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  1. Gobbernator

    The state of CVs - why the rework is necessary

    It is almost funny how so many people fail to notice that radar begins right were CVs stop. Just looking at the game, radar begins at T8 (not counting premium gimmicks) which just happens to be where matches chronically lack same tier cvs. Just spelling it out for the oblivious players. I'm looking forward to new radar variations, like mid range radar with longer up time etc. That will certainly sit well with the players and improve the camping meta we see more and more of. /s
  2. Gobbernator

    The state of CVs - why the rework is necessary

    Lots of the things off with cv play could've been fixed rather easily. The suggestions by the community are there. Heck, if one looks for them, the forums are filled with them. Over the last years however, most of the reasonable suggestions by players that actually know and play cvs, got drowned out by people that simply want them gone because they can not or do not want to adapt or change their playstyle. Well, WG helped with that as good as they could too.. The people that actually "get it" have mostly either given up, thanks to the constant "improvements", or stopped posting/talking about it because they get drowned out by ignorant trolls and haters. The forums here are like a chronicle of the downfall of reason in that regard. Now we get another "year of the CV" which is ironically very likely the last year of what CV play really is before its smashed into something a player without a mouse can snort from the back of a console. There are quite a few wrong assumptions/conclusions by the OP but why bother clearing those up? The answers are already on the graveyard of good suggestions.
  3. Gobbernator

    CV's not doing there job.

    Nope, not their job. They can help with it but in the end you can easily crush the bot cvs airplanes by using some AA modules/skills.
  4. Gobbernator

    Summer Sale 2018: finished

    *Not a single time has a tier 8 premium been sold for -50% on the EU side of WOWS. US forums
  5. Gobbernator

    Schneller, härter, stärker -- neue Upgrades

    Hab das Midway Modul seit letzter Woche in Gebrauch. Sehr fragwürdig. Für Klicker und Kartoffeln sicherlich sinnvoll, allerdings bringt es einen Rattenschwanz von Schwierigkeiten mit sich, mit denen ich vorher nicht gerechnet hatte. Zu erwarten waren Dinge wie das schwierigere Abfangen von anderen Fliegern. Das ist selbsterklärend. Weniger erwartet hatte ich die Tatsache, dass das Strafing nun erheblich anderen Einschränkungen und Sonderfällen unterliegt als vorher. Wirklich bemerkbar machen sich die 15% zusätzliche HP nur bei Angriffen gegen Ziele mit schwacher AA, da hier die Flak seltener Stücke aus der Formation nimmt, wie es ohne das Modul vorkommen kann. Gemeint ist z. B. eine Bomberstaffel die beim Anflug an eine Amagi plötzlich 2 Flieger verliert. Das ist seltener geworden und die Verluste sind eher graduell. Ebenfalls etwas seltener geworden sind die Clippings, wenn z. B. eine Staffel für einen kurzen Moment den äußersten Ring der AA eines Schiffes streift. Gegen kompetente Spieler, gerade in der Hakuryu, aber auch in der Midway, kann das Modul ein echter Albtraum sein, da Angriffe leichter abzufangen sind und Flieger gegnerischen Strafing-Angriffen nur träge ausweichen. Das Hakuryu Modul habe ich noch nicht aber in einem Midway vs Hakuryu Match, beide mit Modul, bei nicht-unfähigen Spielern, dürfte die Midway kaum noch ein Bein an den Boden kriegen. Hier möchte ich jedoch noch anmerken, dass ich evtl. völlig daneben liege, wenn die Hakuryu Strafes plötzlich ähnliche Probleme bekommen wie die der Midway (nur halt invertiert, da schneller). Ich habe den Verdacht dass die Strafes durchaus an Potenz verlieren werden, zumindest bis man sich an die höhere Geschwindigkeit gewöhnt hat. Für den Spielspaß kann ich das Modul nicht unbedingt empfehlen. Matches fühlen sich plötzlich an als würde man mit den langsamen T6 Gurken der Independence über die Karte kriechen. Alles in allem bin ich nicht davon überzeugt dass die 15% den Geschwindigkeitsverlust rechtfertigen.
  6. Gobbernator

    Problems with CV controls?

