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  1. bigbramble

    [BOTS] + [B0TS] Beasts of the Sea are recruiting

    Still recruiting in BOTS and BOTZ.
  2. bigbramble

    [BOTS] + [B0TS] Beasts of the Sea are recruiting

    Because the player limit is 50 per clan and we have a community (including guests) of near 200! A big community makes divisioning up easier and helps to ensure you have plenty of people for clan wars. We're still looking for casual players to play in a low stakes, learning team during the next clan wars season. Plenty of space available at the moment.
  3. bigbramble

    [BOTS] + [B0TS] Beasts of the Sea are recruiting

    We are still looking for more players in BOTZ to build up enough for a CB team next season. Give me a shout if you are interested!
  4. bigbramble

    *edited* ( about 0.8 )

    I was playing with my boy WOT_Chikor today and he said the most terrifying thing... "I made a post on the forum" I came to look and yeah, it's as mental as usual :D
  5. bigbramble

    [BOTS] + [B0TS] Beasts of the Sea are recruiting

    We are still on the lookout for players that want to play in a casual/learner clan wars team for our third clan with the opportunity to move up to a more experienced team later. Be part of forging a new team and apply today! :) Thanks!
  6. bigbramble

    0.8.0 PTS - General Feedback

    Hi, played quite a bit. Feedback is similar to before. Did a few games in training room to test stuff with two good players. 1) Destroyers will be completely RIP when this patch hits if something doesn't change. Easily wrecked with rockets and force spotted until destroyed near the start. Easily dropped in smoke. Even a full AA Grozovoi was completely hopeless VS Midway. Destroyer spotting from air needs to be changed, you should not spot a destroyer until you are on top of it. 2) Full AA battleships can't stop strikes. I tried a full AA build on Gneisenau - previously an AA god - and it was useless. Could not prevent strikes against it. It used to be an AA no fly zone with a full build. Ships with full AA builds that used to be no fly zones should STILL be no fly zones if you invest heavily in the build. You talked about making sure ships that previously had good AA were still strong against carriers but seem to only consider that means cruisers... 3) Sector changing not effective enough and just not really engaging at all. Hopeless against multiple CV's. I actually preferred the ctrl clicking focus manual AA but I can see that can't be included anymore. 4) Torps seem to be in a good place. 5) Rockets are really fun but too strong against destroyers as I already said. 6) Bombers are tricky to use and aim but don't do a whole lot of damage - too inconsistent. Definitely getting much better guys.
  7. bigbramble

    [BOTS] + [B0TS] Beasts of the Sea are recruiting

    Heya, yes please come on discord and I can throw you an invite. Thanks!
  8. bigbramble

    Blyskawica - WG says it can't buff it because of "stats".

    Thanks, I didn't know that. I live on the Isle of Wight so would love to see that setup implemented even if it was just for Dynamo. :)
  9. bigbramble

    [BOTS] + [B0TS] Beasts of the Sea are recruiting

    We're still looking for more people wanting to join our third clan to join a super casual clan wars team.
  10. bigbramble

    Blyskawica - WG says it can't buff it because of "stats".

    It's criminal that blys doesn't have dfaa when it's famous for saving an entire town from a bombing raid. I think I've played it once since the stealth fire changes. WG said that ships that lost out from the changes would be be adjusted but poor old blys has such dreadful concealment and is just mediocre in everything else but never got a bit of love like it deserves.
  11. bigbramble

    0.8.0 PTS - General Feedback

    OK here is my feedback.. ..unfortunately due to the huge number of crashes I had on round 1 I can only play in coop :( so my experience is limited to that. 1) AA is better now. I'm still worried about long range, it's pretty easy to dodge. Will ships with long range AA that have specialised builds be as effective as they used to be? I'm thinking of ships like Gneisenau, PEF or Kidd. 2) Bombers are pretty rubbish... ..just about everyone will be able to dodge these and the damage is too low. High skill, low reward. 3) Torp planes are looking good now, I like playing them. 4) Rocket planes are too strong, destroyers have no chance. Midway ones are especially brutal. If they are going to have such high alpha damage then perhaps reduce the number of planes in the air? 5) This build is still WAY too strong against destroyers, it will be RIP destroyers as is. I think the air spotting range for dd's needs reducing further and also it needs to be harder to hit them with rockets. I am really worried about destroyers after this patch. Those ships rely on stealth and these cv's will make that impossible. It will be air spotted > smoke > radar > dead or similar. I'm feeling quite positive about the rework especially if it's fixed so that it is less likely to be a death sentence for DD's. Will we get to test the premium CV's at all? I have all of them on live and I'm quite excited to try them.
  12. bigbramble

    [BOTS] + [B0TS] Beasts of the Sea are recruiting

    We are looking for a few players for our 3rd clan BOTZ to form a clan wars team for new players/players new to clan wars. If you an active player and are interested then let me know. To be fair to other players though you must be competent in the game, no complete spuds please.
  13. bigbramble

    [BOTS] + [B0TS] Beasts of the Sea are recruiting

    Bump! 2 teams in Typhoon right now and a third in storm! Come join the fun!
  14. bigbramble

    0.8.0 PTS - Bugs

    I've had a lot of crashes attempting to play carriers in coop. Most are not crash logged as I end up having to to force close the client: Spec: Asus 1080TI, i8700k, 16gb ram, running on Raid 0 Samsung SSD drive. Windows 10 latest version. Nvidia driver 416.94 Battle loading screen - start button does not appear - game frozen. It says 'waiting for players' forever. I am now unable to get into a game at all due to this one and I am trying to reinstall the client. I have been banned from random battles now for 46 games due to this as I have to force close the programme every time. Game start - ships/etc do not display correctly - you can't really see anything and you can't control anything. Last game I was stuck looking at the water and that was it. In game - display crashes the display freezes on the planes and you are unable to control anything again. All you can see is AA effects and if you try pressing commands you get some response but generally this is just weird lines appearing on the screen. I have also had a bug where the game repeatedly 'alt tabs' itself back to desktop (had this one on live a while ago too)
  15. bigbramble

    Prinz Eitel and Steel Monster popularity

    PEF is a real jack of all trades battleship. OK guns, OK speed, OK armour, OK secondaries, OK AA (unless fully spec'd and then probably best in class). I've been playing it ranked and the guns remind me of hood. Very frustrating and hopeless against battleships.