. The accuracy of secondaries and the short range combined make it really an unfeasible form of defence if the destroyer captain has even the slightest idea what he's doing. A fairly capable DD (or Tenryu) capitain will engage you at 4 kms or so, send more torpedoes at you than you can shake a stick at and make evasive moves so that hitting him with your main guns will be down to RNGesus. Only thing that will save you is the relatively fine dispersion, but seeing that's 4 guns only... yeah. If you turn away from a smart DD captain, he'll just keep sending torps at you from 3.5-4 kms and setting you on fire with his HE. Trust me, turning AWAY from a DD is the worst decision you could make. You need to try to close distance, but this means you will be swimming forward most of the time (to have any chances of avoiding a torpedo salvo), so you can only bring one of your main turrents into battle. Eitehr way, you will be fighting an uphill battle with any torpedo capable ship out there. I did face some dumb DD captains who approached me up close with a damaged DD and got sunk by my secondaries while I was happily shooting my main guns at somebody else. But that was their stupidity only and some RNG luck. Bottom line: DD tier II 102mm and 120mm guns have a range of 7.8 and 6.7 kms respectively. Your 152mm guns have a range of 3 kms (same as your 8mm guns -wkwkwkwk). Their torpedo range is 4.5 kms. So, any enemy ship will be able to outrange your secondaries both with guns and torpedoes, and will be able to outrun, outmanouvre you and also beat you with the rate of fire. If you want to do your team any good with the mikasa, you need to arm AP and citadel hit opfor crusiers. Shooting at a DD turning at any decent speed is mostly a waste of time unless you want to rely on RNGesus luck alone. Keep in mind, I don't have abysmaly bad stats in my Mikasa, but that's because I invested time and effort to play her. She's in no way an easy or good ship and every torpedo-capable ship will make mince meat out of you if he has any idea what's he doing. I think the Mikasa could be more usefull if we had other tier I and II pre-dreadnaughts to play around with and fight against. Currently she's either an expensive port decoration, or a ship for gamers who want a challenge rather than a fair fight. Here's a great example how fighting against at least somewhat capable DD captains looks like in a Mikasa, in this game CAs mostly avoided me and I had to fight against DDs all the time. Fired 18 shots at various ranges at wildly manouvering DDs: In the end, the secondary shell damage occured only becuase I was one of the two ships left standing and some not-so-smart captains tried to race against one another in a "who will first score a Mikasa frag with a torpedo" frenzy. Had they cooperated instead of competed against one another for frags, I wouldn't even score these hits.
  9. Just wish to say that despite my last post I don't think its a horrible ship and had fun in it. I do think it fell victim to the game's pigeonholing of ships into specific sharply divided tiers. As a result we get the Kongo with bad turret traverse and dispersion larger than that of the Mikasa (!?). I wish each ship had its own tier rating, a 5.5 or even 6.0 tier Kongo with proper turret traverse and realistic dispersion would be much more fun. It just seems like the game needed a tier V Japanese BB, so they artificially lowered the Kongo's stats in evrey way available so it would fit that tier V role, instead of the 5.5 pr 6.0 tier it should have been. I just don't like that design decision. :/
  10. Hmm... do you play in a clan? Reason why I'm asking is some specific stats. With the Kongo, you have a main battery hit ratio of 17%, mine is 21%. You deal on average 23.913 damage per battle, while I deal 25.567. But your victory rate in the Kongo is 44%, while mine is 26%. http://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/521686369-Hyenaz/#tab=pvp/account-tab-ships-pvp/Kongo-pvp As for the Wyoming vs Kongo encounters - eh I dislike those, usually the Wyoming an put more lead in you than vice versa, other than that it boils down to citadel shots, which with both ships manouvering at decent ranges is pretty much luck. I learned that the best way to deal with a Wyoming is to close range, using islands as cover etc and then ram the Wyoming, or at least get in secondary range. I get consistently better results than trying to duke out with Wyomings at mid range, similar case with New Yorks. The Kongo has very good speed and that's her main rela asset. Bad turret traverse speed, as well as very poor accuracy on 10+ km ranges can be a killer though. I consistently fired at enemy BBs at ranges 11-15 km only to see my salvo fall both in front and behind the enemy ship, with none hitting it. I played a New York on a friends computer and haven't experienced that sort of inaccuracy. I think the Kongo could use a 2nd gun upgrade level, which would give a slightly better traverse and accuracy and the ship would be balanced. Also fun fact: I have a better accuracy with the Mikasa than with the Kongo. That fact alone should prove something.
  11. Hyenaz

    [MOD] Tanz's Shipyard (IJN and USN skin mods)

    Love your work! Any chance of getting a Kongo class BC skin in the classic Imperial early 20th century paint? Black hull, white/pale grey upper structures and black smokestacks with white bands? Such as on thgis Mikasa photo? I really like thgese old style late XIX century/early XX century battleship paint styles. Would be nice to see these for later ships (even if its not strictly historical)
  12. Hyenaz

    The official crazy FLAG request thread

    Glad you like it! In other news, some guy that I played with in a random game suggested it during the match. So here it is: Download link: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=55813415521561625473
  13. Hyenaz

    The official crazy FLAG request thread

    More random stuff Norse Ireland, replaces USA: DL link: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=16693845996666495776 Norse Vinland flag, replaces USA flag: DL link: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=00936366835351539660 Mari ethnic (Mareja/Mari El) flags replacing USSR/Russian ones. Mari Norse style flag, replaces the imperial russin flag: Mari modern style flag, replaces USSR flag: DL link: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=02500173126672482770
  14. Hyenaz

    The official crazy FLAG request thread

    Sure, here's how it looks like Download here: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=07239221528165449852
  15. Hyenaz

    The official crazy FLAG request thread

    Shiney hgas something to do with the game's post-processing and /or lighting. It has nothing to do with my dds file, I've observed the same thing on all flags, including the popular "Rising Sun" japanese flag mod. Seems it can't be helped. I've been experimenting and it seems we CAN have higher resolution flags! I'll be uploading a 200% larger resolution than game native - 256x194 pixels per flag. Example of the larger resolution jolly roger: How to use: The individual jolly roger flag replacements for each nation are weithin the zip, each in its own folder. So if you want to for example replace the UK flag, use the Flags.dds from the JollyRoger\UK directory within the zip. Then put the flags.dds to your: \World_of_Warships\res_mods\\content\gameplay\common\flags JollyRoger.zip