    The interface was bad 2 years ago and its getting worse with every patch. We've passed "horrible beyond all hope" a few months back and the latest pt seems to introduce more of it. I do find it highly entertaining though that the recent lag spikes and fps drops many people are complaining about are apparently caused by the Interface as well. Dropping down some of the graphics effects and not clicking more than once per second can help to avoid quite some of the shortcomings of the interface but there are plenty of bugs that still can and will ruin your matches.
  7. Gobbernator

    Space Battles

    Yeah, i checked that in the match after. I'm not sure though. It seems to me that the area shown on the map and the area where your planes randomly die, are connected but have different sizes. So you see an area on the map but your planes die in some places when they get near it (not into it!). Then again, it could all work but the planes went into the area but were displayed wrong. Wouldn't be the first time that happened either. That wandering no-fly zone is a bad idea anyway. With the constant and massive aa buffs the areas where planes can go are already very limited. edit: Just to reiterate it: I really love the new looks and the events graphics and sound are totally awesome. But since the interface got messed up further which affects cvs massively (not to mention the new no-fly zones), i would rate the event very badly.
  8. Gobbernator

    Space Battles

    I really loved everything about the new patch and event. Then i played cv. I have over 2k CV matches. It was the worst experience ever and this is not an exaggeration. The interface did its own thing - no hints, no indicators why but there were permanent waypoints for planes that could not be removed and were ignored by some of the planes, yet not by others. On top of that planes just died. On their own. Right after launching. Its a horrid mess.
  9. Gobbernator

    Friendly fire defensive AA

    To be fair though, something like that (complete AA overhaul) is needed anyway. The current AA mechanics force a meta where a decent CV-player will group up his planes and execute massive strikes to mitigate the insane AA. A lot of ships can, by using skills and modules, be made perfectly immune to single squad attacks. Heck, even the "ball up and all in" method results in insane losses quite often. The issue here is an AA balancing one, not a "CV is OP" one. By grouping up and attacking, the cv focuses all his capabilities in one attack - a process that costs easily 3-4 minutes. The dps any other ship can do in the same time is, for the most part, quite a lot higher, so lowering the damage of a cv further isn't really a viable balancing option unless nerfing them into the ground is the objective. The def fire mechanics are pretty much a "noob disabler" that will wipe the flight deck of inexperienced or unlucky players really fast and creates a massive balancing issue itself. With matchmaking assigning AA ships utterly randomly, there is no way that WG can improve CV play by tweaking the carriers. The issue lies mostly with AA, def fire and matchmaking. DDs need an "evade ability", not a "clear sky" ability, one that is useful when there isn't a cv around. And all cruisers need def fire, but the damage multiplier needs to go away, that would flatten out the insane matchmaking that assigns 5 AA monsters to one side and none to the other - which can lead to CVs overperforming, which actually is nothing else but cruisers underperforming.
  10. Gobbernator

    What is the Purpose of the GZ Hydro WG?

    Pretty much this. The plane upgrading is hilarious too. Its not even comparable to the Hull upgrades or AA upgrades of other classes. If you don't have your fighters on par with the enemy, you're getting rolled over, hard.
  11. Gobbernator

    What is the Purpose of the GZ Hydro WG?

    To be fair, i think the way the modules are distributed is overall rather bad and there is pretty much no real choice for CVs. Its one of those things that should be reworked but i have my doubts about that - remembering the year of the carrier and all.
  12. Gobbernator

    What is the Purpose of the GZ Hydro WG?

    To be honest, i had hoped they give the Enterprise the repair option instead of def fire - given the reputation of the ship. Its a good ship, but the way WG deals out the gimmicks is, for the most part, not very satisfying.
  13. Gobbernator

    What is the Purpose of the GZ Hydro WG?

    Should've had the option to switch defensive fire out for repair. That would have been something truly great.
  14. Gobbernator

    Update 0.7.1 - General Feedback

    I'm curious why cv players didn't get any free xp for the planes that got taken away from the midway? Or are tier 10 planes as cheap to research as tier 9 ones?
  15. Gobbernator

    To overhaul CV, must discard mirrored MM

    We actually had plane concealment dependent on squad size. Then WG balanced it with a sledge hammer because people where complaining about getting spotted by those single fighter/spotter aircraft and lingering cv planes. So they removed the concealment based on squad size and introduced a fixed concealment value for all planes, no matter the number. This in turn made the Air Superiority skill mandatory - before you could argue that smaller squads could close in further before being detected (i tried working it out but didn't finish before they nerfed it). It didn't even really balance the difference between squad sizes between ijn and usn, it flat out nerfed IJN (and Saipan) and didn't really solve the problem with ships getting spotted by float planes either. But such is the way of cv balancing.