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  1. Napalm_354

    Cleveland is soooooo OP

    Good one. Now I have to decide if you are trolling or just ....special. I was obviously not referring to religion but rather to statistics.
  2. Napalm_354

    For those people struggling to citadel a Cleveland

    Was this before or after the patch? There is suspicion that Clevelands became easier to citadel after the patch. Congrats on a nice score btw.
  3. Napalm_354

    Damage for border abusers!

    Agree with that. The issues here is not really with shooting ppl who are border hugging, the issue is that ppl use it as a crutch for getting out of situations, where it is only their fault being in it in the first place. Players shouldn't want to be hitting the border, the same as you generally don't want to be hitting the island and ramming into your team mates. In other words, watch where you are going. Otherwise why stop with the ships. You want to skim along the border fine, but incoming torps and shells should too, now that would be fun (sarcasm warning)
  4. Napalm_354

    Damage for border abusers!

    Sorry that is not what I'm seeing. That standstill during 90° is only during the transient, flipping sides. The game basically simulates your speed during the turn, which goes down significantly when you are doing a very sharp turn in a normal environment also, because velocity component in the direction of original motion is being reduced, and the ship has to accelerate in a completely different direction. Obviously the original velocity doesn't disappear immediately and the ship drifts in that direction. So the ship is sliding in one direction while trying to accelerate in other, making it look like it stops moving for a bit when flipping from one side to the other. Let that ship get to it's "steady state" and it will be sliding at it's full speed.
  5. Napalm_354

    Cleveland is soooooo OP

    *facepalm* Go to church and ask if anybody there believes in god.
  6. Napalm_354

    Damage for border abusers!

    nope, it doesn't. My word against yours. Have any hard data to prove your point? Cause we can go a whole day like this.
  7. Napalm_354

    Damage for border abusers!

    Read please what I'm saying first will ya? I'm not disputing basic geometry. I am saying if you aim along the border and compensate only for a vector component parallel to the border you will miss. Observe the ship sliding across the border. Now lets say for simplicity he is pointing at 45° into the border and is going with 30 knots. That way his adjacent (a) and opposite (b) are equal and hypotenuse is 30 ©. This problem even you should be able to understand. So he should be going at ~21.2 knots along the border. If you aim there you will miss, because from my observations the ship will be sliding across the border with 30 knots, hence my statement that the velocity vector along the border is wrong. All it takes is watching a ship going near perpendicular to the border and seeing how fast it actually moves along the border.
  8. Napalm_354

    Damage for border abusers!

    All your points are pretty much wrong. 1. Border abuse is often done on purpose. Now I am occasionally guilty of this too, I mean it is hard to commit suicide by turning broadside to pursuing ships when you have been cornered, but on the other hand situational awareness is a requirement of this game and there is no one too blame but yourself for getting carried away and letting yourself be cornered. 2. Also incorrect, most people who have trouble hitting the border skimmer are the one who understand the math. It is just that the math in the game in this situation is wrong. You have to be aiming along the border in the direction of the motion of the ship with a lead that assumes that the ship is sailing parallel to the border at full speed. 3. As stated in my first point, running into the border is bad situational awareness, no reason why ppl shouldn't get punished for that. Although I think getting damaged by it is no solution either. My preferred solution would be either having the border act like a hard boundary, so you would have to back off it like you do when hitting the island, or there should be small zone near the border where your guns are disabled, so that ppl have to move away from the border if they want to engage the enemy. 4. Yea mostly right, except that velocity vectors along the border are still wrong.
  9. Napalm_354

    IJN Ibuki, Furutaka 2.0 ?

    On that note, does anyone play Mogami with 8" guns? I've just got this ship and I'm hating myself for becoming what is essentially an IJN version of Cleveland. But looking at the stats, if I don't go the 155 mm gun route, I will not get the benefit of two captain skills with a spill over benefit to AA and I will be stuck at 15 km range, which is 1 km less than the Myoko.
  10. Napalm_354

    Whats the one thing in this game that makes you rage.

    1. CV dropping torps at a distance where you don't even have time to shift the rudder. 2. Mostly RNG. You can land two broadsides into an enemy BB an do like 1k damage per hit. He shoots you, hits with one shell and scores a massive citadel. 3. Ship balance and progression. Feels like someone at WG stuck a finger up their [edited]as far as it would go and then came up with the stats.
  11. Napalm_354

    Why is there totaly NO team work

    I had a funny game recently (well sad actually). My entire team, Lemming style, all headed in one direction within 2 grids of the map border, no one has had the balls to leave the blob and spot. They all ended up bunched up in one corner with no place to maneuver....long story short 0 kills for our team and complete obliteration at the end of a match. Sticking together has advantages, but even that can get screwed up.
  12. Napalm_354

    That's it, I'm never using AP again.

    I don't know I gave up shooting AP at Celevelands (playing Myoko now btw), just not consistent damage. I mean sometime RNG rewards you, I sunk a Cleveland with a magazine detonation once, after landing like 3 salvos under her front turrets. HE is just so much easier.
  13. Napalm_354

    what ship for better money make murmanks vs atago

    This! Had a match yesterday where a friendly got torped by an Atago, because the idiot decided it was a good idea to launch torps at a BB 17 km away while sailing in a line formation with friendly ships in a second line. Atago is most of the time an easy picking, people controlling them tend not to be good. Just the other day two of those heroes sailed from behind an island full broadside within 10 km from 3 BBs, 2 CA. They didn't lust long, didn't even try to turn and run or better yet not sail from behind the island in a first place since all the enemies were spotted.
  14. Napalm_354

    Petition to remove Incoming fire alert skill

    My thought exactly. Not being in binocular view and not looking only at reload timer helps a lot when dodging incoming fire.
  15. Napalm_354


    Nice, I play IJN Cruisers too, on Myoko right now, love the 8" guns. But the problem is that hitting citadels when opponent is angled is unreliable, and I would agree with you if it was a scenario where the guy you are shooting at is sailing broadside all the time (which is surprisingly the case even tier 7 and 8 matches). But against an opponent who never presents his side and can spam HE with his small guns, superior DPM is a significant advantage