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  1. schade, war schon ziemlich ausm häuschen. naja. Glückwunsch an die beiden die wirklich gewonnen haben
  2. BAER_Xyph3r

    I sure hope our start isnt as bad as the NA server atm.

    I am not mad about the money i spent on the humble pack - i have never been and will never be. I'm mad at WGNA for using humble for that kind of *beep*move this is not only a fraud, (but that is a discussion for the NA forums, as nobody from WGEU screwed up there^^) it is also bad press for humble and what it stands for. normally the deal works that way: developers provide humble with stuff for their charity bundles so more people participate, humble make charitymoney, the developers and their games get publicity (which gets THEM money and is the sole reason they participate), the gamers get some neat stuff for supporting a good cause. now wargaming have not held their part of the deal. everybody that has ever played a wargaming title knows bloody well not everyone in the community is capable of thinking before acting, so a lot of people will be mad at humble because they got screwed over and stop supporting their cause, and maybe even demand refunds. please WGEU, stay away from such dodgy tactics, i'd rather get no promo stuff than have to get out my torch & pitchfork a short time after gamescom this year
  3. BAER_Xyph3r

    Thank you but enough of this beta experience.

    although you seem to have gotten some bad MM luck there, Kawachi & myogi are kinda awful anyways. it gets better from Kongou (after propulsion upgrade) onwards RAPIDLY if you're stuck/unlucky with advancing 1 line, hop into a different ship. the more ships you play, the more you start to know what they are capable of and how to deal with them. also, especially as a new player, this will get you to account level 6 faster so you can start training your captains & pimp ships with modules earlier. -you don't want to hit Tier 5 without even having a captain on board. -except if you want to serve as practice target
  4. meine höchsten sind meine cruiser kapitäne mit lvl 12 und 13 zur zeit, allerdings auch grösstenteils für lau und mitn standardschiffen gelevelt. und als ich erfahren hab dass die bei 20 punkten capped sind hatte ich schon n paar auf 10 oder so die ich dann weggehaun hab weil verskilled & hatte noch keine tokens, die info sollte echt mit angezeigt werden wenn man kapitäne freischaltet..
  5. BAER_Xyph3r

    Bug Report - Commander skills

    same here. put my Aoba captain on Yuubari, no defensive fire skill. put him Back on Aoba - skill works just fine. and her AA power is IMO the defining aspect of the Yuubari's configuration that we have in game.
  6. no offense man, but... >2015 >still thinking people buy themselves into Beta's for testing purposes
  7. BAER_Xyph3r

    garage slots from space ships

    +1 also: i do not have a problem with spending money for port slots once the game is live. i'm just saying it's a tad unfair that eu players are the only ones that even have to buy them in beta.
  8. as i said in my first post, it was not me you killed, it was my divisionmate, Gnarf_der_hoehlentroll that ran into your torps. and it was one of his first games. so first of all: learn to read. secondly. omg n00b l2torp plz.
  9. BAER_Xyph3r

    garage slots from space ships

    well, there is posts the Facebook group saying that both NA and SEA got to keep their slots. this is total bullship. so you wanna tell me that i should give you money for slots,just because i live on a different part of the planet? maybe we EU players should tell YOU to go torp yourselves and demand refunding of our Preorder bundles. - i bet you would not like THEM apples, huh?
  10. oh, is that so? and yet earlier today you torp- teamkilled my Divisionmate with your Yolotorps from second line and then ranted at me it in chat about how I should uninstall... ;)
  11. BAER_Xyph3r

    garage slots from space ships

    wow.. that's just... really? oh come on wg, seriously..?