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  1. Thread closed. If you want to discuss matchmaking and/or balance, please use the pinned MM Discussion&Balance thread below;
  2. Immoxb

    Obsessive compulsive nerdy traits

    Thread moved to Off-topic section.
  3. Immoxb

    Italian cruisers are incomplete

    Thread closed. Not constructive, and no base for discussion.
  4. Immoxb

    Illegal to criticize Customer Support?

    Thread closed, discussing moderation is a violation of our forum rules. You still have one existing thread, identical to the one that was locked.
  5. Immoxb

    Mogami build.

    If you dont plan on going with IFHE, I would definiately recommend 203mm. If you use 155mm without IFHE, you will 9/10 times see your shells shatter - Not to mention that matchmaking becomes quite brutal, as you risk of getting tier 8 vs tier 10. And your 155 without IFHE wont stand a chance then. Good luck chasing the Zao, its a lovely ship.
  6. Immoxb

    BB overpopulation

    Thread closed and locked - It's not constructive. If you wish to discuss battleships, graphs or alike, feel welcome to create a new, constructive thread.
  7. Immoxb

    Ibuki, the weakest link of IJN Cruisers?

    Thread closed, it's 1 year old. Lets give it a rest :) Feel free to create a new thread, if you feel like the ship should be discussed further.
  8. Immoxb

    [Edited] playing

    Thread closed. Generates no base for any kind of debate, and posts here is going off-topic.
  9. Thread closed - Seems like the issue has been fixed, and I doubt theres any need for future discussion in this thread The forums is meant for discussions - But always remember to keep a respectfull, good and positive tone, in order to make it much more comfortable for everyone Closed.
  10. Immoxb

    Laptop specs

    Thread moved to Tech corner
  11. Immoxb

    Venting a bit of randoms Steam!!

    Thread is a few month's old now. I'll close this, so the thread wont go off-topic. Seems like people said what's to be said
  12. Immoxb

    WOWs - Motivation for New Players

    Moved thread to Game discussion (Gameplay)
  13. Immoxb


    I'm locking this thread. You already have same thread in the subforum "other" and this is not a "looking for clan"-thread. Closed.
  14. Immoxb

    Game won´t start - Help needed

    Thread moved to Tech-corner
  15. Immoxb

    Carriers little to no damage on anything

    Afternoon everyone! This thread will be closed and locked, because of necromancing and there's been an update to CV's since OP created this thread. If you wish to discuss the current state of the CV rework, please go to our CV Rework discussion thread; .