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  1. _Keepo_

    The Azuma (The Poor Man's Stalingrad)

    Aah OK, so we're dealing with conjecture here, fair enough And sure, you can discuss it here, but my point is, until there's evidence, which comes from testing, to say it's underpowered, then any discussion is akin to pissing against the wind On the YY, its a silver ship, so premium rules don't apply, silver ships are nerfed and buffed constantly, I agree that they've probably over nerfed the YY, but that's down to the REEEE against radar these last few months
  2. _Keepo_

    The Azuma (The Poor Man's Stalingrad)

    My point about the comparison of those BBs, was that when they came out, nobody called for them to be carbon copies of each other, like many on here are calling for this new unreleased, untested jap cruiser Communism, was at its a heart, a desire for equality, at least initially, as to how it works, that is a different matter entirely And I'll post memes as long as they are the best response to the drivel I see being posted in this thread, thank you very much It may be that this ship will need to be balanced against it's contemporaries, however, we do not know that yet, so let's keep the BabyRage to a minimum until it's actually been bloody tested, ok?
  3. _Keepo_

    The Azuma (The Poor Man's Stalingrad)

    Aren't you all jumping the gun a little here? The bloody ship hasn't even been tested yet... All is see from you lot is
  4. _Keepo_

    The Azuma (The Poor Man's Stalingrad)

    I fail to see why every new ship must be compared to Stalingrad, was the GK or Repu compared to the Yamato or Montana when they came out? They are different nations and as such, will have different flavours, the bloody ship hasn't even been tested yet and people are writing it off. Another point: saying that every monkey should have access to these ships is a ridiculous argument, these ships are end game content, and require effort to attain, some on this thread would want ship communism, where every pleb has access to everything, that's not how these things work, if you want a reward, you work for it, was the Obj 907 available to everyone in wot, regardless of their effort? Some on this thread want monkeys to have ships that take effort to attain, and not just the "throw enough sh1t at the wall" kind of effort, if they had their way I'd end up with some 30%wr glue eater in a stalingrad getting deleted from my team in the first 2 minutes of a game Wows, like life isn't fair princesses, you get out of it, what you put into it
  5. With CB 4 just around the corner, MUMMY are still looking for active players with tier 10 experience, feel free to drop us a line in game, or join our discord!
  6. To be fair, no matter what time they run it, there will be something in the way, last season it was summer, they can't really win no matter when they run it, someone won't be happy
  7. This is clan battles, its not meant to be "noob friendly" it's end game content for people who are supposed to be experienced players, there will always be a degree of unfairness in any competition but this elo system is the best option to limit the stomps, and I'm saying that as a member of a clan that will occasionally get stomped too
  8. _Keepo_

    Clan Battles Test Season "North"

    What "sucks" is your complete lack of attention or care given to us, your customers. We all knew it was a test season, we all know things can go wrong, however our issue is not with bugs, it's with your lack of communication, you don't seem to realise that people (rightly or wrongly) can often organise their free time based on things like this. Frankly the time you took to respond to my post is a metaphor for WGs shoddy attempt at "customer care"
  9. _Keepo_

    Clan Battles Test Season "North"

    Honestly @MrConway @Crysantos you've really messed this season up, no clarity on anything, late (if at all) answers on questions, your modus operandi with your playerbase seems to be that of a farmer with his mushrooms... Keep em in the dark & feed em crap.... It's not bloody good enough
  10. _Keepo_

    2 Tier Overmatch. Compensation

    I love getting up tiered, more XP, more credits and the players are somewhat predictable (low tier bob's would need a team of psychologists to interpret what their next move will be) I wonder, do you complain so much when your tier 8 is top tier against tier 6??🤔
  11. _Keepo_

    Pretty sure, that Stalingrad got ninja nerfed

    Well thought out and considered post there, you should be proud! 🙄
  12. CB starting soon guys and gals, join a clan with a proven track record of results, contact one of our recruitment team today! We are running weekly trainings at present, so all levels of experience are considered
  13. _Keepo_

    Clan Battles Test Season "North"

    Again @Crysantoswhy not make it a little bit clearer, that original post, for instance, where is that? I don't get why WG are so bloody obtuse when communicating with the player base, I have people needing to know if they should rush home from work or not, why is there no pinned message on the Current Update section?
  14. _Keepo_

    Clan Battles Test Season "North"

    I don't see any pinned message anywhere in the "current update" we don't have time to trawl through the entire forum & those of us not 14 don't use Reddit.... There is also no info on the website
  15. _Keepo_

    Clan Battles Test Season "North"

    @MrConway @Crysantos Once again there is ZERO information on this test season, please for the love of God make some kind of announcement on this, you can't still be talking to St. Petersburg on this, right??? Once again, you've shown your complete disdain for the players (who, need I remind you, are your customers.....)