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  1. By the way, was the camo announced anywhere? How long will it stay available for purchase, I'm a bit short on doubloons atm :(
  2. You are a good player - I realize that, so please do no take this the wrong way, but you are totally wrong. Yamato still has THE most powerful AP in the whole game. It can still punish angled BBs like no other can. If you think about it, the better your opponent is, the more significant this power becomes. Everyone can punish a broad-potating potato, but only Yamato can punish angled potatoes. It's a good potato.
  3. Loved my Izumo, taught me a hing or two about commanding such hge lumbering ship, came in handy in the Yamao afterwards.
  4. Well I sold her yeserday, I managed to do some 98k XP average dmg (went down from over a 100k - last few games were bad) - but you gotta realize that it's by a large part repairable damage, so the actual contribution is much less. I hated this ship with a passion at the end... so much RNG involved, much more than other BBs I feel. Horrible dispersion - pray to RNGesus to even hit anything at 15 km. Actually hitting non plated part - pray again to not hit the armor belt/saturated parts. Setting things on fire - pray once more my son. The most aggravating feeling I went through over and over and over with this ship was when the enemy I set on (single) fire uses DCP immediately (like the potato they are) and then eats 17 (real number from a real game) additional shells from me and not get set on fire once. Good riddance, th Conquerror is miles better - MUCH better. In fact, the Izumo to Yamato transition feels less significant than the Lion to Conqueror transition.
  5. So better than your average low tier shotguns you say? SOLD!
  6. So... how is the accuracy?
  7. Hello, I used to have a link for a certain wows ship comparison websito which contained the firing angles of all the ships, but seems like I have lost it. Any idea which one that was, or gimme any alternative source of this information? Thank you in advance. EDIT: The reason why I'm looking for it is that I was amazed by the excelent firing angles of the Conqueror and I'd like to compare it to the other BBs. Could it perhaps contribute to it being the best tier X BB I wonder :)
  8. You can get 45 camo for 1+2+3 stars combined, 25k elite xp for the 4th and a day of premium for 5th right? (meaning no extra camo for 4th and 5th stars yes?)
  9. Well I didn't realize that! Thanks for enlighting me :)
  10. It is very solid :) Better than Monach on T8 for sure!
  11. No.
  12. Sorry, what? Also can anyone else confirm, that they regularly shoot HE in Yamato? Because there's apparently: Also, as you said yourself the sAP is: Form my experience the effect on DDs are not evident. As confirmed by others here: Do you really insist on claiming that the UK 8x 457s AP are better than the IJN 9x 460 AP? Just making sure.
  13. The single biggest advantage you can get against a good player. Doesn't matter against broadside showing potato. But good luck trying to kill bow-in battleship with Conq AP. So you're back to slinging your 4 HE shells every 26 seconds. So other than the three (subjectively) most important advantages, it's not really any better, k. Why would you shoot HE in a Yamato, when you can overmatch any bow? Pointless comparison. Citation needed. AFAIK ricochet and autobounce angles are not specific for different types of AP. Because the 460 are known for the lack of their penetration, right? Better alpha on a single shell. Less on any salvo (be it front guns only, or full broadside one). Very true. Why didn't you mention the short fuse on Conqueror's AP?
  14. If you're refering to my post, then no, I'm not saying it's balanced. I'm just saying I would hate to use it with 8 guns and that awfull accuracy.
  15. This has been discussed before, and as far as my opinion is concerned, I find it a very bad idea. The guns are in no way comparable to Yamato's 460s, becouce they can not overmatch the 32mm armor. Thus making the caliber increase totally senseless and without practical aplication. Also the Brit dispersion seems to be THE worst in the entire game (subjectively) and I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to cope with getting 1-2 hits in every 26 seconds.