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  1. Imagine someone who is only after steel. Imagine me. Still, it is a generous event nonetheless, and I am thankful for it.
  2. Blixies

    Massachusetts or Alaska?

    If you like secondary builds, there is none better than the Massa. If you like heavy cruisers, Alaska is alright (I would still rather play the Buffalo though). There is not much more to it, fren.
  3. Blixies

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    No tier 5 ship should be allowed to do this kind of stuff. The best part was, that my mate in VU also managed to get high caliber.
  4. I do know. Do you see any other 9,09% cathegory? Not to mention, people who didnt get it yet (because its in the latter bundles), did not vote yet.
  5. Blixies

    Petition to remove the "provide antiaircraft cover"

    Yes, as usual, this guy knows what's up regarding CV gameplay. OP, take his advice. Last game I played the enemy CV tried to save 3 low HP allies by dropping fighters above them. I sunk all of them, wasted his time, and I lost total of 6 planes. The fighter consumable is a total joke and the only thing it counters is the enemy's fighter consumable dropped over friendly DD's smoke (that's all I can honestly think of). Use it for spotting and ignore the spam.
  6. Blixies

    Carrier ranking per Tier

    The Lexington is very close to her power level IMHO. Rockets on Lexi are better, torps are only a bit worse (aim wise) and bombs are less situational. To answer to OP (disregarding premiums): 4: Hosho 6: Ryujo 8: Lexington 10: Hakuryu
  7. Blixies

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I'm not much of a torpedo beats guy, but tonight in a CB I managed a very close shave:
  8. Blixies

    How bad can this game get ?.

    No, that sums it up nicely.
  9. Blixies

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Reset the Japanese CV yesterday. Good thing they nerfed the Hosho's torpedoes you guys. I tested them exclusively:
  10. Met @beercrazy in his Lazo (was it?) today, it was a decisive victory for our team. I think the game lasted about ten minutes. Fortunatelly, I managed to farm some damage myself in that short time :)
  11. Blixies

    CV's shouldnt be in the game, by a CV player

    Tell it to this Fletcher: But you're right, rockets don't insta-kill mostly. But they are still carried by the fastest planes, and the strikes are usually many times more frequent, compared to RTS.
  12. Blixies

    CV's shouldnt be in the game, by a CV player

    In a battleship? As in: Be the only one "pushing" in majority of the games, and burn slow death. In a cruiser? As in: Suicide rush - quite literally. In a destroyer? As in: Pray that he isn't paying attention and doesn't rocket you down like a dog as he kites you. (Added bonus: You are useless to your team that game - most likely) Oh really? When I play a CV, you sure won't find me behind your nearest island, that's for sure. Any decent CV I encounter is not there either... I'm not trying to bash you here. But let's face it - the overall skill of your average CV player is slowly, but surely, rising. It seems that most people play either a lot of games in CVs, or they don't play them at all. This makes for a more "hardcore" playerbase. You quite literally can not counter a superunicum CV. The worst case scenario for them (if you have an insane AA ship or stick to one for the whole game)? They evade you, and melt the rest of your team.
  13. Blixies

    What happened to Slava/Pobeda?

    Yes, it is. Brace yourself.
  14. Blixies

    Halloween containers - here we go again?

    So basically, they "forgot" to mention that if you have all the camos, the container contains one of these (minus the premium camo). Genious! Every year, the rules change, so clearly, the less information on ever-changing refund mechaniks is released, the better! I thought the most heavily nerfed thing in this game is Khabarovsk. It's actually the refund system.