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  1. Bluestrategist

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I got a citadel hit!
  2. Bluestrategist

    WG Cheating In Rank

    The title of this thread is both misleading and unnecessarily incendiary.
  3. Bluestrategist

    Addressing bugs that have been in the game since day1

    Has anyone else on the forum experienced this bug? Does anyone else have a replay showing this happening? If not, I don't see what can be done if the OP has no replay to show.
  4. Bluestrategist

    Can't buy containers

    Congratulations to all posters. I didn't expect to find a discussion on the morality of legislation on this forum!
  5. Bluestrategist

    Can't buy containers

    But any gambler would surely say that too.
  6. Bluestrategist

    Is this a thing now?

    And thank you for the totally mysterious thread subject.
  7. Bluestrategist

    RANKED server problem..kicking!!!

    I got repeatedly kicked out of a random battle yesterday.
  8. Bluestrategist

    Atago's (lack of) windows

    Atago is an early model that has not had the love and attention that more recent HD models received. Sea Lord Mountbatten just talked about this in a video today on YouTube.