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  1. BeardedWolf

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    what about changing the spotting mechanics of the cv-planes? they can spot the entire team very easily. And also making the concealment expert as a flat bonus was not a good idea, you could simply have reduced a little but not that much. The cv-rework have actually rendered the concealment skill completely useless. How about adding more smokes for the dd's? and please nerf the hydro range of german dds.
  2. BeardedWolf

    New CVs

    The new rework is interesting but it is massively unmotivating to continue playing cv when every ship in lower tiers beats your planes with the aa and when you hit the targets the few time you actually can hit them, you do next to nothing damage wise. How the hell am I supposed to be motivated to keep playing cvs when you hit 1 dd time and time again and still you have only done half hp damage because you keep knocking out his modules and then the dd get's to kill all 3 cvs 1 by 1!
  3. BeardedWolf

    Black Friday Missions, 50k BASE XP

    You get the missions by playing a match with the black versions, but the catch is that you only can complete the mission with the original ships. Many have bought both the ship package and containers in hope to get a good deal with extra 10 k of doubloons with it, but alas you have to first own the original ships. you don't even get the friggin medals and the signals with it. The hardest part of the black friday container is to get the bloodu50k base xp
  4. BeardedWolf

    Black Friday Missions, 50k BASE XP

    Not only is the containers a pain in the [edited]to grind, If you are lucky enough to get the black version of the 4 ships Assashio, Tirpitz, Massachusetts or Atago, those ships will not even give you the medals nor the promised doubloons unless you have the same original ship in port and then play 10 games with it. 1. Why would you buy the same black version ships with nothing different than the permanent camo? 2. the promised doubloons mission can only be activated by playing a game with the b version of the ships BUT CAN ONLY BE COMPLETED WITH ORIGINAL SHIP!! buying 10 k of doubloons is much cheaper than buying the required ships or containers etc.
  5. BeardedWolf

    Tier 8 MM after the change. Poll included.

    Take a look at this MM and tell me this is not wrong LMAO over all the years there have been huge complaints about too many DDs! Well about time they do something about too many BBs LOL
  6. BeardedWolf

    Public Test of Update 0.7.11


    There seems to be a problem registering to the public test server, I am unable to open the page for creating test server account. Does this mean that the server is full?
  7. Yes I love to play subs but the rewards of operations are as always too small
  8. It seems a little odd to have team damage available during this operation, you need to remove that because everybody is firing torps everywhere.....
  9. BeardedWolf

    Pink stupidity

    The big issue with this unfair and faulty system is simply too harsh when you get disconnected due to some uncontrolled whatever the reason problem, get pink AND you can't play anything other than coop. Ok you get back in try to play to get rid of the bias status and whoopsie it happens again and again and you get more heavily punished than before and before you know it you get banned for something that you just can't control nor is your own fault. That is [edited] coding!! And on top of that, you open a ticket to plea for your "rule violation" and the answer you get is that they cannot remove your status and you have to play to remove it. I call [edited]. They put the code there, it means that they can remove/edit the code. Yes I am aware that they need some sort of punishment for leaving the game or being afk and I do support it, BUT not immediately getting banned from random games for ONE lousy uncontrolled disconnection. Why not have the same punishment system like friendly fire(being able to play random battles at least)? why not just remove friendly fire feature as they have done in operations?
  10. BeardedWolf

    Halloween Event 2018

    Wow your servers did NOT hold up for yesterdays evening during the second Halloween operation Sunray in darkness, The servers were at its limit the entire evening and our clan spent a lot of time just to try and play the operation. We actually played 3 times in around 3- 4 hours span time. and that is just not acceptable! and also on top of that one of our teammates got disconnected due to random uncontrollable isp connection issues, but somehow the game still showed him as connected and that he had reselected and readied his ship, even though he would have to payed 75k credits for the reuse of the ship, though he did not. And then he got pink because of the new unsportsmanship rules and cannot play anything other than coop, after just ONE LOUSY uncontrollable connection loss! Seriously that is just too harsh and unfair. Also Worth to mention. What is up with Transylvania stops running away from the portal and instead headed directly towards the enemy and ram them????? how the hell arewe supposed to be able to save the damn ship when he acts so stupidly and illogical?
  11. We accept newcomers as well as seasoned captains, the only thing we require from you are good manners and understanding and speaking English as we are from all over the world. If you are interested in joining our clan please go to our website and register and fill in our recruitment application. https://enfclan.enjin.com/recruitment#
  12. BeardedWolf

    Team Killing and Punishment - How does it work?

    I have played some of the german bbs now With 3 torp tubes on each side and 2 times now dds both turned into the 3 Torps and infront of my ships secondary fire towards the enemy and i get punished for causing damage and killing friendlies of which i had neither intentions nor Control over their demise both of them were nowhere around when i fired. which is a feat in itself as the Torps Reach are only approximatly 4 k range. friendly fire Torps and secondary has to be recalculated. and also when you or any other teammember rams into you accidentaly because of Your slow turning capabilities you also receive dmg and friendly penalty which are wierd.