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  1. iChase

    Do good players ever have bad days?

    Yup, there's things such as bad days, I have them too. When that happens, you can either change the ship ur playing or simply stop playing for a bit and watch some netflix or something
  2. Updated with new video for skill builds for 0.6.0 DDs and CAs
  3. Want to know how to play carriers? Well episode 36 has the answers
  4. New episode up covering the fundamentals of battleship play
  5. Thanks and hahaha XD I actually laughed at that joke, odd sense of humour ._.
  6. Continuing to revamp the old episodes, this time episode 32 covering Captains and Captain Skills
  7. Episode 31 is now out covering How to Destroyer Enjoy everybody
  8. Ever wonder why you did 0 damage for a penetration? Let Captain's Academy #29 explain
  9. iChase

    Armor Penetration Curves

    Actually never mind for now
  10. Updating this entire series during the month of September - October, should be lots of fun goodies
  11. Always worked this way, nothing has changed in 5.5