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  1. Blixies

    The "Karma" of Karma

    My karma has been steadily rising (up to 74 now). I mainly play CV. I have no idea why that is the case. Maybe I'm not too good, and not too bad as @gopher31 suggested?
  2. Blixies

    No the Bismarck is not weak just the players.

    No.. it's not "that bad." On the other hand it is not (iny my opinion) a proof of how strong that ship is. Especially in the current meta, it's one of the worst tier 8 BBs (again, in my opinion). If you look at my stats You could say I am an exceptional Bismarck captain, or that the ship is extremely strong. Both are false IMHO. I played the ship right after it's release, back when the meta was much more agressive and players didn't know what to expect from the secondaries of german BBs. These days? Meh, the ship feels weak.
  3. Blixies

    No the Bismarck is not weak just the players.

    Your solo stats with the ship are far from impressive, since you asked.
  4. Tell us the truth, man. Come on :D It's the easiest ship to farm rating with (for a seasoned DD skipper). There is a reason why the Sims has increased XP gain coeficient, after all. This way, the average potato makes at least a decent XP and credits per game with her. Not that there is anything wrong with that. On the contrary, those are some exceptional numbers!
  5. Blixies

    Whats the Good Builds/Playstyles for Jean Bart ?

    I didn't know that two ships are considered "many many" :) Only Yamato and Musashi can overmatch JB.
  6. Blixies

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    @Crysantos @MrConway Any news guys? I'm glad you acknowledges that the nerf was heavy handed, but what's next?
  7. Blixies

    Yolo mode...

    Especially the poor Saipans go down quite quickly, right? :)
  8. Blixies

    3rd party advertisements are coming?

    Quote of the month. My sides have left the orbit. EDIT: Having trouble with those pesky DDs causing flooding? FLEXTAPE!
  9. Actually, there is one sligh advantage. It's bloody hard to tell if a part of the ship is saturated with damage, becouse the black on black is impossible to see.
  10. If you have a latex fetish, they look really sexy. Otherwise, no.
  11. WG 2019: "We try to treat all accounts equally" Yeah, here we can see how hard they "try."
  12. I already fell for your Black-ships and got Atago (B) and Asashio (B), not gonna risk getting the same ships witout the (B) thank you very much.
  13. Blixies

    How many Solo Warriors do you have?

    One. Got it in the early days, not sure how.
  14. Blixies

    I am going back to T5

    You will be a true monster with that combination :)