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  1. Just had the same thing in a ranked battle -- lost a lot of karma.,.. reloaded, did not fix, rebooted, did not fix. Next battle was fine. Makes me think it was a problem with the particular instance
  2. Hawg

    No support for macOS after Update 0.10.0

    Well at some point everyone does unless we want our games looking like old commodore 64 games so every system can run them. This is really no different than the people complaining that their video card from 2005 is no longer going to be supported.
  3. It must take into account what ships you already have because I had none of those and 360 ships before opening
  4. I'd say I got damn lucky -- from 34 Super Containers (2 non-super,,, not sure which):
  5. Hawg

    ranked sprint format as a game option.

    NoZoupForYou nailed it
  6. Hawg

    ranked sprint format as a game option.

    I agree this is their logic, but its still flawed logic. Give customers what they want and you'll get more customers. Keep forcing customers to do things they don't want to do and you'll lose customers. With a different management team WoWS would have magnitudes of order more people.
  7. Hawg

    ranked sprint format as a game option.

    I agree 100% -- the battles are fun and fast. I was sad when I hit rank 1 so quickly, I wish I could still que. 12v12 gets old.
  8. I've never divisioned in Ranked before, but figured since its just a Sprint season, why not give it a try. Hopefully they'll fix this soon.
  9. Not sure if this is a known bug, but the rules for ranked sprint say that it is allowed to have a division of 2 people, but when you form a division and try to join the ranked sprint button is greyed out. Anoyone else having this problem?
  10. So the right answer for WG is to simply remove CV's, that is the best decision for the health of the game. Of course they can't do that anymore due to the headaches of dealing with all the premium CV's they've sold and the very vocal minority of people who like CV's. So what can they do instead: 1) Remove the ability of CV aircraft to spot (only the CV player sees the ship, for the rest of his team it only shows the location as a yellow mark on the mini-map). 2) Reduce the damage CV's can do to DD's. 3) End the insta-recall (i.e. you have to wait an amount of time equal to how long it would have taken to fly back to the CV before you can launch again) This has been mentioned before in the mega-thread of CV despair, but its relevant to this thread too.
  11. That is just disgusting that WG doesn't see the problem here. Granted that is an exceptionally good CV player, but it just shows how helpless you are as a non-CV if a good CV player decides to end your game. Even the ships with excellent AA didn't stand a chance. And taking an Odin from 45%hp to zero with one pass... wow. And of course the insta-recall to the CV so no wait on being able to launch again. I think his ability to get another flight out there rivals the reload time of some BB's.
  12. Hawg

    General CV related discussions.

    That's one of the problems when you are trying to grind a new line, you have to wait for that [edited] while he hides behind an island.
  13. Hawg

    General CV related discussions.

    Do both then, remove aircraft spotting and nerf the damage they can do to dd's
  14. Hawg

    General CV related discussions.

    That's kind of the point though, giving the option not to have to play against CV's is democratic. What I'm suggesting is essentially a toggle switch, you either select that you want to be able to play with CV's or not. Once you make that selection you are time barred from changing the selection for a period of time (a week, a month?). If you select CV's then your ques are against players who have also selected CV's. If you select no CV's you are unable to que as a CV and you won't be matched with any CV's at least until you can change your toggle again (a week, or a month?). I suspect this will result in longer ques for people who chose to que with CV's as an option, because I suspect more people would rather play matches with no CV's. If people who do like playing CV's don't like the longer ques, I personally have no real sympathy with them. Why should the dd players be forced to feed the hunger of the CV's? I realize that is controversial, but WG seem to be under a delusion that the player-base want CV's, this would disprove that. On another note - another easy partial fix that would be less extreme, would be to remove the spotting mechanics of a CV's aircraft. Basically only the CV can see ships it's aircraft spot. When I am playing a DD its generally not the CV who kills me, its his teammates who otherwise would not be able to spot me. This is also true for light cruisers that depend on blind-firing behind cover, its being spotted by the CV that kills you more than the CV itself. Take away the absurd spotting advantage of CV's and you go a long way to making CV's less OP.