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  1. Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Got a kamikaze the other day.
  2. WG, you messed up again. And I don't like your 'humorous' way of responding to our concerns and unhappiness. A little actual customer service would help, such as actually stating when we might expect to receive our ships a "full week" before they go on general sale.
  3. That's great, but we paid the money to have "a full week" of exclusive access to this ship, not "six and a bit days". Will WG delay selling the T-61 next week until exactly seven days after they credit our accounts? Because that is what they sold us, and that is what we paid for.
  4. Hopefully some of the Doubloon purchase money generated by this event will benefit the WG workers.
  5. It's a mixture of naive hope and poor memory.
  6. In my imagination, WG would have automated the process, automatically awarding the ship as soon as the event ended.
  7. My main concern was "Will WG notice that I had signed up to participate, and had then spent the Doubloons, or will I have to have a row with them over support tickets?"
  8. I had hoped that "Event Ends: Fri. Aug. 10 01:59 CEST (UTC+2)" meant "Ship arrives in your port: Fri. Aug. 10 02:00 CEST (UTC+2)". D'oh!
  9. I also am experiencing this uncertainty. (No idea why I wrote this is such an odd way...it's not like I got up throughout the night to see if the ship had turned up in my port. YAWN...)
  10. School Kids

    What on earth would you like them to do? Have over 18 random battles only? X-rated Operations?
  11. Premium Shop

    Well, they brought back some old ones...
  12. 6gb patch?

    Probably a patch of some sort. That improves the game. Or makes it worse. Wait and see which one we got...
  13. World of Lemmings

    I wish I saw more Lemming trains. At least your team is doing something. It's preferable to the ever popular strategy of "let's all mill around as far away from any cap zone as possible". That strategy is best accompanied by lots of "Destroyer/Cruiser/Battleship, fall back!" messages to anyone who tries to play properly.
  14. This is going to sound ungreatful WG, but

    "Play at least two battles on any Tier I-IX ship starting from 15 September till 28 September to get delicious bonuses on your account!" means nothing to anyone with, say, 900 battles played. I agree with the OP.
  15. Graf Zeppelin is an insult to paying customers

    Excitement at getting something "new and special", the brief thrill when other players point out the amazing new ship. My life is pretty empty...Also, I trusted WarGaming to get it right. D'Oh!