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  1. _cosmo


    u can also mod them to look like real captains, but i assume that's too much of a bother as well for you, since you don't want a solution, just the 2 minutes of fame.
  2. met blogis today in his saipan (divisioned with another scrub); i was in my belfast, (duel of premium ships ) but they wiped the floor with us. did what i could to defend a cap with 2 other ships against what seemed like half their team, but blogis' cross drop had me turn broadside to an amagi, and that was it for me. good game, man, a well deserved win. I also noticed you dropped a message after the battle, but i was already on my way to see pirates of caribbean by then, and when i returned, the server had disconnected and didn't get anything, so... sorry about the lack of an answer gl and c ya around the 7 seas!
  3. _cosmo

    2k matches and I only just noticed...

    There's even been previous threads about this as well
  4. _cosmo

    Elimination Thread 4: Tier VIII

    Akizuki: 13Benson: 34Lo Yang (Mk. 15 mod. 0): 17Atago: 35Chapayev: 11Mikhail Kutuzov: 38+1=39Amagi: 9North Carolina: 23Tirpitz: 18-3=15Bismarck: 16Shokaku (2/2/2): 26 Felt like i needed to bump this thread. Cmon,at least let's finish it. anyway, what the hell is hpening here? We have bb overpopulation, everybody is complaining they're op, and yet they're not doing that fine over here. I'd have expected them to be at least at atago/kutuzov lvls... (i think wg needs to buff them, they're clearly underperforming )
  5. _cosmo

    Favorite shipgirl (Kancolle) and arpeggio of blue steel too

    ufff... about nier.. "captain, can you repeat that last thing you said?" erm, guys...pls help?
  6. Wg, u troll! Brilliant skill Also, good, the only bb nerf in the pach has been canceled. Wg had me worried for a while that it might actually take some action against bbs. Glad to see it was a fake rumour, now we can hopefully get to 50%+ bb teams!
  7. _cosmo

    Clover Flag?

    Indubitably (Ijoby, you spoilsport )
  8. _cosmo

    Arp Voices Bug?

    Oh, for some reason, my arppegio folders were all empty, i asumed it was due to a patch and everybody had the same. But glad you worked it out, enjoy the ships as u want them to be, not as wg decides we should like Shingetsu, you issue is exactly what i wanted to do myself, so i think i can help you out ;) mind you, though, this will change all voices to the arp of your choice, not only seagal's 1) First, do step one as i described above 2) download this mod ( same GoldPile guy, god bless him once again) http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/80094-mod-arpeggio-complete-captain-voice-collection-05151/ (I know it's an old wows version, but it does work with, i use it myself atm) 3) i myself did the light installation(you can find the details in the included readme), which means i copied the arpegio folders(there'sone for each arp voice) to the res/banks/offical mods/, right next to the seagal folder and the old arpeggio folders already are. So you end up with around 10 folders total. Then launch the game and you can select the voiceover from the normal dropdown list as the vanila ones. I performed the light instalation becuase by not putting the content in res_mods, it should not be removed with new patches. The 2 files from step 1 might be reinstalled by new patches, but i guess i'll make a batch file to automate the renaming process. So if you find out after patching that seagal is one again smoking crap on your deck, just check if the damn files were reinstalled and get rid of them. The arp files should still be in the same place, so no need to reinstall them. Also, you might need to rename seagal's folder to something else, just like anthoniusi did with arp, i already had it renamed. P.s. Sorry for hijacking your thread for helping us weebs as well, anthoniusi, hope you don't mind
  9. _cosmo

    need help

    I think a recheck of utegrity would work as well, but reinstalling is the best way to go. The only think you will loose are your controlls, as there are no "save games". You can play with your own ships if you login to a completely different computer as well.
  10. _cosmo

    Arp Voices Bug?

    Well, it's not a vanilla sollution, but i did find a mod that brings things back to the intended way (and gets rid of seagal as well). Follow the instructions posted by GoldPile (god bless him) to remove the 2 files http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/118746-new-guide-on-removing-seagal-arp-voices-post-0620/ Tl;dr: go to res_packages folder in the install dir and move/rename these 2 files: sound_mods_official.idx & sound_mods_official_0001.pkg This willmake all your voices to standard us
  11. _cosmo

    Favorite shipgirl (Kancolle) and arpeggio of blue steel too

    Oh, yeah, elenortirion, let the picpocalipse begin!
  12. _cosmo

    Favorite shipgirl (Kancolle) and arpeggio of blue steel too

    So much kancolle, i think they're begining to forget about us..." " I'll never forget about you, oneesan!" p.s. [edit] nvm, seems computer can load it, but my ipad doesn't want to... fking hate the thing... p.p.s hope it's fixed now
  13. _cosmo

    How do I smoke?

    1) take cigar 2) put said cigar in mouth 3) light cigar up and breathe in 4) be proud of your stupid habit and f***d up health But seriously: Pretty much what was said already, which i will enforce. While decelerating to a halt, if you smoke up under 19kt mark, you'll end up within the cloud. I have bad memories, though, so i tend to wait for 18kt, but that was hammered into me before the smoke fix. As for the belfast, unfortunately its captain is not compatible with the rest of the cruiser line, as belfast's main weapon is he, while RN he is.... well, kinda still in port damn that supply officer leaving for tea break before writing out "HE shells" on the requisition manifest...
  14. _cosmo

    Favorite shipgirl (Kancolle) and arpeggio of blue steel too

    In current context, that gif is slightly disturbing (and damn hillarious, but out of likes for today )
  15. _cosmo

    +214% for first win of the day instead of +314%

    Didn't work that well for me, 2 out of 2 losses of 1600 base xp with belfast before i gave up and went to sleep. My dragon flags breathed relieved.