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  1. "Play at least two battles on any Tier I-IX ship starting from 15 September till 28 September to get delicious bonuses on your account!" means nothing to anyone with, say, 900 battles played. I agree with the OP.
  2. Excitement at getting something "new and special", the brief thrill when other players point out the amazing new ship. My life is pretty empty...Also, I trusted WarGaming to get it right. D'Oh!
  3. We are all keen WOWS players with a LOT in common. We may have fought side by side in a battle at any time. We have all devoted time to this game, and some of us have spent possibly far too much money. We shouldn't turn on each other like this!
  4. Why do you post this? Do you think that this is in some way insightful or helpful? We KNOW we were not forced into buying it. But, through the CC videos showing TBs etc and the VERY last-minute nature of such a drastic change in the vessel, it could be said that we were misled, or even 'tricked' into buying it. Are we supposed to be happy about that?
  5. WG can fix this. I agree. All they need to do is something like 1MajorKoenig has suggested...but they cannot do that until they have set up their PR, game balance and coding. We should be a little patient. I would say that WG does have a pretty good* record for nerfing OP tanks and ships, and for buffing UP ones. They have shown that they listen. But a kneejerk super-buff to GZ (which I do own) might cause them even more problems. We need them to keep us in the loop and reassure those of us who have spent a LOT of money on this ship that we will be fairly treated. *not perfect
  6. I've been playing her on Co-Op, and my team-mates are always glad to see the GZ in battle. It means the enemy CV is no threat to them.
  7. Great advice. For most of us, it has only been by playing GZ that we have discovered just how much work is undone on her.
  8. Perhaps it is that very lack of communication which is creating the furore.
  9. I was going to respond rationally to this, but I can't be bothered.
  10. I'm encouraged. Forget the backside-covering operation - that was to be expected. Of course they are going to say the ship is ok already, and it just need tinkering with. They have existing sales to preserve. My great fear was that WG would just leave the GZ out there, stranded in people's ports for years to come with no buffs. Let's see how they work to sort this out.
  11. What grounds did you use? I should be most interested to know if you are successful!
  12. I bought this, having viewed all the videos talking about the great fault for letting excitement blind me to the truth.
  13. I do agree. My pursuit of the Bismarck missions has on occasion led me to be entirely selfish, ignoring the team to hit the next target no matter what. YOLO after a DD because I have to kill 2? FIne, even if I then die in a hail of shellfire, leaving my team with a whole in its ranks. I got the DD, and that was all that mattered.
  14. Hmm.. server down, tits up. So not all bad
  15. Now the website admits the server is down. Apparently Warplanes is down too (according to )