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  1. To the OP - I sympathize with you, I sometimes feel the same way. Especially since I so often am in the top three of the losing team, at least 90% of my losses. But, the rational part of me knows there is really no point in WG rigging the matches. Sometimes, yes its just bad RNG, but over the long run, my poor win-rating must be something I am doing wrong, despite how much I try to adapt to the strategies I read about and watch on youtube. The good news though is you can change, you can improve. I'm in a slump right now, but I'll fight my way out and one day I'll be a 55% + WR player, that's my goal. And when it happens I'll feel I really accomplished something. I just wish I could stop going in the opposite direction and making the mountain I have to climb higher :) If it was easy for me, I would probably get bored with the game, so in some ways its good that I find it hard.
  2. I do agree that it just seems wrong that it is so much easier to delete a cruiser than a DD. In addition to the stealth advantage, DD's are just harder to hit. CA's seem just as squishy, without the same stealth and manuverability advantages.
  3. If you are in a ca that was balanced around hiding, its hard to do anything on this map. If you are close enough to open fire, you instantly become the priority target and get to go scuba diving. Add waves, wind, and current (with the corresponding vessel movements) and I would be all for it. But despite the name ocean, this is not sea, its a windless still lake.
  4. I don't mind the map as long as it remains rare. If it becomes as frequent as it used to be, I wouldn't like that. The problem with it is that you can't decide whether or not to participate. If I knew it was going to be an ocean map, then I would take a ship that is fun on ocean map. But otherwise its just bad luck. Sort of like CV's, its the not knowing if they will be in your next battle or not that makes planning for them so annoying.
  5. Come on man, stop being so lazy! Grind out the other three to break 200!
  6. Just drop it man.... If you don't want to discuss this issue, move to the next topic. If you want to think I was crying, go right ahead. But either get on topic or *Edited please.
  7. This must be an 'English interpretation' issue. If you see something crazy and remark, "that's f'd up" that's not crying imho. If you want to interpret it that way, go ahead, but I wasn't sheding tears. The will to discuss was posting the subject and commenting "I thought they had removed it from the game" and that for CA's without smoke its a f'd up map. Man these forums have become so damn hostile...
  8. *Edited... saying something is F'd up is not crying... I still enjoyed the battle, but it really impacts CA's w/o smoke. This is a discussion forum, I was trying to discuss.
  9. I got it today for the first time in forever... I thought they had removed it from the game... In a CA without smoke, it is such a F'd map.
  10. I agree, good idea.
  11. Maybe lag? Did the base actually get captured? Try rebooting your computer. Restart your router too.
  12. I was playing PUBG the other day and running from the blue zone, when I had the thought that a blue zone might be an interesting mechanic for WoWs. For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about. In PUBG 100 players start a match by jumping out of a C-130 as it crosses the map. After a few minutes a white circle gets randomly drawn on the map. That white circle becomes the new "battle zone". In order to force you into that battle zone after a few minutes a blue circle is drawn outside the battle zone. The blue circle slowly shrinks towards the white zone. On the map it looks like a blue circle but in game it looks like a big blue electric forcefield shrinking towards you. If you are hit by the blue zone you start to take damage over time. Once the blue zone closes all the way around the white zone, the white zone is redrawn smaller again randomly within the battle zone and the cycle repeats until the white zone gets very small. The damage over time of the blue zone also increases each cycle to the point where you will die very quickly from the dot if you dont get into the white zone. (TLDR- it keeps shrinking the battle zone within itself to force people closer together.) This forces the 100 starting players to constantly get closer and closer as the number of people alive get smaller and smaller, and largely eliminates camping. I think this could be fun in WoW's ... imagine all the ships having to eventually get into an area about the size of a cap, or smaller. Maybe not for all battle maps, but a new type of map?
  13. Thanks. But fyi, this thread isnt about me.
  14. I had a game in my Conqueror yesterday where I broke two personal records, most damage done (295K damage) and most experience (4266). I hardly switched to AP at all. I was shocked when I saw the numbers at the end of the game because I hadn't realized I was doing that much damage. In that same game I got reported twice by my own teammates for using HE instead of AP. In fact I got a lot of crap for it throughout the day, I guess people think BB's must use AP. Anyway, if my potato self can pull off numbers like that, then the ship may indeed be crazily OP. On the other hand though, its very vulnerable to focus fire, broadside hits, dd's, and torp bombers.
  15. I keep opening the crates and hoping for a ghillie suit for my ships, but no luck so far :(