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  1. Hey Dev team ii reset the american carrier branch line , and i didnt get my 16000 reseach points why is that ? i only have the 10000 i got as gift from you when this was introduced , so why am not getting the the other 16000 research points ? are you cheating the players again ?
  2. Hexxas

    Wargaming and cv topics

    if they are so sure why dont they Highste ranking anser this post then , its becosue they dont dare to anser it , they reather close down topics that forcing the issue its world of tanks all over again .... Belgium allready change their laws to force game developers to change their ways and i know there is other contrys on its ways to do the same . so its on its way and hopefully sooner than laters and if 4 or 5 contry is making change to theire laws the rest will follow soon enough.
  3. Hexxas

    Wargaming and cv topics

    They still need to obey EU Laws if they do dealing in EU , and im sure they are not obeying EU laws on the matter .
  4. Hexxas

    Wargaming and cv topics

    NOt in euros mate and thats the diffence , we paid in cash to get the ships , and they wont refund in euros . And if they keep on doing this then i really hope that EU laws on Loot boxes with out % of chance to get passed , that way they get forced to change alot of things if they want to make money in EU , this bissness model they are using now is very much on the border or passed they border on whats allowed in europe . this allso why i Want the Game Developers anser this and have talked with their lawyer before posting the anser.
  5. Hexxas

    Wargaming and cv topics

    Depence , i see all the DD players keep complaining and get CV hit by nerf hammer all the time , but the fact its , you sold a product and tbh you cant just run out tell the customer that you sold the product to that the sale have change becouse of the model you you bought is way have to way to much gear in it , that pretty much telling the consumer and the customers that you cant be sure you get the product you bought is what you get , and tbh EU laws are their to protect against things like this . beside you not a high ranking Developer Team member so BUtt out of this i clearly wanted Wargaming to anser this and not you !
  6. Hexxas

    to WG: business practices regarding AL collab

    yeah Well when the EU laws on loot boxes and Gambling get passed , and the content is like fifa 19 loot box system then i think thease loot boxes and Bissness model like this would be consider against it eu law, they have the same issue as in fifa 19 not showing how big chance is to get item in % and in Belgium this type of loot boxes , would be considdering Gambling and their new laws forced EA GAmes and their fifa 19 loot box system to be changed and i do hope that law will be passed in eu palament sooner than later tbh.
  7. Hexxas

    Wargaming and cv topics

    Honestely Wargaming you modrator staff is closing all the CV topics , is this the way you are going to handle people that does not see eye to eye on nerfs on CVs ect. ? Get hold on your Modrator Staff they closing evey topic that get statede on cv complains or Complains about the cv from of ship types, tbh that not the way forward , if you keep doing this c-r-a-p on the forum then ill asked you to refund in euro every primium ship in cash to my bank accounts , becouse i feel cheated on the fact you change the cv this much, just becouse DD players Whining and complaining all the time , i would like a high Ranking Developer team Member to anser this topic , the product i bought from your primium shop is not what i have now , and thats problem considdering you cant buy new car with the spec it have and when you pick it up 2 days after they change the model to lesser model , it against EU laws to do that , and thats what you do right now to the cv . So please anser this Topic High ranking Developer team , and i would like for you to tallk with your lawyers before posting an anser on this . thank you.
  8. honestly dude , you are one the worst people in game , you know i cant post the screen shot of what this dude was
    doing to me and other becouse of Wargaming privatcy policy , and you dont know whats going on , there is a mod that
    get the stats from the website and implement it to the game , so all thease 1337 players can see what they are up against ,
    but the same mod is being used to flame lower ratings players and you say its not there , open you damm eyes !

    why are you so much against a chat filter , could it be that you might be one of thouse not so nice persons ?

    and when i say i had the person on the black list and this person still could trash talk me and my kids then its so ,
    but you denied it like it is nothing , what kinda person are you ??

    mabee you should stop saying no to that chat filter and help to get it , so every on gets a better game experince ,
    but i take it you one of thouse persons that only want top of the line players to play the game and thats just very wrong
    mentality to have !