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  1. NaokoSatomi

    Event Calendar - February

    Really hoping the UK special is a discount on the warspite, the last prem I need :3
  2. NaokoSatomi

    Split Topic: Other > To All Clan Members

    maybe it's because you roleplay lmao
  3. It's probably because you roleplay lmao
  4. NaokoSatomi

    Split Topic: Off-Topic > Roleplay

    thx u 2
  5. NaokoSatomi

    Split Topic: Off-Topic > Roleplay

    Oh we're serious? Let's get serious. You and your jokes are touching my nerves too, EVERY single time. Your words also. But I didn't open a petition nor wanted you out of forum. You know why? Freedom of speech goddamit, freedom of speech. Including your annoying jokes on me.
  6. NaokoSatomi

    Split Topic: Off-Topic > Roleplay

    we are roleplayying oneechan~~~
  7. NaokoSatomi

    [FTR] is recruiting!

    yes daddy
  8. NaokoSatomi

    Split Topic: Off-Topic > Roleplay

  9. NaokoSatomi

    zfirewyvern is my daddy OwO

    he is so kind and gentle he provides me with the bestest moddies ever ^_^ i love my daddy nyaaa~~
  10. NaokoSatomi

    [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    your skins are so good daddy UwU *puts you on my lap*
  11. NaokoSatomi

    Looking for clan EU

    Feel free to join FTR, check my topics for more info
  12. NaokoSatomi

    Split Topic: Off-Topic > Roleplay

  13. NaokoSatomi

    Lunar new year marathon bug

    You have to enable the dragon ships in your port filter tab
  14. NaokoSatomi

    Convert Gold to Dubloons possible?

    Not possible
  15. NaokoSatomi

    Chinese New Year Event

    It's a standard myoko, no premium and the commanders can't be switched. Other players also cannot see your ship or the name of the ship unless they have it themselves and have it turned on