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  1. The following warships may now appear in Supercontainers: Kronshtadt, Missouri and Musashi.
  2. Blixies

    ST. New year events.

    Yeah, yeah you're not fooling anybody. It's as clear as day that you're just farming your post count here.
  3. Blixies

    Minotaur with radar

    Spotted Minotaur = dead Minotaur. Can't tell you much more than this: you picked the hardest possible ship/consumable combination to play in chaotic randoms. Good luck my friend.
  4. Blixies

    promised T9 Premium DD: finally here?

    That's what I came here to write :( The DPM will force it out of the most fun DD activity: wrestling with other DDs.
  5. Blixies

    Some love for the Derpitz maybe?

    Dude, be careful what you wish for. I can see it now: Reload time for North Carolina decreased by 7 seconds. Sigma value of North Carolina adjusted to 2.1.
  6. Blixies

    Some love for the Derpitz maybe?

    Nah, NC isn't inferior, I was just pulling your proverbial leg :) In fact I don't think either of those need buffs, but what does my opinion matter in the end? WG decided to buff all the US BBs (apart from Montana), so it is done. I don't see that as a reason to distribute MORE buffs that make no sense, you see? EDIT: @Tyrendian89 just ninja'd me and took the words right from my mouth.
  7. Blixies

    Some love for the Derpitz maybe?

    Oh yeah? Well, you have fun against tripple shimakaze division along with double worcester + midway division + bad connection + bad RNG dispersion along with your neighbour installig new door using very loud drill + unexpected urgent call in the middle of battle + bad mood due to you not sleeping well last night. You will also feel a little hungry and have no food in your fridge that day.
  8. Blixies

    Some love for the Derpitz maybe?

    I'm eating NC for breakfast with my Tirpitz every day. They are completely helpless, bouncing from my bow all day.
  9. Blixies

    Some love for the Derpitz maybe?

    Best BB of it's tier to brawl with. No buff needed whatsoever.
  10. Blixies


    The Cleveland has quite a bit shorter range, which was manageable. Thank you for your input though, your point makes sense.
  11. Blixies


    So it's kinda like a Des Moines dilemma in that regard.
  12. Blixies


    Hello there, after half a year of playing exclusively battleboats, I decided to try something different and finished my Cleveland gring. Was great fun :) After many warnings, moanings and salty tears I observed here on the forums, I decided to skip the Seatle and went directly to: My main question is: What 3mil modification do you use on it? Is the range enough and you use reload mod? Or do you prefer the range? My secondary question is: Why is it considered so much better compared to Des Moines? The DPM is not THAT much better, and the AP is total crap compared to the superheavy shells of DM. Thanks :)
  13. Blixies

    African-american pre-saturday

    You guys all assume we will be able to chose the ships to buy? What if we have to gamble on the containers only? :D
  14. Blixies

    Jean Bart and Bourgogne

    You can do the grind in a very short time, if you utilize special flags, camo and most importantly, breeze through the phase of 15 wins in co-op and do the next phase (15k Free XP) in one or two games wtih stacked XP/fSP flags. Most people don't try to min-max the grind i think, and there's quite a few internesting modules, so the period of tX grind is here to stay for some while I guess.