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  1. aa-builds are completly useless

    The lack of players is the symptom of the problem. CV gameplay is pretty widely viewed as broken by most players. CV players rightly argue that AA creep and no-fly bubbles have made the gameplay not fun. Other ships complain that they have to gimp themselves and take AA specs to satisfy a need that only comes up infrequently. There are many posts in these forums complaining about the state of CV gameplay. Its not something I invented.
  2. aa-builds are completly useless

    Instead of attacking me, you could try to propose a solution to the balance problems with CV's.
  3. aa-builds are completly useless

    No they are playing against 2 other real CV's read my post. Jesus.
  4. aa-builds are completly useless

    I think that the only way to really fix CV's is to create a separate game-mode for them. The game play and mechanics are just too different to ever fairly balance them with all the other ships. Its impossible to create a balanced design where players A & B are playing rugby on a field where players C to X are playing soccer. Yes they are all on the same field, and yes they are trying to get their ball to the goal, but its not the same game and they aren't playing by the same rules. Maybe we shouldn't care if they are balanced (serious here), but if we do, then WG has set an almost impossible goal for itself. For a separate game mode, maybe its a mode where the two CV's on each team are real people and the rest of the ships are bots? That would give WG much more flexibility to tune things like AA. All the discussions I've seen in the forums about CV's end up being very heated and usually turn nasty. But at the end of the day, is it really worth all this trouble for a battle mode that makes up only ~6 to 7% of the battle types players que for? I personally don't think its worth it and think the game overall would be better served if CV's got their own game-mode. I arrived at that 6% number using old data from wowstats.org, which stopped collecting data on August 1 2017. It was the only data available that I could easily export to an excel sheet. If anything, I suspect that CV queuing has only decreased since then, at least it feels that way on EU servers. Here is the summary of what I exported:
  5. Can't connet to server

    I remember one server maintenance in WoW, about 2005ish, that took 3 days.
  6. Can't connet to server

    WG should still give us permanent + 3hrs. Its only fair.
  7. I see you don't like it.... but how would you fix it? Adding that part might give your thread a little longer life expectancy.
  8. IFHE GK build is freaking fun, if you like brawling which I do. And more than fun, its very effective. I agree its pointless though if you camp with your GK.
  9. I was brainstorming today about how to improve Ranked Battles, and didn't come up with the magic bullet. I did however have two ideas for other game modes I think could be fun: "Battle Royale" battles: Battle Royale games like PUBG and Fortnite are the current hot thing in video gaming. In those games 100 players get dropped onto an island and the the last person standing wins the match. In order to pressure players to not camp, there is an ever shrinking "safe zone" on the map. In PUBG for example, at the start of a match a big blue circle draws randomly on the map with a smaller white circle in the middle of it. A timer ticks down and eventually the blue circle shrinks down to the white circle and the players that are outside the blue or white circle take ticking damage over time. The circle then shrinks and shrinks to the point where a 16km x 16km map will eventually have a safe zone only 50 or so meters in diameter. Why not do the same thing in a WoWS battle: Have 20-30 ships of the same tier and class, let them pick their spawn points on the map, free-for-all, and then have an ever-shrinking safe-zone, if you are not in the safe zone you take damage over time similar to a fire or flooding depending on how late into the game you are and how far you are from the safe-zone.. Last ship standing wins the match. Derivatives on this could be with duos or squads. "Same class, same tier" battles: This would use the same battle structure we currently have in game, but instead of the current +/- 2 tiers, and various class matchmaking, you would be matched on a team of 12 against a team of 12 with all of you being the same class and tier. Do you think either of those would be fun or viable?
  10. stuck on island

    Doesn't address the real problem, but I've helped people get unstuck before by ramming them. Works best if they are on the enemy team :
  11. Oh another one I like are the ones that tell what direction a ship is heading. (Forward, Reverse, Stop) On a ship without torps this can be difficult to tell at times.
  12. The mods I miss most when we have a patch and I forget to update before playing, are the mods that give information - I particularly like Hakabase's Ship Contours and side panels. They let me see the following about all ships in the match: Max Speed Main gun max range Torp range Tier Ship Name Player name I find that info very helpful and don't really understand why I have to use a mod to see it. With ~250 ships in the game, I will never be able to memorize these things.
  13. Poll for "X spot on Map mod"

    I love how this mod is suddenly the worst thing to happen to the game, despite the fact that its been in the game for ages.
  14. Try playing in 4K or some other HD resolution, the minimap and chat and other parts of the UI get so small that they are almost unreadable. Mods fix that. In addition the default chat window is terrible, someone speaks and you have to tab out to see what ship they are in... same with the map. Mods are needed because the default UI is not optimal and WG has chosen to give the developer community the opportunity to try and improve it. What's wrong with that?