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  1. Battleship_Division_7

    Ranked Battles: the Twelfth Season

    For better gameplay they must remake the rank battle point system, now u must have a victory for passingthe next level or to collect stars... why not like the naval battle mode right now? Collect the right amount of damaged? In several type of battleships dd,ca,bb... when u exceed the damage limit u bump up when u dont u drop back.. This will have a positive effects, -u get a more dynamic gameplay because everyone wants the right damage score -even in a lossed game u still got the possibility to bump up -u dont face the same premium ships in every battle because u need to play all kind of ship type’s - A Rank game is a individually gamemode so u not depend so more on how the team is playing but all how u play by yourself its just a idea
  2. Battleship_Division_7

    Ranked Battles: the Twelfth Season

    Agree with that! but look.. its not my problem if ppl don`t gona play this game anymore..games enough to do.. But they must remember.. WE ARE THE CUSTOMERS! everyone is complaining and nothing changes.. well its not my problem either if the game is not gona make any more profit and they must dismiss ppl working there.. i only feel sorry for them..
  3. Battleship_Division_7

    Ranked Battles: the Twelfth Season

    Why t10? I think a low Tier Ranked season is also fun and the ships are more neutral for everybody Every special event is T9,T10,T9,T10 Than these stupid CV`s in everygame... its more World of warplanes than wows If it keeps going like this i realy gona say goodbye wows after 5 years! and stop with my founded clan and hope the other 35 members will do the same!
  4. Battleship_Division_7

    Clanbattle format isn`t right

    Where is the steel we didn`t get from the wins from the Gold clans? Ohyea wait.. we are in the gale league.... If the higher league clan wins from us they get the steel... But they didn`t fought against a clan from there league? Just frustrated more and more... But all this is just to make a point!
  5. Battleship_Division_7

    Clanbattle format isn`t right

    Another day of CB... This is what u face when u are in an Gale league group 1 Everytime! Another prove thats not going fair! Even alpha higher league clans faced us i maked screenshots from it,
  6. Battleship_Division_7


    Whats happening..? why is the last Period only problems with servers and update`s... Maybe put more time in a good running system instead of cv`s rework version 23.7
  7. Battleship_Division_7

    Clanbattle format isn`t right

    Thanks for the reactions all.. i noticed from several reply’s we are not the only one with this problem.. look if u are going for stars to lvl up for the next league i have no problem if u face a lvl 3 group from the upper league that sounds reasonable for me.. we are just a normal clan with casual players.. but it is frustrating more and more.. we just want to reach the storm league at least but it is just impossible due these issue’s I hope they will do something about it next season.. to give normal clan’s at least a oppertunity To go up Greetz BD07
  8. Battleship_Division_7

    Clanbattle format isn`t right

    Last Battle we played with Alpha group 1 in Gale League Vs a clan In Storm league group 1 so i don`t understand what that has to do with secondary teams with lower ratings?
  9. Battleship_Division_7

    Clanbattle format isn`t right

    Hello Guys, I am wondering if other clan's also face the problem`s we have.. Why is it possible if you are in the Gale League group 1 that u face openents from the Storm league group 1?? We Never get any chance to Up League with so much struggle!! We NEVER played against Lower League Groups!! we played 142 Clan battles this season in total with 2 Divisions.. and still are in the Gale League we have 50% of the battles played against Higher League's! its getting frustrated!!! and what is the points of all these Legue`s and groups anyway...
  10. Battleship_Division_7

    Naval Battle: Clans Competition

    Hello All, I have a question about these Naval Battle`s.. I like the idea about this new gamestyle for clans, But i want to complain about the Clan vs Clan format... this weekend we are vs a clan wo consist about 47 members.. my own clan has 36 members.. it is not fair they have 11 more players so 11x10 more attemps = 110 chances to get more stars than ours.. in my opinion its also more competitve if clans consist with the same lvl of members or are close to eachother Kind Regards!
  11. Battleship_Division_7

    54% WR - LF Storm+ Clan active in Clan Battles

    Hi Mate, If you're interested i can send u a invite... i think we are the clan what u'r looking for..