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  1. Blixies

    Good bye, it's been fun.

    I popped back to thank the forum moderators, which I forget to mention, and who do a very good voluntary job. (@Excavatus was supposed to the next on the original list, but the forum wouldn't let me use more @s) I also appreciate all the input @MrConway and @Crysantos invested into the forum and calming all the WG fiascos over the years. Although it's part of their work, I appreciate the good job they done. I would feel bad if I didn't thank them. Seeing the reaction from all of you guys made me emotional (which is not usual for me, trust me), and I am sorry I couldn't mention all of you. The game, the forum and most importantly, the people brought me countless hours of entertainment and joy. Nothing lasts forever though. Thank you again for the good times everybody!
  2. Bye folks, I'm quitting this God forsaken game. The reason I start this topic is not to cause drama, or seek sympathy, but to say good bye to forumites I grew to like very much over the years. The game became beyond frustrating to play solo, and I do not want to depend on a division to have fun. The reasons have been stated over and over again on this very forum. It's futile to repeat them. I may stop by the forum from time to time, as it has definitely been the best part of the game, at least for the last year. Good bye @ForlornSailor, @DFens_666, @Saltface, @Odo_Toothless, @MrFingers, @Shaka_D, @Jethro_Grey, @El2aZeR, @lafeel, @Bear__Necessities, and many others I can not @ at, due to forum limitations. I know all your avatars by heart and will not soon forget them. Blixa out.
  3. Blixies


    As it should be.
  4. Blixies

    Holy s*** the Shchors is (a bit too) good!

    Yes, the disparity does not help. On the other hand, many times I have been on top of the score while enemy CV licked the bottom of the scoretable. I still lost many of these games. If the game lasts 7 minutes, I have just enough time to kill off few DDs, but the avalanche can not be stopped. I am not the best CV though, perhaps some of those games could be won by a better player.
  5. Blixies

    European containers.....

    edited* Difficult? No. Desirable? Also no. It's a light form of gambling. You do not want to provide more information than is absolutely necessary.
  6. Blixies

    Holy s*** the Shchors is (a bit too) good!

    78% win rate out of less than 30 battles is just RNG. Last week I did 100k average damage and over 2 kills (mostly DDs) in Enterprise and won 20% out of 30 games. Is Enterprise underpowered, or is it RNG, what do you think? Lately playing solo in ANY ship is just a a coin toss mostly. The teams are horrendously clueless and bad, it up to the RNGesus to which side you end up on.
  7. Loppan, I really like you, but why can't you see people loathe being treated differently? Why are we inferior to steam players? Envy is a bad thing, that's for sure. So is discriminating your old (and sometimes original) player base. I kinda imagine that I am employed for 7 years and a newcomer comes today and gets higher pay than me. I would quit a job like that instantly.
  8. Maybe you're right, but half of that amount in how many games? I guess these can be hoarded IF you never use them. Which from the tone of the post I replied to, did not seem likely. If the Wizard corrects me and takes an offense to being called a whale, I am ready to apologize.
  9. That's a very interesting way of spelling mother-whale. These are not earned by veterancy... these are bought for cold cash. To each his own, but please, try not to get entangled in semantics. Your argument that we can mount bigger number of expensive flags to offset this "bug fix" is laughable. "So what you can't buy toilet paper, why don't you wipe your [edited]with euro bills, like I do?" Yeah right fren.
  10. Blixies

    Developer Bulletin: Update 0.9.3

    Hi, Only the old ones, or for all tier X? How about the CV ones, any updates? Thank you.
  11. Very good guide. Gonna try it out! +1 EDIT: Instructions unclear. I'm stuck at step 7. For real though: if you ask WG support to block all future payments on your account, they oblige. Quitting the addiction might be hard, but this can help.
  12. Blixies

    mODS !

    If it's cheating, how come it's in the official modpack? I don't use it personally, but I don't follow your logic either.
  13. Blixies

    LWM's IFHE Change Table

    @MrConway @Crysantos Could we have this pinned please? At least for some time would be great. I mean no offense, but this overview is more helpful than all the material WG published on the subject.
  14. Blixies

    Dont type 'Potato" in chat!

    Freudian slip?