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  1. Hawg

    What the hell is wrong with Ohio guns?

    You may be right... and it's its far from scientific, but the first week I had her it felt like every AP hit was a 9K pen... now those seem to have evaporated... probably just me, but it "feels" like something changed.
  2. Hawg

    What the hell is wrong with Ohio guns?

    --- sorry mistake post.. please delete
  3. Hawg

    What the hell is wrong with Ohio guns?

    This is a bit LoL though:
  4. Hawg

    What the hell is wrong with Ohio guns?

    And then this is the next game:
  5. Hawg

    What the hell is wrong with Ohio guns?

    This is a typical kind of ratio I have been having lately with her:
  6. Hawg

    What the hell is wrong with Ohio guns?

    She's definitely a strange ship to play. I too am struggling how to get consistent results from the AP. I seem to only have games in her with either 180K plus damage or 40K damage, nothing in between. It seems like my shells are god tier at times, and then in basically the same situation (distance, angles, target) the next volley will be all over pens, shatters and bounces. If I figure it out I'll let you know :)
  7. full secondary build Ohio is a blast... don't regret spending the RP on her for a second.
  8. 22cm



    I did it, my second 55 was 55 k gold only, also got 17 camos (so drop rate was the same, but the drops were mostly low tiers camo, so only 2.5k gold each. There was a very small patch in between so IU think they have already changed something. So I could not get all 11 camos in the second batch of 55. If  you want to try it, try it now cause they are working to fix it. Log out and if there is a small patch when you log back again be careful.


    Good luck!

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    2. Hawg


      Ok I went ahead -   I got 16 this time -   12 were 2.5K camos, 4 were 5K camos, so I ended up with 50K dubloons -   Not bad if you plug in 50K dubloons on the wargaming store it wants to charge you 155Euro :)


    3. 22cm


      Yes, almost like me, first run was only 6 x 2.5k camos, but second run was 13 x 2. 5k camos. Guess if I do a third run it will be only 2.5 camos. Anyway, it was a good idea.

    4. 22cm


      It was fixed, check the topic:

      Gnirf: "Thought I was finished as I recieved all the camos in my 55 package. But I recieved a 10% off coupon today ingame for being a member for 2 years, lasting only a few days. Well I thought the best way of using it (I know a new 55 package would be better technichally but I have too many of the ships already) was going for a 25 package. Reason is I have not the Alabama and a few others so well I can always buy a Enterprise for the collection as I am only at T5/6 in CVs but it can be placed in store. You can buy but you do not need to play in randoms until you are ready.

      And as I want the Gremmy if the Santas event returns you must have the other possibilities!


      This package was worse. I got 18 camos out of in my 55 which was good and all the 8 T8s. I only recieved 1 T8 and 5 T3 from 25 so number was a somewhat low as well as distribution. But 17500 Gold for the prize never the less brings me the Alabama at a hefty discount, even if we count all other things for free.

      6xcamos =17500 GOld

      7x15 =105 Prem camos (Now I got around 900-1000 to use)

      2x1,5 = 3 Mkr cred (for me to no use)

      3x20000 FreeXP=60000 (well a good step to the Musashi)

      7x75 flags India Xray I have 1000+ but the Sierra mike and Indian delta can always be used though I have large quantities.


      Considering it is reasonable to use the 10% coupon on something and that I have lots of prem time left there was not so much else to choose from and buy doubloons through the pumpkin packages when you already have a lot (pref. all camos) are good value as others have discovered."

  9. Hawg

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    There is no point in waiting to open the container, unless you are just waiting to open them for fun. The reward was determined at the time you received the container and will not change.
  10. Hawg

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Aww that's cute I didn't know they put a little toy ship in there. Thanks for the screenshot.
  11. Hawg

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    As a native English speaker, I would read their reply to mean that the contents of the container are determined the moment you obtain the container, opening it has no effect on it. But who knows
  12. Hawg

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    I got 4 port slots yesterday on a TYL that was not a super container... didn't even know that was a possibility.
  13. Hawg

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Yeah I knew of someone winning an Indianapolis, but that was near when they first started giving these crates.
  14. Hawg

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    When was the last time anyone got a ship from a Super Container? I havent heard or read of anyone getting one in ages.... makes me wonder if they have been removed from the loot table?