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  1. NemesisActual

    T10 Premium..?

    It's not a copy-pasted Des Monies, it's a completely different design. For example, it uses the turrets of the Baltimote, with a fourth added.
  2. NemesisActual

    T10 Premium..?

    It doesn't make any sense for them to make a heavy cruiser model and turn it into a light cruiser, it's probably going to be a clan battles reward ship.
  3. NemesisActual

    T10 Premium..?

    She's a heavy cruiser though. The 'Buffalo' in game is not the same as the real life Buffalo, which was a light cruiser.
  4. NemesisActual

    Which of your ships didn't survive 0.6.3?

    Minotaur and Nepu still have their powerful smoke, they're hardly dead. Also, Zao is incredibly strong even without stealth thanks to her huge damage output and troll armour. She'll be fine.
  5. NemesisActual

    Worchester and Burlington...

    Burlington is the ship currently in game as Buffalo, a US cruiser design with four main turrets instead of three. (Also, in game she has torps) You can see her if you use the extended tech tree mod.
  6. NemesisActual

    A plea to my fellow forumites

    You know, people like you are really making these forums pretty toxic.
  7. NemesisActual

    HMS Hood Teaser

    I wouldn't call 305mm of belt armour "light".
  8. There is no point complaining about ships that have not even been released yet. These are likely only preliminary stats. Currently the T10s 57mm Bofors (post war gun) have only half the damage of the 55m German WW2 autocannon. I doubt even WG are silly enough for something like this to be a final stat.
  9. The whole point of Japanese heavy cruisers was to pack as much weaponry as possible on a limited displacement. I believe that the third turret is in the "pyramid" because there's nowhere else to put it really. Amidships was taken up by the torpedo armament so it couldn't go there, and having it in a superfiring triplet forward would result in too much top weight- seeing as how Japanese ships already had stability problems. At least, this is just what I think.
  10. NemesisActual


    Not quite true, the armoured cruisers of the early 1900s were already packing guns close to or equal to battleships.
  11. NemesisActual


    Imo, they aren't battlecruisers for one main reason- they weren't built for speed. The whole raison d'etre of the battlecruiser was in an increase in speed. The Deutschlands were not built to be fast. Their use of diesel engine units proves that they were built for range rather than speed. Simply sticking big guns on a cruiser hull does not automatically qualify it to be a battlecruiser. Besides, even the Germans themselves considered them heavy cruisers, quite distinct from the O-class which were true battlecruisers.
  12. NemesisActual


    Graf Spee is not a battlecruiser.
  13. NemesisActual

    German carrier Graf Zeppelin ?

    Graf Zeppelin would make for a good secondary build with AFT+Manual secondaries, as she has 16 150mm in 8 twin mounts and 12 105mm in six twin mounts. She basically has nearly two Nurnbergs worth of guns.
  14. NemesisActual

    New russian DDs AA

    Firstly, it wasn't just BBs that "raged", every class did and still do. Secondly, WG clearly don't want CVs to hunt cruisers with every cruiser added to the game is part of a massive AA power-creep. Now this destroyer is also part of that power-creep.
  15. As others have said, it's highly unlikely that any new CVS, premium or otherwise, will be added until WG overhaul their mechanics. Besides, the next CV premium will likely be Graf Zeppelin, WG have mentioned that a few times.