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  1. Fysman

    IJN Mogami

    Mogami sucks, plain and simple. It's not so much one thing, but many small things that make it crap. It's gonna dissapear from t8 matches completely(other than Zao grinding) when ARP Takao becomes avalible. Only way for it to be viable again would be if WG increased the range(to say 16,5 or something) and remove the 203 guns while buffing the turret traverse for 155's. The game has changed alot since the Mogami was considered OP back in the day with the 18+ km range and 155's not having sucky traverse speed....
  2. Fysman

    New cruiser rudder shift module

    Hmm. Theorycrafting. Atago: 9.1km detection with full Concealment build with 20% ruddershift. 6,5s Ruddershifttime OR 10 km Detection with propulsion module and New Rudder shiftmodule. 4,9s Ruddershifttime Gonna have to try both. But on paper the latter build seems nice...
  3. Eeeh. Why would you make the strongest class of ships even stronger by nerfing HE dmg? Have you even played cruisers? Ok if this would happen the only way to compensate would be to make cruisers immune to citadels from BB AP(like dds).
  4. Fysman

    Tier VIII BBs: Amagi-class or Bismarck-class?

    Amagi was my favorite ship a couple of month ago, it's so consistent, made the mistake of selling it. The Bismarck tho is better at everything except main guns performance(sawed off-shotgun anyone?). Personally i performed much better in the Amagi. Altho with t8 ranked incoming i expect Bismarcks great utility(AA, secondaries, armor, hydro) make people automatically choose it over the other non-prem t8:s.
  5. Fysman

    0.5.12 High end BB armor nerf

    Bismarck is gonna suffer. Already has kinda crappy armor, except she can't be citadeled thing. Burns like hell too... Tbh glad i kept Gneiss. Dunno what BB(all t8 unlocked) to use in ranked tho since t7 is of the table....
  6. Fysman

    Chapayev steering and turning circle

    Well Shcchooorrrors and Chappy are battleship long and cruiser fast. Guess thats why they turn like bricks. Btw these ships are free citadels when sailing a BB...
  7. Fysman

    On the Balance: How do the German BBs compare?

    I'm at t6 and i can say without a doubt Bayern is worse than both New Mex and Fuso, for me anyway. New Mex is a better brawler and Fuso a better sniper....
  8. Fysman

    BB North Carolina

    Cool. I had it before the buffs and it kinda sucked with that shell arc and dispersion. Once i got the Amagi i sold the NC. Amagi was sooo much better, different but better. But now maybe i'll rebuy the NC once it's on sale. On a side note: Can WG make a premium USS South Dakota plz. Basicallly a shortened NC with better armor and the same guns....
  9. Fysman


    Really didn't like this ship personally. To big, Omaha/Kirov armor and largest turning circle ever. Made me kinda quit the RU line since the chappy is kinda the same ship just with radar....nice guns for dd killing i'll admit tho. When playing for example a New Mex the schrororors is a perfect target...biggest floating citadel in game?
  10. Fysman

    USN Cruiser line vs Russian Cruiser line

    Got to t7 schrrrorroors then sold it and ditched the RU line. Worst armor ever, big ships, crappy rudder shift time and battleship(Iowa) turn radius. Sure good dd-hunter guns and range but getting citadeld from all angles sucks....
  11. Fysman

    BB North Carolina

    Agree. Havent played the NC since 0.5.6 hit but before the patch i found Amagi overall much much better. At ranges 16km+ the Amagi just wrecks NC 1v1 with superior accuracy and shell velocity.... But as a fleet escort i can see NC doing well with the imba AA and in close range it still can turn nose in and have 66% firepower avalible.
  12. Fysman

    Russian Cruisers - any good?

    Budyonny i liked and performed well in. The shshhsooros or whatever i don't like, worst armor in game?. You can get oneshotted from any angle basically, with that terrible turn circle the BBs wreck ya. Good dd hunter tho... Personally i prefer the IJN cruisers
  13. Ibuki has a little bit better gunconfig and torps(not arcs) then Atago but has very brutal MM, t10 CA and BBs will wreck you with AP so you can't play as aggressive as before. However the long range(19,2km) will provide you with easy invisifire. If played right you can do good. If you are top tier then it's imho just abit better then Atago... But sure if you have Atago, then the only reason to grind Ibuki is to get the Zao
  14. Fysman

    japanese cruisers

    It's in just the little details that makes Mogami bad overall atm. Before you could spam 155 HE fire from safety and then murder DDs closerange, now you cannot cause of AFT nerf and 155 traverse speed. That and in combination with a weaker hull(floating citadel) and worse MM than Myoko makes Mogami underpowered and strangely the Myoko borderline OP at its tier, it is just those small details and i hope the devs recognize this and changes the ship accordingly. The Ibuki however is more like the old Mogami, but instead of 155 you rain 203 HE from long range(19,2km range with module and upgrade), but the MM of iubki is brutal....
  15. Fysman

    Request for a Karlsruhe guide

    Guide? It's just a crappy ship. Probably one of the worst of it's tier in the game. Kuma and Phoenix will outperform it any day...