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  1. Peter_von_Weise

    Aircraft Carriers - Plans for the near future!

    After reading the thread it is obvious that the idea of copy-pasting failed World of Warplanes into WOWS has also failed dramatically and more and more players disagree with this. It is interesting, now much time will be needed until the failing income from the game will overcome the mulishness of the responsible WG managers.
  2. Peter_von_Weise

    Aircraft Carriers - Plans for the near future!

    A lot of participants of the new CV tests we talking loudly that the whole idea of merging with World of Warplanes is very bad and probably situation will be even worse. Now we see it happening. So it is now the time for WG swallow the unpleasant consequences of the management voluntarism.
  3. Peter_von_Weise

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    That is incredibly cynic. Several tests resulted in negative assessment by players, but WG vas in rush to release new CVs, probably because the responsible managers needed their bonuses. Now they talk about "fixes" of something which is broken from the beginning.
  4. Peter_von_Weise

    CV after rework same as before??

    New CV are simply very bad
  5. The whole story with this update is just an ambition of a few managers who want to show that they worth their salaries. They need to pretend that everything is OK in order to get their bonuses tomorrow. This will be at the costs of frustration of players and shrinking customer base, but they do not care.
  6. 1. Yesterday is was not possible to play at all, 1-2 battles and the rest of the evening no connection. So planned to play the nice Friday evening, but the evening was totally screwed. 2. Today earlier afternoon, numerous connection issues, difficult to assemble a division because people get disconnected 3. Around 1730 connection frozen, I forced to leave the division and leave my friends. Tried to reconnect - no connection, connectivity restored only after app. 1 hour 4. A few minutes ago simply cannot go to a battle, "You were removed from the battle because of technical issues", and this problem several times. So I planned Friday evening and Saturday to play clan battles, earn some steel, convert it into coal and use my chance to buy Musashi. Now 1,5 days totally spoiled and my chance seems gone.
  7. Peter_von_Weise

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Tried to resume testing and got a message "Your account is locked permanently. Reason 213213213213213213" Who has the same? Who knows what it is? Update: WG provided new credentials
  8. Peter_von_Weise

    Aircraft Carrier Beta Round 3 - Feedback Thread

    Apparently again from the whole spectrum of opinions WG carefully selects only those which they like and pretend that this is a general opinion of the public. The new CVs are fundamentally broken in many areas and this will result in less CVs in the game.
  9. Peter_von_Weise

    Suggestions thread

    Suggestion to fix COOP battles. Problem: Some COOP battles are artificially short. Just a recent example: 4 min 00 sek battle. The battle is over when 2(!) enemy BB are still afloat. Frustration and flags wasted. BB players had barely enough time just to arrive to the scene. Suggestion: let bots to continue fighting even their team score is below zero. Edit 17.11.2018: Again the same problem. 4 min 39 sek battle, 2 bots are still afloat.
  10. Peter_von_Weise

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    My impressions: General gameplay from the CV perspective: - You are not anymore playing a carrier. You play a flying DD. It is very fast but very fragile - The overall gameplay is more for world of warplanes that for world of warships - The controls are very confusing and sluggish, thus difficult to aim - Too much depends on how fast you are with mouse moving an mouse clicking. In the intro video developers said it is a big disadvantage with the current CV game play, but it became notable worse - Since you have only one squadron at time, you cannot make a concentrated attack of the enemy ship. I did not se a battle where is only one CV, but if this is the case, the role of the CV will be largely reduced to a spotter. - Why DD from the smoke shoots my planes but I cannot see it? - Controlling the squadron takes all your time so difficult to control the CV itself and it too difficult to notice when somebody is about to shoot you. Feeling like to play DD and in the same time the floating supply base for this DD - why no aiming aid for the torpedo planes, which is available for DDs? - micromanaging of each squadron quickly becomes annoying repetitive task - no fighters under your control any more, important part of the whole story is lost - the whole setup with fighters is nonsense Resume: there will be certain number of players who enjoy it, but generally CVs become even more seldom than now. WG is better to abandon an idea of the great CV revolution by merging worlds of warships and warplanes, and concentrate on gradual improvement of the existing CVs. From the point of view of a non-CV ship: CVs are dangerous only if several of them make a concentrate strike on you, otherwise no much harm from them How the testing was organized: - confusing system of installation of a new client, compulsory game center, etc. The available guidance is ambiguous. - testing time is very short - no coop regime, so you need to learn is a nervous atmosphere of random
  11. Hello, Wargaming center does not allow me to log in to the new carriers test server, despite the fact that I have invitation and credentials. 1st step: it does not allow to update the game under the normal account, because saying that I need special credentials. 2nd step: when I try to add account in the game center, it offers me only normal servers and I cannot, obviously, log in because I need to log in on the TST server and not normal server. The game center is flooded by senseless advertising but no any hint on how to resolve such problems. If you go to the player support section you will see only the advice of the level "please check that your computer is turned on, and if it is and this still does not resolve your problem, please contact support". It gives me an impression that the people responsible for this particular test are drunk 24/7.
  12. Peter_von_Weise

    GO NAVY! Event

    Are containers withdrawn from the premium shop?
  13. Peter_von_Weise


    Time until the portal is sealed, but I think they made it shorter again
  14. Peter_von_Weise


    Today WG suddenly increased the time to seal the portal and thus difficulty of the missions. What is a point to do this on the last days of the event? To spoil the overall impression?