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  1. What happents with 3 shimmas and 3 cruiser ( minotaur , moskva desmoin ) and 1 bb , pretty much torpedo hell and people complains about cv in cb ...
  2. i play the core classes becouse i have too , wargaming put in missions , campains ect . you cant do in CV and just tjek the current campain is you doubt me , its the one for european commander.. and no i do not like Normal ship classes , i like cw and hopefully subs .. remember we did not have cv right away back then it was implement laters so i have a lot of matches in thosue ships , and if it was possible to play with out ca , dd and bb to get carriers and complete compains , i probly woulndt play the borring classes like DD , CA and DD. i actuly think beta matches is included in thouse 10,460 matches .. and 10k battles is from the start to now .. that aint that many , i seen people with 20k , 30k battles .. but you can fire you torps out side cv 2nd guns , and you can hide in smoke ect.. if cv let dds go unsported or attacked then the game will be lost fast , becouse of the "consealment" and no limit torpedos spamming ... Prioty list when i play my CV 1. kills off Enemy dds , help our own dd with fighters 2. kill off enemy cv if i know where it is , spot for the team 3. Defend friendly ships , defend caps 4. kill off Ca 5 . go for BB ** however sometimes i have to change the prioties on the list doing the match do to a cv cant be every where .. thats how i play my cv team play have prioty here..... oh btw , i have all Cv in the game except the lame british tier 8 premium cv , thats is the worse cv ever made in the game ... anyways i have to go , need dinner and go for a run .. :)
  3. if you notice , i dont play every day , and if you notice , that there was a time where CV was not in the game, and i alot of thouse matches was in "dd" , "CA" and "DD" and its not like that you can complete campains in CV , some of the stepping stones forcing you to do "normal " borring ships like "DD" , "CA" and "BB" And again you looking at stats as i recall tryping more than once i do not care for stats, never have done , never will do ... but clearly some people lives for stats and not for the fun of the game.. im just not one of them ... infact if you look at the page you see i have played ships that is not in the game anymore and cant changes thouse stats becouse you can get them.. but again im telling you this becosue clearly you are one of the stats riders in the game ...
  4. Becouse i dont play them as much , i reather play Cv and pretty sure ill be playing subs too , and tbh i do only play DD, CA, BB when i get forced to as the events going one , like the Russian heavy cruisers and so .. and if care to read the the posts before posting then you would know this...
  5. Really dude ? so you calling me stupid ? i think its your point of view , that "CB" got more interesting with out carriers , from a cv players point view we got excluded from a part of the game that was inportant. and you think thats okay, i mean i pay my premium days like everyone else but get excluded som clan battles ... thats pretty unfair if you ask me ...
  6. i didnt say that , infact i said whiners get the thing the want again and again cv-rework proven that , DD players whine and things get change , wondering if DD players will get radars nerf soon or hydro for that matter , and get wargaming to boost the torpedos on dmg and numbers.. so they can be OP again ...
  7. CW was part of the clan battles and was doing okay , problem is whiner get ther way again and again ...
  8. but dude , you statement are not every ones thought on this , i really think people need to get use to cv and sub gets in the game and change theire playing style accordenly to it ... but how would feel if we removed lets say BB or Ca in clan battles and its the only ship you want to play ? this what happent to cv players and mabee subs. kinda harrashment of the cv class going on .. tell me why are cv allowed in king of sea battles but not in clan batttles , if clans dont want them , then they shouldnt be using them in king of the sea event ?
  9. no that would diskrinate CVs and Sub players , it other ship type is allowed so should cv and subs ..
  10. But there is a solution to this - put the subs in an all time separat mode and let random as it is right now. So people can choose if they want to play with subs or not. Both sides would be happy. Also someone who does not like the class can still enjoy his game and maybe later on he wants to try it out. He is not forced to do anything. Thats the only right way imo - two separat game modes. :) People dont like to get forced to do new things but they like to have a choice. We are also adaptable, so our decision can change within time. That is why having a choice is great, awesome und somewhat natural. That is also a pure psychology thing :) What is the solution to clan battle then ? Cv is not allowed , and if subs not allowed then it excludes alot of players , and it will become static . so whats the solutions on that ? And is it okay to excluede people that only play certain ship ? ( if you say yes to this then is diskrimination )
  11. not really dude , and i contribute what i can to the team , but i do see dd players that refuse to go into the cap zone , in my game , even thou i plant my fighters there , thats not bad play from me , thats team play but one sidede. i also see BB run away when a few ships getting near instead of fighting , even thou i support them. now thats not my fault im trying to be a team player , but its random and people only think of theire stats and kills and that ruins the game ... but you can take you win rating and your stats and put them where the sun aint shining .. i know for a fact i do what i have to do , hunting dds , puting fighters up and helping out , when flanks get over runs and stop the caps as the enemy try to take it and i spot as well when i get asked. ... now im doing my part insure the team effort. But random games are not like that they tend to focus only on theire stats and kills .. and i do feel like the sub class will make people think team reather on theire own stats ..
  12. yes well i ben playing over 200+ ships , but again i DONT care for my stats , never have and never will. so use my stats as excuse to call me a bad player , but the fact is you dont know what i been upgainst or whom i been playing. and win rating is a team effort , i play mostly my tier 8 CVs and guess what 80% its against tier 10 and 9s and our planes are not tough enough agains tier 9 and 10 aa.. ships like Desmoin , salem , dom.. moskva , neptune and now even some dd rips our planes a part . And tbh i dont like playing DD , Ca and BB , but im forced to becosue of the events , so i do it , but stats never been my thing , infact i was against it ever made it to the game back then and i still am ...
  13. i actual say that wargaming should put a maxium of torpedos on dds , but that havent happen , tbh there is no reason not to put a torpedo limit on dds , they have guns as well that fire 9-15 km .. carriers have 2nd guns 6-8 km unless you spec for 2nd guns spec , no cv player would do that cost to much on skill points and ramming . i mean we still have limited planes , and yes the regen very slowly , where the DDs can just keep firing torpedos wiht out ever running emty... and they say cv ruins the game... gues what massive torp spamming ruins the game , and not just in random , but if you played clan battles 3 shimas and the fill up the cap circle with torps.. you can ask you self why havent they made thease change to DD ? back to topic , subs will make the game more interesting for players thats like the game , and waht to see new things , and would be a good counter to cv harrashment , cv now have to watch out for dds, cas , bbs , and subs .. all of them can really hurt a cv and not just at close ranges :)
  14. Atleast Subs can force them to move and start think . cv been try to teach them that for a long time now , bb is very easy to kill if they dont move :P