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  1. ​What an utterly stupid statement, so you have 5 ships to there 1 well that's not sporting is it, wait let's leave 4 in port and make it fair. Sounds stupid right? because it is stupid, it was a war and one basic of war is whenever possible, you bring more firepower to the fight. So before you go calling men who faced real danger pussies get yourself some education.
  2. Joe_Jitsu

    Submarines Confirmed!

    Submarines? Underhand, underwater and damned un-English. Can't see how this is going to work due to submarines being very fragile whilst surfaced and slow too.
  3. Joe_Jitsu

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    ​That was an epic battle, I was in a Tirpitz, the one that collided with Reyte (my fault). I remember looking at the scores and thinking we've lost this one so do as much damage as possible. After capping B with Reyte someone says cap A, Reyte moves to A, I follow and the rest is history
  4. Joe_Jitsu

    Rename this

    ​Hilarious, there should be awards for funniest post of the week, this gets my vote. +1 sir.
  5. Joe_Jitsu

    Somthing need's to be done

    RNG works both ways, we all remember the misses on enemy ships but how many times have you survived a incoming salvo due to RNG?
  6. Joe_Jitsu

    Ghostbuster reward

    Cue endless hack posts from the conspiracy mob...still, good idea though.
  7. Joe_Jitsu


    Hope you don't help them with homework then, shocking spelling.
  8. Joe_Jitsu


    Cheers for the heads-up Admiral, started a list last weekend this will be the 3rd name added, won't be the last. The current system isn't working and WG need to look at the potential loss of more players due to people getting sick of team killers and the lack of punishment for these losers. Either make it like WOT where team killers can be removed by other players without penalty or turn off friendly fire but do something because it just isn't working very well at the moment.
  9. Joe_Jitsu

    Teamkillers - to team kill or not to kill?(or maybe go afk)

    Until the developers come up with a better solution to teamkillers than currently in operation I will return fire on any idiot who deliberately targets my ship. It happened to me twice last weekend, one game I was in my Cleveland when some tool in a destroyer decided I was the target for the night. After taking three or four salvos I returned with one of my own he soon stopped and turned away. Another game involved me in a Warspite and some idiot in Furry Taco taking potshots at me I targeted him but didn't fire. The sight of eight large calibre guns pointing at him made him see the error of his ways and he buggered off he was sank 2 minutes later by the enemy team. I've had this a few times now and each time I've returned fire they've stopped, so far anyway. As for pink players I've been in a few games with them and only one has been a tool, the rest seem to be trying to redeem themselves, so I watch them at the start of the match and see what they do...give 'em enough rope.
  10. Joe_Jitsu

    The designer who thought Detonation was a good idea

    You do realise you've called yourself a forum troll don't you? Look at your first post and then your second, see what I mean?
  11. Joe_Jitsu

    Impact of submarines

    Woohoo! first post here, here goes...my take on subs in the game is that WOWS is a fleet action game and I don't recall subs taking part in fleet action. Fleet submarines have been tried before K-boats anyone? and we know how successful they were. So for me subs? no thanks.