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  1. I played my Indianapolis the other day for the first time in ages and had a blast. Its a much more fun ship than I remembered. As for @Jethro_Grey's comments, I agree they should make the flag obtainable to previous purchasers. Either just give it to us, make us do some exclusive missions for it, or let us buy it with dubloons or something.
  2. Yeah my original suggestion for the mod was really just a joke. The follow-up posts were to show that the information may in fact be available for mods to use, I don;t know. You may be able to tell if they have torpedo acceleration since mods seems to be able to detect other ship module, camo, and captain changes, I don't know. I do find knowing the max torp range for an enemy to be helpful, lets me know I need to be much more careful if I'm in that range. Knowing how much reaction time you might have once you spot their torps might also be helpful ... knowing for example, "ok I can wait the 2 more seconds to shoot this next volley", or "crap I have to change course immediately".
  3. Here is the mod name and a screenshot showing what I'm talking about:
  4. The mod I have for the ship names at the top corners shows the torpedo loadout that the other ships have. So for a shimmy for example, I can see which ones have the 12km torps vs the 20km torps. Its one of the mods in Anslan's-- I'll try to look it up when I get home.
  5. This is awesome OP, thanks for making this :) Now you just need to make a mod that tells you this information in game when you target someone ;P (i.e. Target another ship and it shows how long it would take its torps to be seen by you, and vice versa, etc.)
  6. Get really good at CV's - Play them a lot - nothing can carry a match like a skilled CV player. Or sealclub a lot. Or only play in divisions with skilled friends. Or re-roll. Or just don't care about your stats.
  7. This thread gives me hope... haven't managed to make it in to CW yet, but now I see it is largely seen as fun, so I'll keep trying.
  8. The problem with the current system imho, is it teaches passivity and cautious gameplay. Some people may think of that as a virtue, but it can lead to booring games. In other words, the way to do well at T8 is to be very cautious and careful, this "breeds a new generation" of campers.
  9. The new World of Warplanes is quite fun. Maybe the way to fix CV's is to scrap the current UI and design, and either: 1) When fighters TB's DB's want to engage, the screen zooms in and the CV captain is suddenly flying the plane and doing the dog-fighting, torping, or dive bombing himself. or, 2) Have CV battles be a game mode in WoWP and when planes engage in WoWS they are actually piloted by randoms who have qued for that game mode in WoWP. Obviously neither of those solutions are without problems, or technical and logistical challenges, but neither is the current state of CV play. Regardless of what WG chooses, they need to be "thinking outside the box" for solutions rather than just tweaking what we have now.
  10. My enjoyment of the game has gone up tremendously since I joined a clan... can't imagine not being in one now. But if your personal preferences are to go solo, then as others suggested, your only choices are to either suck (I speak from experience, I never once recieved a clan invite in the ~3000 games I was clan-less), or create a personal solo clan.
  11. Countries just need to stop doing daylight savings time... we're not farmers anymore.
  12. Maybe just extend them by an hour? So keep the current starting time and have it end an hour later. Let each clan decide when they want to battle. Where I'm currently playing is GMT +3 so your proposal would have me going to bed at midnight - I'm a delicate flower who needs his beauty rest. (Didn't know that Potatos had flowers, did you?!) That being said, I havent done a clan battle yet so my vote should probably be weighed accordingly.
  13. That's pretty funny, but you might want to consider swapping the Defensive Fire mod for Hydro since there are no CV's in Clan Wars :)
  14. The 20 km torps are slow and are visible from space, so it might not be as hard to avoid as it might seem. I can't remember, can the shimmy choose the torpedo reload module instead of smoke? 14 shimmy loads of their 12km torps might be completely unavoidable :) I would love to be in a battle like this... The 7 Khaba battle seems even worse imho though. I had a khaba battle last week where I had just short of 5million potential damage... I stayed just at the edge of range, full speed, and lots of turning, the enemy team couldnt hit me which left the rest of my team free to do whatever they want. When you can sucker teams into focusing on you at long range, the Khaba can be the best tank in the game. Trying to hit 7 of them that are BBQ'ing you... to me that's a nightmare scenario. What would make it better is if they all changed their names to something like 8136232999164 And had only one digit swapped with each... making it difficult for the other team to even coordinate on a focus fire target or call out targets.