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  1. Recruiting across all three clans!
  2. Post updated to reflect recent clan expansion! We have spaces currently!
  3. B0TS Alpha team currently looking for a DD main for CW. Must be experienced with 1600+PR in destroyers, not a problem if you can only play some but not all days.
  4. bigbramble

    Bring Back Chickor..

    Has he been reinstated yet? :D Banning Chikor is like banning fun!
  5. bigbramble

    Bring Back Chickor..

    The thing is English is Chik's second language so a lot is lost/made insane during translation. I think it is so harsh that he is banned especially as he is the official PR rep of the BOTS community and this is one of the biggest on the EU server.
  6. I could go into a massive rant about the issues with the UI but I will just report this major bug: This happens to everyone in the clan, after a battle the division window vanishes and player has to restart the client. You cannot ready up by pressing 'ready' either. Please can we just have an MS Dos interface instead of the flash one we currently have? :P
  7. With 3-4 players we can run a 4th CW team in our BOTZ clan. We are looking for competent, but not necessarily experienced players to build a team from the ground up! If you are interested then please contact me!
  8. We have 2 spaces free in B0TS for exceptional players (Typhoon/Hurricane standard). We run 2 teams in B0TS, contact us today if you're interested!
  9. Still recruiting in BOTS and BOTZ.
  10. Because the player limit is 50 per clan and we have a community (including guests) of near 200! A big community makes divisioning up easier and helps to ensure you have plenty of people for clan wars. We're still looking for casual players to play in a low stakes, learning team during the next clan wars season. Plenty of space available at the moment.
  11. We are still looking for more players in BOTZ to build up enough for a CB team next season. Give me a shout if you are interested!
  12. We are still on the lookout for players that want to play in a casual/learner clan wars team for our third clan with the opportunity to move up to a more experienced team later. Be part of forging a new team and apply today! :) Thanks!