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    Are new US Cruiser line buffs doing it for you?

    I just did a game with my Baltimore and I liked it better then before. Used my radar and with the improved ROF you can get some extra shots out. Makes the radar alot more usefull. I like but I only game so I will see if this trend continues.
  2. Cpt_DragonTank

    What kind of engagement doe you like?

    So I was interested to what people like when they play wow, more specific what kind of engagements that you guys like. For the people that don't understand what I mean by this: I like cruisers a lot but I really don't like an engagement with a bb on long range, because most of the times I lose most of my health or die. But that's not the point of this post. What I do like is a playing mind games with a dd. What I mean by that is trying to know if he dropped torpedoes or where he is. You need to be tactical about it, you can't just keep sailing straight foward but you need to slow down, go left, go right,.. Ofcourse I understand that not every battle will be like this and I don't ask for that but what do you guys like?
  3. Cpt_DragonTank

    When to use AP

    Hi I have a question about when to use AP. I'm not asking for the basics I am a cruiser player so I use HE on almost every ship but when I have a clear broadside of bb or ca I use AP. Now when I'm using it a short range (>5) I don't do any damage. So what's the correct distance for AP or the average, because I heard some ships have special armor belts. Thanks in advantage.
  4. Cpt_DragonTank

    Need some tips for Langley

    So i'm started to play with carriers for a week or so, but in some games i'm just the biggest noob you can ever see. The main problem is not bombing or torpedoes, i'm getting better and better with manual drop so I can get some damage and kills in that way. But whenever i'm put against an enemy Hosho (tier 4 Japanese CV) my fighters either lose or win. I try to fight always above a friendly ship to get some AA support but sometimes my fighters just lose 4 or 5 planes and the Hosho just get another 4 in the air. In another game I reck the enemy Hosho with my fighters and keep him locked down. And whenever I try to destroy enemy dive bombers or torpedo planes It usually takes less then a minute put Hosho planes do it in 5 seconds or less? So my point is did I something wrong? Are Americans cv's bad in tier 4? Any tips or advice is helpfull.
  5. Cpt_DragonTank

    Matcmaking, losing credits

    You can react normally I just got the NO, in the beta I played all the classes and I didn't get higher then tier 7 and after the beta things changed a bit. And if you want to blame someone to be a noob pls don't hide your own stats, I just looks like you are a noob yourself. Also this wasn't about how good I am this was about losing a 100.000k for repairs when you die, that's a bit on the high, maybe you are amazing with the NO but not everyone. Stop blaming people when you don't even show your own stats or help instead of calling someone a noob.
  6. Cpt_DragonTank

    Matcmaking, losing credits

    I just got the NO it's not all that diffrent from the pensacola, I thought I could be more aggresieve with the NO. But my main problem is in tier 10 games a bb shoots you from 20km, nothing wrong with the range but when 1 shell hits you are almost certain it's a citadel. You lose 10k health you have to retreat but never got a shot ouy. Maybe I just have to learn to play the ship just like the Pensacola. But thanks for not immedately calling me a noob like most people would have done.
  7. Cpt_DragonTank

    Matcmaking, losing credits

    Yea but as I said, you grind al that xp to get a nice new ship from a higher tier and they are worth nothing because you lose all your credits.
  8. Cpt_DragonTank

    Matcmaking, losing credits

    Hi all, I'm currently playing with my tier 8 New Orleans (US Cruiser) but matchmaking puts me 80% of the time in a tier 8-10 battle.. Problem? They as good a 1 shot me and I lose 100.000 credits. I have to play with my tier 5 arp Haruma just to get enough credits to support my NO, is that really the point of grinding al that xp and time just to know you are just losing everything. In general wargaming fix your matchmaking (if it excists...) and pls fix that you earn more from a tier 8 then you lose because it is total. And please don't say learn the game, because it's hard to earn a 100.000 credits in a tier 10 game with a tier 8 ca...
  9. Cpt_DragonTank

    Pensacola forgotten?

    I totally agree with you about it is a great ship but.... The armor is just to weak and I find the citadels to be to big. Maybe like you said if they ever increase the cv gameplay a pensacola can really make use of it's awesome AA armament. And to answer your question I think it was a Benson, but no sure. I'm just very pissed to have a perfect game and the next moment a full salvo of bb is incoming.... You manouver but that one shell hits and you get hit for 10k... Not even on your side but at the back. And that is what I hate, the armor is way to weak for this kind of cruiser.
  10. Cpt_DragonTank

    Pensacola forgotten?

    So I know the USS Pensacola has been dicussed many times and has been patched many times. But I am done with how they keep adding ships keep adding things and the Pensacola is just forgotten and is becoming target practice. Today I had a game where a destroyer was recking me, I destroyer him with 2 salvos (that's not the point) but he did over 5k damage to me just with his guns. To get it clear he did 5k in 1 salvo. I'm cool if it was a citadel, because the pepsi is a floating citadel. But he was using HE, so is the Pensola so bad that even a Destroyer with their small guns can citadel a tier 7 destroyer with HE? Wargaming in the beta the Pensacola was bad and now it is better but still. The citadel is way to big, it's the whole ship (logics?) and the armor is that of a destroyer. But the AA is great and the main guns can be devastating. So can you take a look to improve the armor a bit so we can have a battle and not bound to stick with allies. I know the Pensacola is best used with allies but I get focuses fired by almost every ship if I get in range off their guns. The Pensacola was used a target practice in real life and now in game. Sorry for my bad english.