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  1. Allright fellas... Thread locked. We have a pinned MM discussion thread, that you can use if you wish to discuss anything related to MM and balance. Remember to keep a friendly and constructive tone. Thank you.
  2. Immoxb

    Is Matchmaking improved ?

    Thread closed. We have a dedicated Matchmaking & Balance thread, which is pinned in the Gameplay-section. If you wish to continue the debate regarding MM, please do so in the said thread;
  3. Immoxb

    Which line for a newb

    Hi Jolbe, and welcome to the forums In world of warships, there isnt really a line that you could point out and say "That's the best one" - Every nation and every line is different from each other, depending on what you want to do. I'm a battleship player myself, so I cannot speak for the cruiser part, but; Germans and americans are known for being the most "new-player"-friendly battleships. Germans is very tanky, with alot of health-point, which makes them great at close combat ("brawling") - Most new players tend to get really close with enemy players, untill they learn the maps, objectives and dynamics in a match. Their guns is very inaccurate on long distances though. USN (U.S navy) Is known for being somewhat opposit of germans. Their HP and armor is not really great compared to the german ships, however they work MUCH better from mid-long range, and is way more accurate than the german ones. There's alot of different nations to play, and alot of different things they're good at, but these two could work out very well as your first pick(s). My post is in no way factual, just my very own experience Good luck finding out what kind of playstyle fits you, and which ship fits you. Fair seas!
  4. Immoxb

    WoWs is getting better with each day

    Thread closed and locked; The thread is not constructive. If you wish to (continue) discuss matchmaking, there's a pinned thread for that.
  5. Thread closed and locked. Is not relevant to "Gameplay"-section, not constructive, and is not supporting any kind of debate.
  6. Immoxb

    Playing game on external SSD

    Thread moved to tech corner.
  7. Immoxb

    WG, please do something to better balance teams!

    Thread will be closed- We have a pinned matchmaking discussion thread, where you can discuss the matchmaking system. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/114098-matchmaker-discussion-thread-mm-balance/
  8. Immoxb

    CV US Divebomber tutorial

    Thread moved to Guides -> Aircraft carriers.
  9. How about we let this thread have a rest, it's 1 year old now. Feel free to create a new thread with up-to-date info. Locked.
  10. Thread locked We have a matchmaking & balance thread pinned. Feel free to continue your discussion in the MM thread;
  11. Immoxb

    Match Making: how does it works?

    Thread closed - It's quite old now. If you wish to continue the MM discussions, please visit the pinned MM discussion thread;
  12. Immoxb

    Debunking the greatest lie about DD anti-air capabilities

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  13. Immoxb

    Ranked Sprint 1v1 - abridged games with Kiev (clips)

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  14. Immoxb

    Do you agree?

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  15. Immoxb

    Christmas week Matchmaking by WG

    Thread locked. We have a pinned Matchmaking & Balance discussion thread, which I will refer you to, if you wish to discuss the topic.