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  1. Redwing6891

    [MOD] Jun Onii-chan's ship skins [Scharnhorst added]

    Terrific, Herwarth, thank you very much. I have had your Nikolai and St Louis skins for a while and I like them very much. The white and tan colour scheme is a personal favourite of mine. Nassau looks nice, though - if I may be so bold - a tad too rusty. Maybe I'll try and tidy her up a bit, and replace the crest on the turrets with the white recognition circle. My photoshop skills are very rudimentary though... I also like the look of the Bayern as proto Bismarck, though the cross on the forecastle is a no go for me, I'm afraid. If you'd offer a version without it, I'd be all in. Really nice work, thank you for sharing!
  2. Redwing6891

    [MOD] Jun Onii-chan's ship skins [Scharnhorst added]

    Very handsome skin for the Nassau, Herwarth. Finally a colour scheme that does the ship justice. I'd love to anchor her like this in my port! I hope you'll post it.
  3. Redwing6891

    [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    Thanks for the tip - I figured it out. In case anyone else out there is using paint.net (photoshop-like freeware), you need a plugin called Color Channel Mixer. Select the Blue Channel, and scale to 0. Works like a charm.
  4. Redwing6891

    [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    I understand. Wouldn't want to create extra work. Is there an easier way to extract the blue colour from the mg file other than select click, pick the colour and moving the slider for blue component to zero, then fill the blue part with it? It's cumbersome and not perfect. I am using paint.net.
  5. Redwing6891

    [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    Very nice skin. Particularly like the turrets. You can use it with the GSC023_Graf_Spee_1939_mg.dds file from the Haifuri Graf Spee (also very handsome work), then there is no need to change the camouflage.xml file at all. Apparently whether camouflage appears or not is related to the blue channel in the _mg.dds texture file. There was a post related to it on the NA forum editing it using Photoshop but I can't find it anymore. In principle, if the blue channel gets removed from the _mg.dds file, then you can equip any camouflage on that particular ship without showing it. I tried to do it myself with my rudimentary skills and tools but couldn't quite get it to work as the resulting colour matching brown needs to be pretty exact. Any remaining trace blue channel, and camo still 'bleeds' through. Maybe you could give it a go, Wyvern? Would simplify things a lot - particularly if you want to combine running custom skins with e.g. Wawan's custom camouflages, which are superior to the stock versions.
  6. Redwing6891

    [MOD] Jun Onii-chan's ship skins [Scharnhorst added]

    That's great news, Jun-Onii Chan. I don't have the Atago, but I am looking forward to your designs on German destroyers. Please keep up the good work, it's people like you who keep my interest in the game alive!
  7. Redwing6891

    [MOD] Jun Onii-chan's ship skins [Scharnhorst added]

    I almost thought so. You sure the files are in the correct directory for Secession's Murmansk skin v1.12 works just fine on mine! Am using my own camo though.
  8. Redwing6891

    [MOD] Jun Onii-chan's ship skins [Scharnhorst added]

    Secession got some nice skins for the Murmansk / Milwaukee, Fred, why don't you give those a try? I found with premium ships it's easier to change the camouflage itself rather than the skin, as you have to run the camo anyway for in game benefits. There is a neat tutorial out there, and it's quite fun to play around with the colours / patterns in the camo files. It's not that difficult - I managed it, after all!
  9. Redwing6891

    [MOD] Jun Onii-chan's ship skins [Scharnhorst added]

    Lovely skins for Nassau and Kaiser! Thank you very much. Do you have any plans for other German or RN ships?
  10. Really nice idea, Kodos. Adds another dimension to the game. I'm a fan of the Austro-Hungarian Navy, so with your flag mod, they sail again! Keep up the good work!
  11. Redwing6891

    [MOD] Secession ORP Błyskawica, Nikolai and Missouri skins

    Great skins, Secession. The Nikolai's transforms a handsome ship into a true beauty. Love the Milwaukee skin, too. Much nicer than the plain vanilla versions in both cases. Keep up the good work!
  12. Redwing6891

    [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    Oh my - you're not saying they changed it again? I thought they would eventually tire of this useless shuffleboard and see sense to leave it in a standard configuration. The navies of the world don't bring out a different signals book every other week, either.
  13. Redwing6891

    [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    Many thanks, worked like a charm!
  14. Redwing6891

    [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    Wyvern, your black Oleg skin is very nice, similar to the black gold Aurora. I managed to tweak it so that it fits the second hull (just did some sledgehammer surgery around the bridge deck ) but where do I find the files to black out the casemate and main deck mounted 130 mm guns?
  15. Redwing6891

    [] IJN Destroyer Mutsuki

    Nice camo, still works with 0.5.15 when renaming the file to JSD009_Mutsuki_1942_a.dds. Thank you!