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  1. life2party

    (Very) frequent freezes in game since 8.0

    Tried and didnt worked for me :3 Still geting FPS drops, sound problems and occasional crashes mid game.
  2. life2party

    Update 0.8.2 - General feedback

    UI is still laggy asf... was there an update cmoon WG?, and the game is still horrible with 2 or 3cv's in game... i get more games without dd's than without Cv's! playerbase is leaving or waiting something to happen and you keep on drilling your half sunk ship... do something about the match making or get rid of carriers (i7-1060-6gb-16gbRam-SSD)
  3. life2party

    WG - Add more heroic music to the game, thank you

    This post is relevant as much as last years snow.... FIRST things first.... balance the game already and fix all the bugs specialy UI ones then think about the new music! Thank you, very much appriciated. Will post this awesome theme just to keep you motivated:
  4. life2party

    Player Numbers. How much are they actually down?

    Really and how many old accounts stoped playing? Many veterans quit after the patch 8.0.0
  5. life2party

    Port UI & Client Stability Improvements

    @MrConway What improvments? After the 8.1.0 update: -UI is slower than ever before, stuttering in menu randomly... (im almost afraid to click anything because it will freeze it for a minute) -Clanbase is broken no matter what you click. -My mIdd game frame droping from 90 to 20 fps -Still boring and passive gameplay style of teams in randoms (Pre Alpha state) -random AA sounds, randomly playing midd game and in menus Game is progressivly geting worse after the 8.0.0 and im saying this as a 4-5 year veteran i feel these things were inforced upon me&game, i played this game on a daily basis but in current state(alpha mess) the game is not playable! 95% of the players in my clan doesnt like the "new rework" other 5% doesnt care and they stoped playing this game like they use to. I know that's not your fault but yet you are on the responsible side here. Please make a survery on how many players overall like the new "rework meta" in game and i bet you will be supprised on the response and answers. Well i hope you will mange to input that FUN factor to the game soon so we will enjoy playing it again like we use to pre 8.0.0 update! O7 Calm Seas
  6. life2party


    The saga continues... and lab rats are still jumping.
  7. life2party

    Player Numbers. How much are they actually down?

    Nailed it on point! EU servers were at 34k at their prime time now its down to 19k! WG Revert the update start over with whole thing... you are not going the right way, dont drill anymore holes to this game please, with every hot fix you are making the even worse! You can dress crap in daimonds but at the end of the day crap will still be crap! Revert the update! Thank you :)
  8. "Cv Rework" with every hot fix you tip the balance of the game and making it even worse.... this was not needed at all! Balancing this on a live server will cost you dearly, why? Revert the update please and test this game mehanics on a Test server like you should form the start. Game is unplayable for most of the lines in tech tree, specialy those one witch concealment is their thing(DD's). With this update dds will become a rare thing(not realistic specialy playing souch a big role in both WW). Heading this direction is killing the game, please stop WG! Please fire a guy who thought this was a "way to go". And yeah i will not provide anymore feedback, i did that for the past 4 years. All that balancing thrown out trough the window.
  9. life2party

    New CVs

    Really :D well WR says it all (=
  10. life2party

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes Confirmed

    Im still crying what you did to this game... 5 years of grinding and spending alot of money... 4 years of that giving you feedbacks so you can balance it! Now you rushed and changed and trashed meta of the game, well this is not "CV rework" this is game overhaul and i dont like it. Please revert this update or give me my money back for all that premium ships who's aa got affected by this update!
  11. What happens if you dont like the new gameplay mehanics is it possible to refund your whole account?
  12. life2party

    Update 0.7.9 - General Feedback

    Im having difficulties even loading in after the update :/
  13. life2party

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - Bug Reports

    Clan Server is not avalible because they are neerfing it for NEXT BIG Update Clan Battles(Can't F**** wait pardon my french le me so happy) Probably they've just re-routed server to a public testing etc!
  14. life2party

    Super Containers

    Well im playing hard from new year's and i didn't get a super container yet this year and i do average 30.000 xp by day opening containers mostly with try your luck..... Fail WG distribution of super containers :/
  15. life2party

    Looking for Slovenia Clan or players

    Dodej & Let's play