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  1. Well, yeah. I just wanted to know if you're talking about some nerf in particular. No need to get deffensive.
  2. How was JB nerfed, please elaborate.
  3. Anniversary Event

    Good thinking. I will follow your example.
  4. You are modest as well. And handsome I would bet.
  5. Stalingrad is a Minotaur NERF!

    What even... wha... really?
  6. Doesn't count as overpenning the citadel though. Still your argument is perfectly valid and applicable. Very true, I can imagine this is an issue.
  7. Well, here are pen values of Missouri: I have no problem penetrating (and not over-penetrating) citadel of any cruiser,, DM included. Are you sure that's the actual issue here? They all have the same fuse time too.
  8. Personally I think I would much rather spend the Free XP on Kronshtad. Which doesn't mean the Alaska is bad. The Kron is just far superior. Do any of you guy consider Alaska generally superior to Kron btw?
  9. Well, look at the penetration values themselves, friendo. The penetration angles are better, but if you need to go through some plating, Kron is the ship to go to.
  10. Good, thank you for this. the more reviews, the better :)
  11. Anniversary Event

    The joke's on you, Serb. The "loss" was worth way more that some flimsy 30% off coupon. Heh heh.
  12. Anniversary Event

    B-But I have.. It was on my old account which I sold lost.
  13. Anniversary Event

  14. Random day of Premium credited?

    Exlusive peek through the glass door to WG transparency department: