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    There's something strange going on here, and it's beyond my level of technical knowledge. I shall perhaps attempt an installation again in another year, or with a new build at some point. It's actually a very good game. It's a nice bit of relaxation when it works for me. But no game is worth this much hassle. Thanks to all who have offered assistance previously.
  2. I'm still trying to properly install. I now understand that the problems with the game are caused by corrupted files due to having to restart the installation process after a BSOD. Here's the error: KERNEL DATA_INPAGE_ERROR STOP: 0x0000007A (0xFFFFF6FC40008AB0,0xFFFFFFFFC000000E,0x00000001FFF82860,0xFFFFF8800115693C) ATAPORT.sys - Address FFFFF880115693C base at FFFFF88001138000, datestamp 51FEF9B5 From what I can gather that indicates some kind of hard drive issue. I have checked memory with the Windows memory diagnostic tool, and used chkdsk /r with the partition WoW is installed on, and neither has found an issue. Note I have no issues of this nature with any other title. The installer reaches 95% and then BSOD's. The hard drive is a Samsung Spin Point F1 1TB Internal SATA Hard Drive. Again, this is very specific to the WoW installer, and to that 95% installation point. Specs: Q6600 @ 2.40 Ghz 8.0Gb memory NVIDIA GeForce GTX 5600 Ti Windows 7 64 bit plenty of pagefile.sys HD space Any ideas would be gratefully accepted.
  3. supanovr

    Where to send dmp files for support?

    I have never encountered a title like this one. Three installations: 1) camera locked in places after a few games at tier 1. At higher levers can't even join games 2) random lock ups, at tier 2 I can't even complete a single game 3) can't enter Hashidate games at all, tier 1 US camera locks up It's quite an accomplishment to toss random issues at every single install.
  4. supanovr

    Where to send dmp files for support?

    Thanks, but it looks like the dmp files generated exceed the file size limit.
  5. I have tried everything I can think of to fix random crashes. It seems to me the best thing to do is to analyse the dmp files created when WoW crashes, but woriking out wht you need to install to actually analyse them is a test in itself, let alone interpreting the actual data.
  6. supanovr

    Camera locked in place at game start

    I honestly can't remember an update ever BSOD'ing my PC. If it has happened it was so long ago that it may as well never have happened. I clean out my PC on a regular basis, so it's not a dust issue. And I recently used Valley Benchmark and ran through it several times without a single hiccup. If I was having issues with any other title I'd be inclined to suspect hardware, but this is the only thing I've had such issues with pretty much ever. That being the case I look at the software as the likely culprit. The only thing I can try at this point is another uninstall and reinstall. But I'm of the opinion at this point that it will take an update to fix the underlying issue. Thanks for all your help. I appreciate it. For completeness, I uninstalled and reinstalled, and no more camera freezing. Instead the game now crashes with a mix of unhandled exceptions and critical errors. For some reason when I go into task manager the game appears to go to the settings screen. I have no idea what's going on with that. It's not possible for me to actually switch to the error message. From a fresh boot I get two games out of the Hashidate before either a camera freeze or unhandled exception pops up. I get not a single game from a ship a tier up. And not a single problem with any other title, so I await a future update, having tried even low quality settings, and will continue to tootle around in a couple of games before abandoning ship.
  7. supanovr

    Camera locked in place at game start

    I might just have to try a third download. The first download was a BSOD during the client update so I lean towards that somehow being the root issue. Onwards and upwards.
  8. supanovr

    Camera locked in place at game start

    By the way, I'm not the only one with this issue: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/52960-bug-countdown-stops-ships-are-loaded-but-camera-stuck/ I also came across this post on WoT: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/333265-fixed-camera-stuck/ Perhaps it's related to a fixed camera ... thing? But then I also sometimes have the incomplete countdown still on screen. Hopefully this will be addressed by the developers before too long.
  9. supanovr

    Camera locked in place at game start

    Thanks for the idea, but it seems a bit too involved for me. I can get a couple of games in with the Hashidate before it goes belly up. The next tier up won't even load the game past the mission screen. It seems to work best when started fresh. If I go back into it after a crash it doesn't behave so well. As I don't have issues with even Assetto Corsa, which in it's time has been very CPU intensive, I'm putting this down to some game issue. Which is a shame, as when it works I really enjoy it.
  10. supanovr

    Camera locked in place at game start

    Any alternative recommended memory test application? I don't think it is faulty memory as otherwise things are working fine, but I'd like to test it, just in case.
  11. supanovr

    Camera locked in place at game start

    Thanks for your quick reply. I couldn't provide the error message previously as I could only see the window title in the task manager. I tried to create a bootable USB stick with Memtest but that doesn't appear to want to actually boot even when it seems to attempt to boot from USB. I changed the pagefile location to another drive, and got two games in the Hashidate. I then tried the Chikuma twice and both times I can't get past the opening screen. When I look at the teams list I have a hollow "o" beside my details. I assume that means I'm not ready to join? The game does seem to progress from what I can tell from the mini map. When I shut down WoW from the task manager I received this error: The BigWorld client has encountered and unhandled exception and must close (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION: 0x0000005 @ 0x00A43C95) (Write @ 0x23F70000) System info: OS Name: Windows 7 OS Version: 6.6 Service Pack 1 OS Architecture: x86_64 Memory info: Virtual memory: 1280728Kb/4194176Kb (31%) Working set (process physical memory): 866376Kb/4194176Kb (20%) Commit charge (working set + process page file usage): 1077172Kb/4194176Kb (25%) Global physical memory: 3451040Kb/8387064Kb (41%) Global commitable memory (physical + pagefile): 4538508Kb/25159352Kb (19%) I then tried the Hashidate and again I was back to the original issue.
  12. I had some unusual problems installing WoW. The updater would BSOD which meant an uninstall, downloading the install package, and then a reinstall. The problem I have now is that in perhaps two out of three games the camera locks in place at game start. Sometimes the countdown is on screen and locked at 02 or 04. Sometimes not. I can't pan or zoom. I can move the ship, change ammunition type and fire the guns, but the camera stays locked in place. Then when I exit to port it hangs with a critical error dialogue in the background. Computer specs:Intel Q6600 quad core CPU @ 2.40GHz, MSI 560 Ti, 8Gb RAM, Windows 7 64 bit