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  1. Fluffy_Pillow

    Good DD players - Asashio - yes or no?

    I am not a very good DD player but I have had Asashio since it came out and played her a bit. She is very situational and victim of mm. If you have many enemy BB you will have fun and you will be useful. If there are very few BB or non and standard battle you will spend most of the game running away and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Also once the enemy BB are sunk you end up just waiting for the game to end pretty much unless you can spot or cap buts not always very necessary endgame. It really is a one trick pony killing BB but she does that very well.
  2. Fluffy_Pillow

    French Cruiser Changes

    I am also not playing the french cruisers. Its the only T10 I don't have of the cruisers. The ships don't seem to be very fun playing. I have tried several times on test server but its very meh... Now I tried the top tier ships again with reload consumable but it still does not make the ships more interesting to play for me. Its a real pity since I find many of the french cruisers very good looking and they have guns that are very comfortable to work with. The problem is the play style for me and it does not really change with the reload consumable. My 10 cents on this topic.
  3. Fluffy_Pillow

    Bug Reports

    Game worked normal at first but after a few minutes in ships seems to remain in the UI after they are killed but with 0 hp. They also don't disappear in the team lineup.
  4. Fluffy_Pillow

    Bug Reports

    When receiving the team containers (sharks) after a win, the game gets stuck and just shows the anchor with the blue ring rotating and text "operation in progress". Only way out is ctl+del open task manager and force shut the game. Once logged in again it works normally and i can open the containers normally.
  5. Fluffy_Pillow

    Server downtime delay - servers back up at 13:00 CEST

    OMG! World is falling apart what should I do with all the spare time!? I would have to interact with real people. Reality is tuning into a horror movie!
  6. Fluffy_Pillow

    General Feedback

    I like that it is possible to now see potential damage and damage on spotting. It is a step in the right direction giving the players direct feedback for doing the right thing.
  7. Fluffy_Pillow

    Bug Reports

    I have the same thing, No smoke out of the funnel and no water spray or wake behind the boat. I still get the steam when using the ships horn.
  8. Fluffy_Pillow

    Bug Reports

    Same issue for me using space camo on Z52 and Republique, Zao and Moskva. I managed to get in after force quit the game twice and logging in again. Tried with same ships without space camo and had no issues.
  9. Fluffy_Pillow

    Let's talk French battleships a bit...

    I agree with above regarding Alsace, very inconsistent guns. I had a nice Izumo parked broadside at 11km sitting still and 8 full broadside salvos resulted in zero damage. Bunch of over pens, shatter and bounces but no damage done at all. Out of frustration I engaged speed boast and rammed him which seems to be the only reliable way of doing damage. This might be why speed boast is not a bad idea since you can chase down your enemies and ram them. Everything else about the ship seems OK. :-)
  10. Fluffy_Pillow

    Vive le France Collection

    I thought the reward was the french captain?
  11. Fluffy_Pillow

    Bug reports

    I also had problems randomly that the guns fires as soon as they are loaded without input. Also have problems setting maximum graphic setting. It tells me I have to restart the program and after restarting it is set to custom. Change to maximum again same issue, after three times it worked but then it changed sound from ultra to high. Selecting ultra and it tells me to restart the game again and after restart graphics is back to custom but sound is set to ultra. I have a nvidia gtx 970. Have not had any performance issues with sound or graphics before or in this PTS.
  12. Fluffy_Pillow

    Server Down

    Same here... It started after I got Roma. Could see all other ships in harbor but when selecting Roma game crashed, this happened three times in a row and now server seems to be down. I guess they have a problem.
  13. Fluffy_Pillow

    New Campaign: "The Battle of the North Cape"

    Choice of Tirpitz is a bit strange since it was the battle of Scharnhorst…
  14. Fluffy_Pillow

    Ship Horn

    Got it yes you have to be really close and crank up the volume to hear it. Its probably a good thing it could easily drive one mad after a while if you get to hear all "tooting" their own horn.
  15. Fluffy_Pillow

    Overall Quality & Stability

    The UI is laggy as hell. It seems the xp and credits cant keep up when buying ships and modules and it takes up to 30 s (estimated) before i upgrade modules on a new ship and/or buy upgrades next hull etc. Several times i have the orange triangle on credits and xp while doing this as well. Might be test server. Ping seems to be stable around 75-80 at the moment.