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  1. ingeneral

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    This was my first ever game in the Phra Ruang!!! Completly stock ship with no upgrades, camoflage, signals, or premium consumables. Low tier seal-clubbing (and kill stealing) is great on the weekend, am I right?
  2. ingeneral

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I would like to enter the raffle! 1) Gallant 2) Atlanta 3) Dubloons Thank you for your generosity and for playing this great game!
  3. ingeneral

    Why such emphasis on win rate

    I second that. Well said jss78!
  4. ingeneral

    Why such emphasis on win rate

    What you said is very true. This is a team game after all. I, for one, take my personal winrate way to seriously. Im currently kindof stuck around the 55.7% but used to be around the 53% mark. There is one thing I cannot suggest more of if you are looking to improve your winrate. You got to enable your replays and rewatch the ones where you feel you did poorly/well. This way, by means of self-examination, you can sea for yourself what you a.) need to improve b.) are doing well. This has helped me a lot. Also, when your getting your fist games of the day started, dont start in a high tier ship, start lower. Im not saying tier 2-3, but tier 4-5 is a good place to get a warm-up match or two done. If you play well, then it gives you more confidence for the rest of the games, and if it goes poorly you can either stay at low tiers untill you start to play properly or switch it off for a while. I always find that if Ive had a bad run of games, my personal contribution to the team goes down. If you want your stats to improve, dont continue on a loosing streak. your mindset will become more and more unmotivated/angry/flustered, therefore (yeah, thats right, I used a kickass word) keeping you on a loosing streak and destroying your concentration. Also, if you are trying to pad your stats, NEVER, and I really mean this, NEVER play on the weekends. This is when, and I am sorry for the generalisation, the kiddies come out who tend not to have the best strategic planning and/or care about winning. It is hard to consistently win games if you have teams who 'Just Want to Have Fu-un'... You could also do the scumbag thing and get yourself a nice OP low tier ship, like the St. Louise, Kuma, Tachibana, Wickes, Konig Albert, Duguay-Tourin, Imperaitor Nikolai, and/or Octyabraskitkikdyia Revoluskitiidkyieia, ALL of which are low-tiered OP ships. They are all extreemly fun to play and are a pain to run accross in the battlefield (when sailed by someone who knows what WASD is). They, of course, do not guarentee victory but they are extreemly powerful and are quite easy to seal-club in. Hope you enjoyed???!?!!! What was the question again?!?!
  5. 55.33% winrate. About 2,000 battles. With clan battles coming up and great bonuses for being in a clan, it is a good time to be in one. Looking for a clan, I am currently. PM if interested
  6. ingeneral

    New ships on the horizon!

    I disagree. While the Huang He has good AA, the range of those AA guns are very limited. Powerful enough for protecting oneself, but they dont have the range a T6 cruiser should have. AA guns alone should not qualify it as a T6, overall performance/stats do. Huang He should be a T5 ship for sure.
  7. ingeneral

    New ships on the horizon!

    Saw Flamu's opinion on the Huang He, made several interesting points. While I think Flamu is a self-righteous and unkind player, he does know what he is talking about. It looks like it needs faster reload and better armour to be a t6. In its current state, I'd say that it fits t5 quite well, as it looks like it is fairly equal to the French non-premium ship, as this ship has about the same reload. The firepower of the Huang He does look dissapointing, only 4 forward guns doesnt seem enough. I know the Leander only has 4 forward guns, but they have great rate of fire unlike the Huang He. Bright side? The Huang He has great detection! Personally, I think WG need to focus on completing the tech trees they currently have, so introduce RN destroyers and carriers as well as French destroyers, battleships, and their (non-existent) carriers.
  8. ingeneral


    Is there enough available space on your computer to download the game?
  9. ingeneral

    How to REALY get citadels?

    What ships are you playing? Are you shooting at broadsided ships? How far away are the ships that you are targeting?
  10. ingeneral

    How to REALY get citadels?

    My advice: Play as RN cruisers. Get in close. Shoot away. The AP of RN cruisers is quite effective against other cruisers. If you have the chance to shoot broadside of an enemy RN cruiser, do it and aim low. For the mission you are doing, it can be done in Co-Operative battles. I'd advise you do that as it allows you to play very aggressivly. This would allow you to get in close to enemy ships, force them to give you a broadside thus allowing you to have easy citadel shots. Best ship for this tactic is Emerald, Leander, Fiji as they can smoke and be use sonar. Did this mission in 2 co-op battles in my Fiji. Have just finished the rest of the event missions, good fun. Hope this helps.
  11. ingeneral

    Incomming smoke nerf?

    Why are you not a member of WG staff? They seem to lack this type of problem solving creativity and game balance knowledge. This would prevent RN Cruisers from being hit with a crippling nerf. As someone who plays mostly ships with smoke screens, I really like this idea as I could still use my smoke screen to MY advantage while still giving my team the potential to use it. Even if you do lay a smoke screen for your battleship/cruiser, it is quite likely that they will just sail right through it. This could be because they are not paying attention or simply do not have the range to engage the enemy ships. This smoke nerf thing is only here because of the latest season of Ranked Battles where any good team would take cover in smoke while the destroyers went and spotted. Smoke camping is not a problem in ANY other area of the game, and even with ships camping in a smoke screen it is STILL quite easy to hit them blindly with main guns ... unless they are moving inside the smoke screen.
  12. ingeneral

    Starting to take the game seriously!

    I agree. Replays have really helped me learn how to be a better player. I'm still not too great, with only a 55.5% winrate, but I used to be a 50%er. I have found it really helpful to look at games where I did very poorly, that way I can try to find out what I did wrong and try to take a note of it. I have also found it helpful to watch some youtube videos showing excellent gameplay and to work in divisions. I seem to have a much better winrate when working with a friend, probably because communication is actually heeded. The best advice is, in my opinion, to get a lot of games under your belt. I used to hate some ships, but after a while playing PvE I started to do quite well with the ship in PvP. When I get on WoWS, I always start off playing in my t4-6 ships, before moving up to t8-9. Break yourself in easy, the last thing you want to do is to start off in a t10 game! GLHF
  13. ingeneral

    Super Containers

    Oh dear. I have discovered something(a while ago, been away and have not had a chance to post it). I received a week's premium account on the 23rd of August. I proceeded to open 2 containers per day for that week. Doing so, I received 2 more super containers. That is 1 in 7 container is a super container. Now, is it just me or does this look like that having a premium account increases the chances of being rewarded with a super container? Is this just pure luck or is it an example of WarGaming giving preference to people who pay for premium time? What do you all think? Is this true? If so, do you think this is fair?
  14. ingeneral

    Incomming smoke nerf?

    This is what I see when I heard of a smoke nerf. 'We, wargaming staff, believe that battleships should be encouraged to camp at the map boarders in every game. We also believe that cruisers should not support the destroyers and that they should also camp the back with the battleships.' I am not part of WG staff, I absolutly hate that smoke is being nerfed as it ENCOURAGES team play and reduces the amount of people camping the back of the map. The sad thing was that I was enjoying playing Royal Navy cruisers aggressively and now I will not be able to support my destroyers as well anymore. Is this the end of the RN light cruiser line? What do you all think?
  15. ingeneral

    A Public Apology, and shout out to you special unicorns

    Are you an 'Englishman in New York'? And Yorkie_GBR, I salute you for your comment, as I feel that it is an accurate portrayal of the WoWS community. On a personal note, I haven't played my nations glorious battleships yet as I have been enjoying playing my sneaky destroyers, so many easy straight line battleships around recently... ;)