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  1. Hawg

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery please.
  2. Hawg

    TST is a drama.

    I seems I missed the first phase entirely: That's very annoying since I tried to play a dozen or so times, but every time I was not actually able to play for various technical reasons (either the server was down, the que spinnner never stopped spinning, or the system would simply not connect). I assume there will be a "second phase" since they call the part I missed the "first phase"? Any word on when this second phase might be available?
  3. Hawg

    CV Player - How to get on to test server ? Part 2

    I only get these region options: I don't have "TST" as an option. Does that mean I am not one of the people selected for CV testing, despite having been one of the people who originally received the email invitation from Wargaming?
  4. Looking forward to giving it a try.
  5. Now enjoy playing it while others in game chat say, "lol what an idiot spending 25K or 70 euro on that!!" I wish there was a way to make a chat macro saying, "yes, yes little child, go to your reading classes now". I expect my karma to rapidly drop with this ship lol.
  6. This is what I was unsure about, if they were going to sell it for cash or dubloons.
  7. So 5100 dubloons I guess...
  8. What will the T61 cost when is available to the masses in 6.3 days?
  9. Anyone know if the version of the T61 we are waiting for is the same version Flamu reviewed a while ago in this video (or did it get nerfed a bit)?
  10. Still absent from my port.
  11. That was last night, as in 1:59 am.
  12. This thread makes me feel better... I was trying to track the spending myself, bought two terrible Italian ships, and some perma-camos, and converted some exp, all adding up, I think, to just over 25K. If this thread had shown some people actually having the ship already, I'd be bummed that I just missed the target. But since all you fools are in the same boat of suffering as me, I feel more hopeful... no offense.
  13. Right on PeterBrooks lol, also something I've noticed since I wrote this guide is that the turning radius seems to shrink if you slow down, which is not supposed to happen in game, but does.
  14. Hawg

    *edited* the warning system

    I had this battle today, for which I received a one game pink... no idea what I did to earn that. As far as I can tell I did zero damage to anyone. Although I do like turning pink.