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  1. BinauralMoon

    Update 0.7.4 General Feedback

  2. BinauralMoon

    General Feedback

    It is NOT obvious how to activate them. Explained where? Not here for sure.
  3. BinauralMoon

    General Feedback

    Active bots in training rooms. Can't seem to get them to do anything but appear in their spawn positions. So at the moment it's still useless other than to test their armour from different angles and distances. I fail to understand why you changed this mode from the old one which worked fine after you edited a res file from true to false, as it had the option to make them both active and shoot back. If I'm missing something, I'd love to know, but it ain't obvious.
  4. BinauralMoon

    Radar working through land

    At last, a sensible reply. Only took 2 pages....
  5. In my opinion, the chat abuse is the single worst thing in the game by a country mile, and is the reason I play mainly co op games to avoid these Sad Sacks polluting the chat panel. Now if it could be switched off I'd be happier as I would prefer to play against my fellow humans as they generally speaking are more challenging. The grind on the French Gold missions is not too bad at stage 1 but looks like it'll be tougher on stage 2.
  6. BinauralMoon

    Space Battles

    I have to agree with above comments on this mode. Best if you don't force us to play this when it appears by linking anything important to win on it, as it's just a pain to play. Halloween was great, this just ain't.
  7. BinauralMoon

    Submarines might be balanceable. Really.

    I'm pretty sure that when I first installed the game (could have been April 1st) I received a submarine whose hull dissolved in seawater. Never played it to find out unfortunately and it was removed after a week or so.
  8. BinauralMoon

    I401 . oil collectors clan - naval base for solo players

    Application sent. Amazed that there are not more clans like this.GJ!
  9. BinauralMoon

    6.12 PTS smokescreen (vision) changes

    Well explained. I hope WG "see" these videos.
  10. BinauralMoon

    Halloween Event

    Play and win 3 games in standard or co-op mode to get the 3 ships and captains accredited.